A super monster with an 11th generation Intel i9 processor❗🥳It is worth it or not❓

Review 181: 13.06.2021 at 10:00 pm


This is a new powerful PC that we’ve built using an 11th gen Intel CPU. This PC comes with the i9 CPU from Intel, which proved to be a powerful CPU. It is worth it or not? Let’s find out together.

Intel released the 11th gen of their CPUs.This time, they called Rocket Lake. Intel names their CPU based on the name of lakes. This time, the Rocket Lake CPU offers better performance. There’s a number of new CPUs, but this time, we’ll test the i9 version.

Let me tell you whether this CPU is suitable for you or not:

You’re reading this review to know more details about the CPU. And this time, we’ll show you its performance to help you make a decision whether to buy it or not.

Stay subscribed and enable the notification bell to know the latest of technology. The CPU comes with the IPC architecture, which is 19% better. IPC is the number of commands in each circle. It is know to help increase the speed and performance of the CPU.

The integrated GPU is 50% better. Which is a huge percentage for integrated GPUs. It supports AI in an excellent way. It also supports technologies such as Intel Deep Leaning Boost and Vector Neural Network Instruction. Simply put, these technologies use ML and Neural engines to offer better performance. It supports DDR4 RAM with 3200Mhz speeds. And now it supports PCIE 4, which also comes with 20 lanes. Data transfer will be higher.

For example, if the GPU uses 16 lanes, the 4 lanes left will be used with the NVMe memory. Or it depends on the device you’re building. Benefiting from PCIE 4 will be balanced in this case. The CPU supports HDMI 2.0, And it supports HBR 3 (High Bit Rate 3).

This means that it offers high speeds for graphics. It reaches up to 23.4Gbps. The Display Port is 1.3, You can run 4K@120Hz with this port. The CPU supports USB 3.2 2nd Gen ports. These ports support speeds up to 20Gbps. It also supports 3X DMI Gen 3.0, This helps in increasing the data speed between the CPU and the Chipset.

Let me now focus on the i9-11900K CPU:

It is built using the 14nm architecture. it comes with 8 cores and 16 threads. The frequency of the CPU is 3.5Ghz. It reaches up to 5.2GHz using the Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0 Technology. And reaches up to 5.3GHz using Intel Thermal Velocity Boost technology.

Simply put, this technology boosts the performance depending on different circumstances such as head and the cooling system used. The CPU now helps with Boosting Overclocking. Imagine where we were and where we’re now. The CPU does all the work intelligently to manage heat and offer higher performance.

Heat is always the problem with CPUs, resulting in lower performance. Use a good cooling system, and the CPU will offer higher performance. The CPU comes with the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 750 GPU.

The frequency of the GPU is 1.3GHz. It supports 4K. The motherboard is the Asus ROG Maximus XII Hero. The model number is Z590. The motherboard supports overclocking using AI. It also controls cooling using AI.

And supports Noise Cancelation using AI, too. The motherboard supports efficient cooling. It supports technologies such as SLI from Nvidia and Intel Optane for storage. It also supports WiFi 6E.

I made previous reviews articles about these technologies. You can find it in otto.ma. You’ll find the Intel Optane technology and WiFi 6E. We used the Nvidia RTX 3080 Gigabyte Gaming O 10G GPU. The GPU comes with the Ampere architecture and supports technologies like DLSS and Ray Tracing.

These technologies increase the quality of frame count using AI. This version comes with 3 WINDFORCE fans. These fans are known for their efficiency. They’re made from Graphene Nano Lubricant material.

This material increase the lifespan of these fans to 2x compared to other fans. The RAM is 16GB from Kingston with 4366Mhz frequency. The storage is KC2500 from Kingston. It is an NVME SSD storage. It supports PCIe 3rd gen. It offers 3500Mb/s read speeds. And 2900Mb/s write speeds. Reading and wring reach up to 3Gbps. These technologies weren’t available before.

Imagine an excellent CPU with an excellent storage with high read and write speeds. The RAM is also fast. Add to that the powerful GPU. The performance will amazing. We used a water-based cooling system called Arctic Liquid Freezer 2. It comes with 3x 360mm fans. And uses a ThermalTake TouchPower power supply, The power supply is called 80+ Gold. It produces 1000W.

Let me now discuss the performance experience:

In PCmark10, the device scored 5400 points. In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 1855 points for the single core and 10677 points for multicores. where the CPU performance is ranked among other competitors. We made 2 different GPU tests, one for the integrated GPU and the other for the Nvidia GPU.

Let me start discussing the integrated GPU:

In In 3DMark Time spy Test, the GPU scored 763 points. With Counter Strike GO, the GPU offered between 44 to 55 fps with the high settings and FHD resolution. In Rocket League, the GPU scored between 48 to 64 fps using the Performance settings and FHD resolution.

In Fortnite with medium settings and HD resolution, the GPU scored between 37 to 45 fps.

Let me now discuss the i9 11900K CPU with the Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU:

The tests were conducted with the 4K resolution and with the highest settings possible. In 3DMark Time spy Test, the GPU 16424 scored points. ​where the GPU performance is ranked among other competitors. In Doom Eternal game, the GPU scored between 140 to 180 fps. With the Death Stranding game with DLSS enabled, the GPU scored between 126 to 162 fps. With Fortnite game with DLSS enabled, the GPU scored between 186 to 221 fps

All tests were conducted using the highest settings without overclocking. Overclocking depends on the users themselves. The integrated GPU from Intel showed how efficient it is. And with the efficiency of the CPU, it offered a good experience. With it, you’ll save nearly 12K SAR, which is the current price of the RTX 3080 GPU. Saving more money would be suitable since the integrated CPU offers good performance. But the high performance comes with a high price tag, that is the Nvidia GPU we’ve used.

Let me now discuss the price of the CPU:

It costs nearly 559 usd, By the way, I’ve also got the i5-11600K CPU. Let me know if you’d like me to review it.

Let me now discuss the pros and cons of the i911900K CPU:


it offers high performance for gaming, designed and rendering. It supports PCIE 4 technology. This technology will add a huge performance boost to data transfer speeds. The integrated GPU will offer good performance with light games.


It uses lots of power. The build architecture is a bit old compared to newer generations. It needs a separate cooler since the box doesn’t include one. Its price is a bit high.

The reason is because of the semiconductors shortage worldwide. The prices have been increased a bit. Still, the CPU offered great performance.

Did Intel need to release this 11th gen CPU?🙄

But the performance of the CPU has increased. Is it a significant increase, though? For me, I think it is acceptable. But still, it is not a huge performance difference.

Let’s not forget that these CPUs are developed year by year. Hopefully, you liked the information in this review.

By the way, how many RTX 3080 GPUs we have? 5 or 6? 7? That’s great.🥳🥳🥳

We’ll probably do something with it. Let me know what we should do with them in the comment section. Those who reached this part of article actually care about technology. 😍

See you soon.👋