A smart cup that heats your coffee and enables you to control the temperature through the app❗ Ember Ceramic Mug☕😍

Review 176: 09.06.2021 at 05:00 pm


🕷 If you spend lots of hours working and then drink your coffee like me, and then find it cold. This problem won’t face you again with this smart mug.

I have recived this cup as a gift, so, i’m happy guys, Let’s know more details about this mug.I’ve been using this smart mug for the last 2 months. This mug is called Ember, and it is the second generation of smart mugs.

The first generation was similar to a thermostat. Anyway, why would I pay 80 usd for a coffee mug?

This is what happened to me. I decided to buy more than one. Everyone who came to visit me in my office, who also had a lifestyle similar to mine, bought one.

I spend hours working in my office, but when I try to drink my coffee, I find it cold.

So I usually make new coffee or reheat it again. I solved this problem with this smart Ember mug It has an internal battery and a charging base. The base charges the battery. Make sure the metal pins on the cup are not wet.

The battery will make the mug heat the coffee (from 50 to 67 degrees), You can adjust this temperature using the app easily. Once the mug is filled with coffee, it will sense it and it will ask you what is inside, whether coffee or tea.

I pre programmed my own settings and called it the usual thing and adjusting the temperature to 57, which is perfect for me to drink coffee. Whenever I try to drink coffee, the temperature is perfect.

There are other features in this mug. As long as the mug is on the base, the temperature of coffee or tea will remain the same. The temperature will remain the same and the battery won’t be used. But as soon as I remove it from the base, it will work on the battery for 2 hours.

The led on the mug will flash letting me know that it needs charging. The white color means that you are connected. You can also customize your own color. You can change the colors to differentiate between mugs.

My cup is black and Ahmed’s cup is white, so we won’t mistake each other’s mugs. But if you have more than black mugs, you can differentiate between them with this led indicator.

I will let you know how to order this mug and chip it for free and the many options to buy this smart mug, You can also set a timer for 3, 5 or 6 minutes. If you drink green, regular or herb tea, this mug will help you with fermentation.

You can adjust many things. You can also connect it to your iOS Health app. The cup works with iOS and Android, but with iOS, the integration is better.

You can measure the coffee and tea intake and connect it with the Health app, which might be helpful. You can have any drink in it.

You can also add cold coffee in it, and it will be heated again without hussle. There are great features about this mug. I will also try the 1st generation of this mug. It has special edition colors. If you want to buy it with free shipment, you can use some webesite, They ship for free. You can also choose to buy the 1st gen.

You can also buy it from Amazon, but the shipment will be paid. Amazon charges for shipment because the box is a little big.

Do you like this mug or not? For office use, this is the best mug, but at home, you won’t need it.

But for office use, this is the best mug for me and for bloggers…I am making this review while drinking my hot coffee. This is one of the smartthings I use. Don’t forget to brong always your coffee befor you visit our Tech magazine guys.

See you soon on teh enxt review.☕