A project for a 170km city with 0 carbon emission,and without cars, which is great for the environment!!😍I’ll also discuss Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal situations.What’s the status of these apps? And how secure are they?🤨😈

13.01.2021 at 01:30 am

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A project for a 170km city with 0 carbon emission,and without cars, which is great for the environment!! It shows how the modern urban cities will look like. The new project has been announced, and I’ll discuss it in this news article guys, welcome again to OTTO Magazin 😈

I’ll also discuss Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal situations.What’s the status of these apps? And how secure are they?

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A first of its kind project has been announced to the world in KSA, The project is called The Line, and it is a totally unique project. Let me tell you few things about this project. It is a 170km city in an environment with no pollution and free from vehicles and congestion. This city will be in Neom.

This project will provide more than 380 thousand job opportunities. It’l contribute to increasing the GDP. The project uses 100% clean energy. 90% of the data will be used to enhance the infrastructure of the city. It is a futuristic city. The city will house 1 million inhabitants. The inhabitants won’t use vehicles.

There won’t be carbon emissions, and it’ll be in harmony with the fascinating nature surrounding it. aI wonder how there are not investment in the Neom area before.

It is really captivating, It will be a model for what is considered an urban futuristic city. Great news continue, but this time, USA is involved. There are talks with Lucid company who manufacture electric luxury cards. They will open a factory in King Abdullah Economic City in Jeddah. This factory will service the Middle East. And it depends on diversifying the investment through the investment fund in KSA. It is a great step, since Lucid cards are actually different than the competition.👌

They’re the biggest Tesla competitor. Hopefully, this project brings goodness to the whole region.😇

In the previous days, there were a lot of discussion about WhatsApp and its new privacy policy and the Signal App. The Signal app have faced a lot of trouble due to the increasing amount of downloads and activation.

Let’s not forget Telegram, which we know how reliable it is as a WhatsApp alternative. The idea is that WhatsApp changed their privacy policy and now shares users’ data with Facebook. No one knows the amount of data being shared with Facebook. But this topic have been a source of discussion between users to find alternatives to WhatsApp.

The alternative we already know for years is Telegram. By the way, our group on Telegram is the biggest tech group in the Middle East and europ. We know how reliable Telegram is. But there’s another app called Signal.

The founder of this app is the co-founder of WhatsApp. He left WhatsApp because of its privacy. I discussed this topic before. He invested 50 million USD in the Signal app and asks users to use it instead of WhatsApp.

This was a long time ago. But the time for it has come to become a popular app. There are two things to consider: WhatsApp changing their privacy policy was in favor to Signal. Lots of users have started to download the app.

The second thing is that Twitter has deleted Trump’s account citing that his tweets induce violent. I have nothing to do with politics, but Twitter deleted his account. Signal app was on the spotlight. And because of the privacy policy changes, Elon Must tweeted ‘Use Signal’. These reasons made the Signal app popular. And some people started buying stocks of US company with the same name thinking it was what Musk referred to.

Signal app is non-profit and doesn’t collect data. All the data are stored locally on the device. It also doesn’t support making backup to services such as Google and iCloud like the Telegram app.

All the data are stored locally with P2P support. Signal app is new and we’re yet to know its pros and cons. It has been available for a while, but it is not yet fully popular.

Facebook made a huge mistake with the amount of data it collects from users. Still, WhatsApp is a very popular app. I’ve seen this happen before, but usually, users go back to using WhatsApp again. It is very strange!

I hope the situation will remain the same. Let me know in the comments which app is your main messaging app.

It is WhatsApp, Telegram of Signal?😈

About the apps and the services they offer, Some of them support group calls and some don’t. Some of them encrypt the data and other store it in the cloud.

At the end of this week, there will be one of the best events from Samsung to announce their Galaxy S21 series. But what are the things we know so far?

The best is the Ultra, and it’ll be available at the end of this month, and if you pre-order one, you’ll get the Buds Pro with it. It’ll come with a 108MP camera. It’ll come with either 12GB or 16GB. It’ll also come with either the Exynos 2100 or the SD888.

The battery is 5000mAh, and the screen size is 6.8 nwith high ppi density. The screen will be covered with a CCG layer. It’ll support 2 SIM cards and the front facing camera is 40MP.

The S21 Plus will come with a 6.7 screen, It’ll come with a 64MP camera. The battery is 4500mAh and it’ll come with 2 previously mentioned CPUs. It’ll support an SD card and 2 SIM cards. The front facing camera is 10MP only. While the S21 will come with a 6.2 screen.

The internal specs and cameras are similar to the S21 Plus. But it’ll come with a 4000mAh battery. These devices will announced in 14th of January at 17:00 and hopefully, I’ll cover the event. These devices will be available at the end of the month. i confirmed that these devices will be available in January 29th.

The Z Flip 3 has been also leaked, There are some users who make concept designs based on the leaks. This design isn’t real. It’s just a concept. But honestly, it’s one of the best concept designs of this device. It comes with a beautiful external screen, but it is not the size that I hoped for. But the design is very elegant.

This is such a beautiful feature that we already know about the upcoming device. Samsung is expected to have a great start for this year. Hopefully, we get the most powerful CPU. Whether it is the SD888 or the Exynos 2100. Hopefully, we get the best specs. The start of this year will be great.

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P50 series from Huawei has started to leak. Leaks suggest that the series will come with 3 different screens. The first comes with a slightly curved screen. The second comes with a deeper curve from both sides, While the Pro Plus version will come with Quad-Curve screen.

Huawei is expected not to make changes to the P50 series but the devices will be beautiful and excellent. Hopefully, Huawei returns to competition like before.

We hope that all the problems to be solved, because competition in technology is always great. Coders were able to decrypt the codes of Google’s Phone app.It is the app that enables you to make phone calls with Pixels and other Android devices.

What’s great thing is that a great feature awaits us. This feature will be auto-recording of phone calls from numbers that are not registered on the phone. Thus, users will be safer with recorded phone calls.

Do you remember Huawei devices used to record phone calls instantly?

Do you think this feature is a good thing?

Do you want this feature to come back?

Would you prefer phone calls to be auto-recorded? Is it a good or a bad feature?

Accoridng to leaks, Hyundai, along with their alliances, are in talks with Apple. These talks are about making manufacturing the ucoming electric car from Apple. Apple is supposedly working on this project. We’re very excited for the Apple car. We’re between two things now: Apple to officially announce this project and show the details, What’s left for us to wonder is the price of this car.

🙊 Some AirPods Max users are facing some problems with their headphones. The problem is condensation inside the headphones. It is basically sweat condensed inside because of changes of the weather.

The aluminum body does help with the condensing. It hasn’t happened with me yet, but I’ll have to use the headphones more excessively. The reason is to know whether this problem is facing all users or not. It’s worth mentioning that Apple won’t be able to fix this problem with a software update.

Let’s wait for an official Apple response and the solution they’ll offer.

A report suggest that Apple advises to clean it with a soft cloth. I don’t think I will buy a headphones that cost so mutch only to clean it every now and then, unlike all other headphones! Damn!🤨

Imagine sharing the headphones with someone else and having to clean it every now and then, It’d be a strange thing to do!

Ming-Chi Kuo said that iPhone cameras won’t change up until 2023. According to Apple, these cameras with the LiDAR sensor will continue with iPhone 13, 14, and will change with iPhone 15.

Let’s wait and see! Let’s not forget that iPhones haven’t changed much from the previous generation. The main difference between the iPhone 11 and 12 is the design. There are some specs changes, but the design is the main difference.

Do you remember when we used to say there’s a huge camera, photography, screen, storage and speed differences?🤪

Now, we only say the difference is the design, and it is the reason behind deciding to upgrade or not.

Before I end this news article guys, let me remind you of few things:

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