A new upcoming smartphone might come with a roll-out screen, 🤨 And what about Apple’s subscription package and their own search engine?🤔 And how is Google doing with their search engine?🤡

November 03-2020, at 11:00 pm

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It is expected that half of the smartphone sales in the 4th quarter in 2020 will be in China. Statistics from DIC show that Huawei will be the biggest smartphone seller and that China will be number 1 in sales.

China’s population is more than 1.5 billion, and smartphones in China are very important. So, it would be understandable if smartphones were very popular in China.

Speaking of ranking, Apple is now 4th biggest smartphone manufacturer after Xiaomi acquired the 3rd place. There’s a huge competition between these companies in terms of smartphone manufacturing.

Samsung is still sitting on the throne, Followed by Huawei, XIaomi and Apple.

Apple was ranked second before Huawei and Xiaomi beat them to second and third, leaving Apple in the fourth ranking.It doesn’t have a huge significance. It is just the number of smartphones sold by each company.

Let’s not forget that these companies sell smartphones from each category, meaning they acquire bigger market share, Does it mean that they have the best and most expensive devices?

Ferrari and Lamborghini don’t sell the most cars every year, yet, they’re the best luxury cars.The upcoming Fold device could come with an S Pen as shown in a Samsung patent registered in April 2020.

The idea of patent is that manufacturers register it so it won’t be used by others. But incorporating the patent in upcoming devices might not happen.The idea is that these companies own their registered patents.

But if another company wants to use this patent to incorporate it in their devices, then they have to pay royalties to the patent owner. To sum it up, the upcoming Fold device might come with an S Pen.

Samsung devices to receive the One UI 3.0 software update. A new teaser surfaced of the new features included in the new UI along with Android 11. Newly issued devices will receive the update first and then older devices will follow.

The new UI 3.0 designed for Android 11 will enable better accessibility and shortcuts. Android 11 is basically Google’s stock version of the software, Phone manufacturers, like Samsung, add their own UI to Android.

Samsung, Huawei and Motorola manufacture foldable phones, which require special software for them to be unique. The new Samsung teaser shows that multi-tasking in their Fold device will be enhanced.

I am excited for the new UI software update. I’ll let you know when it is released soon. No one can deny that LG is huge technology manufacturer, especially when it comes to screen and screen technologies. Their screens are not the most popular, yet they are excellent.

Here in Tech Pills, I am experimenting two LG screens: the first one is called CX and the second is 8K. The new gaming consoles support 8K resolution, so I have to test 8K screens to let you know the best screen for you.

I’ll explain whether you should buy an 8K screen of just keep using the 4K screen. Let me demonstrate a new upcoming technology from LG that will be available next Mars.

The new screen is called Roll-up, and that’s how it is supposed to look like. We’ve seen this technology from LG before with the luxury Signature smart TVs.

The price of such devices are very expensive, but they can roll-up and be stored in their own dedicated compartment. It is such an advanced technology to be able to roll the screen of your device (TV or smartphone).

This technology might be incorporated with smartphones in Mars 2020 with a new LG smartphone. Will it be just a concept or a fully usable device?

I am very excited for this, By the way, we’ve got the LG Wing, and the full review is coming soon. Keep drink you Coffee, I’ll post unboxing blogs of the device on my social media account. The unboxing experience is strange as the design of the device itself is strange.

I’ve got the Pixel 5 device, and it is great for taking photos. But why did I say it is great for taking photos? Let me show you a portrait picture I took using the front facing camera of this device.

This photo is taken using the front facing camera, and now I’ll take a photo using the rear cameras. Check the photos and how powerful the device is in photo processing.

Google is doing a great job with their Pixel device’s photo algorithms. This is the first device from Google to come with a single punch hole in the screen.

What is Google’s intention and upcoming strategy?

Will they continue adding this single punch hole front facing camera that actually takes amazing photos or not?

I’ve talked about Huawei’s own Harmony OS designed for their smartphones. But this OS could take years before it is officially released for their flagship devices.

But I still think of the same thing. I received a number of comments about this topic about whether Huawei will succeed or not.

the past 12 years, I found that there are manufacturers who come and go from the competition. The reason behind it is that their stores didn’t have enough apps. We’ve seen how Microsoft, a tech giant, suffered with their Windows Phones.

Their devices were manufactured by Nokia, but the devices weren’t successful because of the lack of apps in their store. We’ve also seen Blackberry, where they suffered to compete with Android and iOS apps.

Will Huawei be able to succeed, since no one was able to do it before?

Will Huawei become a successful company where they have their own OS that will compete with Google’s Android?

I am now sure. But I’d love to hear your opinion about this matter, Huawei isn’t only investing in their apps, but also they’re investing with content, Because as they say: content is key.

Huawei have cooperated with Sony to produce Hi-Res audio content. Sony and Huawei have agreed to that Sony to supply Huawei with technologies for their Huawei Music service.

Do you remember Huawei’s two Devialet speakers? Huawei will create a new powerful media service in cooperation with other partners. Huawei is partnering with more companies.

Their situation is a bit unsettled because of the huge pressure on them. Let’s wait after the US election to know what will happen with Huawei. What do you expect will happen?

Google Search Engine could disappear form Apple devices. It is not an optional move as much as it has to do with laws. Big companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and other companies are being sued.They are being sued in an anti-trust and monopoly cases about their search engines and stores.

Two articls ago, I mentioned that it wouldn’t be logical for Google to build their own search engine only for them to not be able to take advantages of it! It is under consideration to announce a new law where new devices won’t come with Google Search as the main search engine.

Apple decided to ditch the tens of billions they annually get from Google. Google pay Apple to add Google search engine as the main search engine on Apple devices. and Apple decided not to take this small amount of money in order for them to find a bigger income source for them.

They want to develop their own search engine, benefit from the ads and gain hundreds of billions of dollars as a result. It is clear that this is Apple’s new project. Their search engine will support AI. I also expect that Siri will play a huge role in this new search engine.

This either could be exciting or very tiring for users. Speaking of being tired, let me tell you something about weekly and monthly bills you have to pay. You can now add Apple’s new subscription service that is called Apple One to your bills.

Apple One is a monthly service package with one bill. Someone of us are subscribed to Apple’s Arcade, Music and iCloud and have to pay 3 separate bills every month.

So Apple decided to combine them in one bill. These are the packages. The first one is the individual package. The second is the family package and the third is the Ultimate package.

For me personally, when I reviewed these packages, I found out that they won’t be beneficial for me! 😁

Why you might ask. Because I am subscribed to Family iCloud service.

This family iCloud service benefits me, my wife and my family in one package, So, why would I subscribe to a service that I don’t actually need that will also cost me a lot?

This is the amount I pay now and this is the amount I’ll pay with Apple One service, which also include more services. I won’t benefit from Apple’s Arcade, Music or News as I don’t use them that much.

Let me now discuss the latest news in this blog, which is about science:😷

This is a great piece of news about early detection of the virus in individuals. Scientists in MTI university in USA were able to create 3 methods to early detect newly infected people.

The first method uses AI to analyze voice and emotions to detect whether these individuals have the virus using their coughs. »

The second method uses coughs to analyze whether they have the virus.

First method uses emotions and the second method uses physical aspects.

The third method uses voice patterns and frequencies and the effects it gets from coughing. These three methods uses AI to discover early signs of the virus infection.

Individual could use their smartphones with a dedicated app to know whether they have the virus or not. With this step, there won’t be need for nasal or oral tests to determine whether people have the virus or not.

Hopefully, with this step, God help the world will be safer.

It is a great science news.

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