A new beautiful generation from the Pixel phone series, and an all new Pixel Watch❗️Cons & Pros❗️🙊🙉🙈

15.07.2023 by OTTO

A new beautiful generation from the Pixel phone series, and an all new Pixel Watch.

What are the new features, pros and cons in this device? 🤔🤔

And why do we need this device to be
officially available in or region?🫣

Today, I’ll review the new Pixel 7 Pro with the Raw Android OS from Google itself. This device brings a shocking photography experience.

Let me now start with the pros and cons of this device.


The design is beautiful and it is made from CGG VIctus. This CGG Victus has been available for a while as a protection layer on many devices.

The performance of the device is excellent, especially with games. And you’ll later see the photography experiment.

The battery is big and performs excellently through out the day. The device doesn’t support 5G in our region, as Google has to work it out with carriers in our region.

But as soon as that the device is officially available in our region, this problem will be solved. The device only supports 1 physical SIM card, but it also supports eSIM.

Let’s now discuss the details; 🤫

The device is made from metal and CGG Victus glass. This glass is the toughest available in the market.

The back is curved with a visor at the top to house the cameras. The visor is seamlessly connected to the frame.

The front is curved, and there’s a punch hole in the screen to house the front facing camera.

The design is clear and beautiful, and
the rear visor gives it a unique look.

The thickness of the device is 8.9mm,
which is good for such a premium device. The device also weighs 212g, which is a little bit heavy. But it is still easy to use.

Yet, it is still hard to reach all 4 corners of the screen with one hand. The device comes with the Google Tensor G2 CPU. The CPU is built using the 5nm architecture and comes with 8 cores. The GPU is the Mali-G 710 MP7.

How does this CPU from Google perform with tests?😵

In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 1030 points for the single core and 3180 points for multicores. We tested the CPU 7 times to get this score.

Here’s where the CPU performance is ranked among other competitors. We tested the PUBG game with the smooth settings and the highest frames.

The game was very smooth with 120fps. The battery is 5000mAh and supports fast charging with 30W. The battery charges from 0% to 40% in 30 minutes

The battery fully charges in 110 minutes. The battery supports power management, which studies your usage and adapts to it.

The screen of the device is LTPP OLED. The resolution of the screen is QHD+. It has 512ppi density.

The screen supports Always-On Display and has 1500 nits of brightness with supported HDR content.

The screen supports 120Hz, which offers high smoothness with supported content and games.

The screen offers high contrast and beautiful colors. It also supports high deep black levels, it is great for content watching, gaming, photography and daily use. In general, the screen won’t disappoint you.

The device comes with 3 rear cameras
and a single front facing camera.

The rear cameras are as follows: the main camera is 50MP, the second is the Ultra Wide 12MP. The third is the 48MP telephoto lens. The front facing camera is 10.8MP.

Let’s discuss the photography experience: 😎

The main camera provides very good photos, whether in colors or contrast.

And the reason is because of the photography processing known with the Pixel devices. I’ve been saying this for the past 4 years, and the photo processing is still developing.

The Ultra Wide lens has a 125.8 degrees of view. The details are satisfactory, and are similar to the main camera.

The colors are warm, and in general, the performance is good. In the portrait photos, the device offers
excellent performance in isolation.

This is known with Pixel devices, especially with the photo processing process. The results are really unique.

Here’s the difference between portrait photos taken on a Pixel and a S22 Ultra.

And here’s the difference between a Pixel and an iPhone. The difference is apparent. The device supports 5x optical zoom with excellent results. And it also supports up to 30x digital zoom using the Super Res Zoom technology.

The results are really good, and the reason is because of Google’s algorithms. The device also supports recording videos with 4K@60fps. The quality is very good. The video stabalization is satisfactory.

The device also supports a number of modes for video stabalization.

There’s the normal stabalization mode, and there’s the ultra mode but with 2x zoom. There’s also another mode similar to the Action Mode.

The front facing camera offers very good results with warm, saturated and natural colors. Portrait photos are very good and the performance won’t disappoint you at all.

The camera performance of this device is better than 99% of the other devices in the market.

Google has been successful with the cameras because of the algorithms and database. The device only supports one nano SIM card and another eSIM. The device comes with 128, 256 and 512GB storage options.

The RAM is either 8 or 12GB. The device runs raw Android 13 with all the
features from Google on Pixel devices.

The device supports 5 years of software updates. The device supports bluetooth 5.2 and WiFi 6e, and is compatible with older WiFi versions, it also supports NFC to enable different payment methods, It supports 5G, but it is not supported in our region.

Google must cooperate with the local carriers to enable 5G. This problem is the same with older version of this device.

Hopefully, Google will solve this problem soon. But there are some fixes to enable 5G in the Gulf region.

Not having 5G support resulted in a better battery performance, Which is something great if you’re interested in 5G.

The device supports unlocking using the responsive in-display fingerprint sensor, It also unlocks using face recognition but it doesn’t have
dedicated 3D sensors, so I don’t advise using it.

The box include the device, charging cable and instructions manual.

The price of the device is 900$, excluding the shipping costs and taxes🤷‍♂️🫣🫣🫣🫣🫣🫣. But there are lots of services that you can use to get this device.

Check your needs before making a decision. 🙈🙉🙊

Let me now discuss the Google Pixel Watch: 🥹

Pros: 😍😍

The watch is lightweight, comfortable
and has a beautiful design, it also comes with a circular screen. The UI is simple and easy to use, it also supports Fitbit services for better health integration.

The watch charges quickly: 30 minutes of charging provides 50% battery.

Cons: 🤯🤯

It doesn’t work with iOS, The watch doesn’t fully support some languages like Arabic! 🤨

Payment services are not supported in our region. This watch is directed to Google products enthusiasts.

For me, the design of the watch is
beautiful; it is simple and lightweight.

The Pixel Watch has a circular design
and made from stainless steel. The band is made from silicon and it is interchangeable. On the right side, there’s the control crown. And there’s another side button.

On the other side, there’s the mic and the speaker.

The watch supports scratch resistance and 5ATM. It comes with a number of sensors such as the Spo2, heart rate It has also a light sensor and latitude sensor.

There’s also a fall detection sensor, which calls emergency when needed.

The screen is AMOLED with touch input support and has 1000 nits, which is great for a watch. It supports scratch resistance and has a 3D CGG 5 protection layer, it comes with the Exynos 9110 CPU, 2GB of RAM and 32GB os storage.

The watch is compatible with Pixel devices and Android devices that run Android 8 and above, and it is easy to pair. The watch runs Wear OS, which is derived from Android. The OS is simple and easy to use, it supports Google services, such as the weather,
maps and other fitness features from Fitbit. And It supports lots of exercises such as running, swimming, biking and so on. It supports sleep tracking and had washing reminders.

The watch supports Fitbit services for 6 months for free. The Fitbit app will provide better settings for health and fitness, it has 2 versions: WiFi only and 4G with eSIM, it also comes with an NFC sensor, but payment methods are not supported in our region.

The battery is 294mAh. It lasts for 24 hours with moderate usage. It charges using a dedicated charging base. The battery charges from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes. And from 0% to 100% in 80 minutes.

The box include the watch, a smaller band, charging cable and instructions manual. The price is 299 USD.

The price of the WiFi version is good. The 4G version costs 400 USD It is great that Google has entered the smartwatch market. But don’t rush it; most of the services of Android watches don’t work in our region.

But since it has Fitbit services, users
might love it, especially Pixel users. It is expected that the watch will receive frequent updates.

The updates come directly from Google. It is similar to the Pixel devices when it comes to software updates.

However, the Pixel devices have matured, but the watch needs time to mature. It has great features, but it is still not mature enough.

Not being officially available in our region means that the services won’t also be available.

The warranty isn’t available and accessories are not available as well. Having a Pixel device means that you love Google services, Raw Android and so on.

You should be aware of the permissions Google asks when using their devices.

Wouldn’t be great to officially have the Google Pixel device in our region, considering its capabilities?😵‍💫

See you later.😊😇

Written by,

Otto M Yassine

Content Editor, OTTO Magazine Manager.

WhatsApp: +212663069516

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