A mobile that folds and supports 5G .. Review of Motorola Razr 5G 🧐 ! Worth buying or not?😎

Blog 36: October 31, 2020 at 00:00 am

Imagine going back 16 years in time, This device was revolutionary in 2004, It is the Motorola V3.

This device was indeed revolutionary. You could store 1000 numbers on it.

It came with bluetooth version 1 and a battery bigger than 600mAh.

The device came with a VGA camera that could take a good photos.

This was the V3, but now, Motorola makes a similar but different device called Razr.

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Motorola has released a device reminiscent of the older V3 device. But the new device comes with a new design and new advanced technologies.

When unfolded, it becomes a full screen.

In the older device, when unfolded, you’ll be met with the number keys and an okay screen.

But with the new device, there is a high resolution screen with excellent capabilities.

Let’s get to know this device together.

This is the Motorola Razr 5G:

The hinges are made from stainless steel. The hinges are high quality and can make the device fully folded.The device weighs 192g.

It can ben used with one hand without any problems.The thickness of the device is 7.9mm when unfolded. When folded, the thickness becomes 16mm.

The device comes with a water repellent design.

This design makes the device splash and rain resistant. But it is not fully IP water and dust resistant as it is not certified.But it resist splashes and rain while making phone calls.

The Motorola Razr 5G comes with 2 screens: the first one is 6.2\ » with HD+ resolution.

The resolution is 2142×876, The screen is Plastic OLED.

The screen ratio is 21:9, which is called cinema vision.The screen comes with a top notch that houses the front facing camera.

The screen provides saturated colors, but sometimes, you could notice the crease caused by folding.

It is a normal thing with folding screens. It might be fixed in the future with newer generations.

The second screen is used when the device is folded.The screen size is 2.7 OLED with 800×700 resolution with 4:3 aspect ratio.

The screen will show you notification and can be used to take photos with the rear camera.

You can also use apps on it. You could also play PUBG on it without any problems. But I don’t advise using it for playing as it is a small screen.

If you’re using specific apps such as YouTube app on the external screen and unfold the device, the app will show up on the bigger screen. It is a great feature on this device.

The Razr 5G comes with a 48MP rear camera.

It supports Quad Pixel technology, which is 4x better with low time scenarios. The camera also supports OIS.

The front facing camera is 20MP and it also supports Quad Pixel technology.

Let me now discuss the photography experience:

The camera provides very good details with good light. The colors are saturated and warm.

The colors might change depending on the circumstances.

Portrait photos are good, but sometimes, there’s nothing special about it.

Edge isolation isn’t the best, but it does it is job.

But the results could be better if there was enough light.

Night mode photos aren’t the best. The details will be less, but in general, it does it job with this device.

The front facing camera takes photos with good details and saturated colors.

The isolation is wavering, but in general it does its job. But in general, these details are good for a folding device putting in mind other competitors.

The rear camera can shoot 4K@30fps videos, and the quality is acceptable. The video stabilization will be satisfactory due to the OIS support.

The camera can also shoot 4K videos with 21:9 cinema vision. it’s supports slo-mo videos with 1080p@120fps.

The CPU is the Snapdragon 765G with 8 cores and 7nm architecture build. The GPU is the Adreno 620.

In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 620 points for the single core and 1889 points for multicores.

Here’s where the CPU performance is ranked among other competitors such as the Galaxy Z Flip:

PUBG games started on high settings. The performance was smooth.

But you should consider that PUBG doesn’t support the screen’s aspect ratio.

There will be black bars on both sides, and might not be comfortable while playing. But there could be a game update to resolve these black bars.

The device supports Moto Mode for games.

This mode enables you to take photos while gaming, blocks notifications and phone calls to let you enjoy gaming.

The RAM is 8GB and the onboard storage is 256GB.

It supports a physical SIM card and another eSIM. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support an SD card.

The device runs Android 10 with My UX on top of it. The UI is very similar to Stock Android UI.

This UI enables you to controls the icons and change their colors. The UI also supports different shortcuts.

For example, you can open the camera app with if you rotate your hand twice.

You can also turn on the flash if you shake the device twice.

You can also enable Don’t Disturb mode by placing the device face down on the table.

The fingerprint sensor is embedded in the Motorola logo found on the back of the device.

The fingerprint sensor responsiveness is fast.

It also supports unlocking using the front facing camera, but it is not secure as it uses 2D photos instead of dedicated sensors.

The device supports bluetooth 5.1 and NFC, which means it is compatible with many services.

The device comes with a USB-C port and the battery is 2800mAh.

The battery charges using the TurboPower 18w technology.

For such a folding device with this size, this charging speed is great.

The battery charges from 0% to 40% in 30 minutes.

The device includes the charger, charging cable, 3.5mm headphones and 3.5mm to USB-C adapter. The device is available in all markets.


the design is beautiful and it reminds us of older devices. But this one comes with a foldable screen.

This is what I meant by reminiscing, It means bringing an old design but with new technologies.

The design back then was revolutionary, but now it is even more as it comes with foldable screen.

The external screen is beautiful, and makes using the device easier while it is folded.

This method is better than the one found in the Galaxy Z Flip, as it comes with a very small external screen.

The device offers good gaming performance and supports 5G network.


it doesn’t support a particular IP water and dust resistant certification, which is not good considering the price of it.

But this is not yet available with foldable devices.

Also, the price of the device is high, so you should consider your needs before you buy it.

The cameras performance is satisfactory, but it could’ve been better.

But it is up to you decide whether this device is suitable for you or you need to wait for foldable devices to mature better!

This Motorola device is a great option if you’re considering a foldable device.

This device brings a new usability to smartphones. This device brings a new design from a rectangular non-folding screens to this small boxy screen when folded.

It brings balance as Motorola decided to include a usable external screen.

Voice your opinions and questions in the comment section, and hopefully, I’ll answer them.🙏

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