A long overdue WhatsApp feature is coming soon, and TikTok is still functioning in the US as they’ve done a very strange agreement…

Blog 10: September 24, 2020 at 10:00 pm By @otto.tech

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A long overdue WhatsApp feature is coming soon, And a newly leaked Google device that if true, would be really cool.

TikTok is still functioning in the US as they’ve done a very strange agreement.
Hello guys, Let me start this blog with TikTok news, where they’re expected to continue their business in the US.

There’s an agreement between TikTok, Oracle and Walmart, Walmart is a huge company with a massive supermarket chain in the US, and they’ll be responsible for the marketing in the US.

Oracle will be responsible to protect the data of the 100 million US users of the app, The agreement include the 20% of TikTok business in the US.
There will be data protection, marketing and profit that will be shared between these 3 companies.

These companies are Walmart, Oracle and TikTok, Such apps are still successful as they’re a main profit for countries that are being fought, PlayStation preorders have been troublesome, in around the world.

The amount of devices for pre-orders weren’t enough to fulfill the needs of users, I tried to pre-order a device few minutes after the due date, and I couldn’t register a pre-order, Only the accessories are available.

PlayStation idea was to allow a limited amount of pre-orders as it could be benefactory for marketing the device.

Though, it is frowned upon by users, But this will bring PlayStation a lot of media momentum.
Unfortunately, PlayStation followed the same method they did with the PS4, PlayStation promised that they’ll allow pre-orders in the upcoming days.

They’ll also allow a bigger number of devices for pre-orders until the end of the year.

PlatStation want their devices to be available for the end of year’s holiday season. Today, my sense of conspiracy is high.

The long overdue WhatsApp update will be available soon for users, WhatsApp users will be able to use their account on 4 different devices.

All devices will be in sync, This feature is still in its last stage of development.The beta version will soon be available for users, and I’ll let you know when it is officially released.

I’ll also let you know how to enable it as it has its own protocol, I’ll explain how to save data and keep devices synced.

Let’s talk about a few important details that are going to happen this month:
In 24th of September Samsung will announce their S20 Fan Edition devices.
It is also expected that there will be an event in 23rd of September for Amazon, where they’ll announce their new personal assistant devices.

In 30th of September, there will be a Google event, where they’ll also announce new products.

Google is expected to announce the Chromecast device with a remote control, The new device will run Google TV OS, not Android TV OS, The new device will run Google TV OS, not Android TV OS.

Google TV OS was discontinued a long time ago and was replaced with Android TV OS, What’s great about the new Chromecast is that it’ll come with a remote control, which means you won’t depend on the screen itself to control it.

You only need an HDMI port to connect the Chromecast device to the screen.
There will be dedicated buttons on the remote for YouTube and Netflix.
Imagine that Google adds a Netflix button to their product while still wanting YouTube to be more popular.

If true, the device will cost 49 USD, and it’s expected to be announced along with other devices at the end of September.
September is expected to be a good month, but where are the new iPhones?

The new iPhones are expected to be announced in October, Once the event is announced, we’ll let you know about it and what to expect from the event.
The main device is expected to the iPhones with the navy blue color.
There’s expected to be a another red colors, but not related to the Product Red.

There will be another red color iPhones. The new devices are expected to be the iPhone 12, 12 Max, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, These 4 devices will give users a lot of options to choose from.

Let me now talk about cars, A Tesla Model S owner was given a huge fine.
The car driver and the passenger were sleeping in the car while being driven in Canada, The car speed was 150kmph.

The car was reported and the police stopped them, fined them and temporarily cancelled their driving license.
Tesla cars are capable of driving themselves in certain highways.

Tesla says that they have no responsibility on how car owners drive their cars, They say it is the responsibility of the car owner to drive their cars safely.
Yet, they have softwares to protect the drivers and those around them, Elon Musk says Tesla cars and their technologies have no problems, He says that the problem is from other drivers who don’t drive a Tesla car.

It is really strange, Let’s see what happens next.
There are other US companies that try to make new technologies for cars, Cadillac will bring subscription services to Cadillac CT6 car owners, The new service will track driver’s eyes where they won’t use the wheel while the car is in Cruise Control mode.

Cruise Control is where the car is driving on its lane without the interfering of the car driver.
If Cruise Control is enabled in a highway, the car will keep asking you to hold the wheel.

The subscription will be monthly and will enable drivers to enable Cruise Control, where the car will track their eyes to know whether they’re focused or not and that the driver won’t have to hold the wheel.

It is such a great feature, It’d be funny to ask someone if they’re subscribed to the service before you get in their car.

Do people actually care about not holding the driving wheel while driving? And Would this feature be good in the other contry?

EMUI 11 will bring new features to Huawei smartphones that support it. The new UI will support the Smart Multi Windows features.

This feature will enable more shortcuts to windows, It’ll also enable adjusting the size of floating windows.

Floating windows is available in the OS itself, but now it is more developed. You can resize the floating windows, which could be any app.
One of the great features for those who have a Huawei laptop and smartphone is the Multi Screen Collaboration version 3.

One of the best feature is to broadcast multiple versions of the screen of your Huawei smartphone on your Huawei laptop.
This would make your workflow better, EMUI 11 will bring great features and enhancements to Huawei devices.

See you later.😉

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