🕷A device that detects smoke and fires intelligently❗ Nest Protect ❗

Review 137: 12.04.2021 at 06:30 pm


🕷 Smoke detectors have developed a lot. Let me introduce you to Nest Protect. and this is a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector. It is from Nest company, which is owned by Google.

The device comes in 2 versions; the wired version, and the battery-powered version which I will talk about in this video. It connects wirelessly.

Usually, smoke detectors are placed at roofs and usually they have a flashing light that lights every minute This lamp doesn’t show you if the battery is dead or not. It is a little confusing.

This device detects smoke and carbon monoxide. But it is not like any other device. It comes with lots of specs and features.

After installing it and setting it up using the app, you can connect all other units together. If any unit detects smoke, all other units will alarm you with voice feedback. Not only does it alarm you when it detects smoke, but it could give you different alerts; for example it could alarm you with yellow color.

Once the smell is gone, the color will shift to green. Every color means something. The green color is automatic, and it lights when there are no lights turned on.

The green color means it is working, the battery is charged and it is ready to detect any smell, This mode is called Nighty Promise.

Yellow color means that the device detected a smoke, but it is not harmful but it could lead to a fire.The red color appears in emergency which means carbon monoxide levels are high and there could be a fire.

The red color will appear with an emergency sound and it will tell you where the fire is. But there has to be multiple devices and they should be named according to their placement.

Nest also has an a dedicated app. You’ll receive notifications if these devices are connected to WiFi. These devices won’t get triggered when someone is cooking. Water steam doesn’t trigger these devices.

This device is smart enough to know what smoke is bad and what is not. Every device costs 120USD. The 3 devices costs 329USD, and 6 devices costs 612UD.


It adds more safety to your home with high quality.


The price is a little bit high but it is a great investment for some people.

Also, you can’t use the speakers of these devices. The batteries are great, This is the end of this fats reviews guys.

🕷 See you soon on the next reviews…

If there is a fire, just call me! hhhh 😁

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