30th anniversary edition of the ThinkPad X1 laptop Carbon Gen 10‼️

It’s been 30 years since he first ThinkPad was released.

There were lots of versions of this device through out the years.

The first laptop with a Floppy disk was a ThinkPad, and so is the first device with a CD-Rom.

There were versions with different-sized keyboards and screen sizes.

And now after 30 years, this is a limited edition ThinkPad.

And this is one of them; this is the ThinkPad
x1 Carbon Gen 10 30th Anniversary Edition.

This device is full of history.

This device packs lots of innovations, one of which
is the red dot in the middle of the keyboard.

This is basically a mouse.

Once you adopt it, you’ll find that using
the device without it would be hard.

Since the vert start, when the device was part of IBM until now, where
it is part of Lenovo, this device has always offered great hardware.

Lenovo has entered lots of sectors, but until
now, their laptops are distinguishable.

During one of their events here in KSA, I jumped multiple
times on a Lenovo device and it still kept working.

I still attend their events until now.

Let me start reviewing this device in my hands.

The performance of this device is excellent, and so
is the camera. The keyboard is comfortable to use.

The frame of the device is tough, it is lightweight, and it also
comes with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the power button.

The battery life is satisfactory and supports
fast charging through the USB-C port.

The screen offers amazing colors with
high resolution and responsiveness.

This device is directed to businessmen
and university students.

However, there are things that I wished it supported,
such as an SD card reader. But an adapter does the job.

I also wished that the location of the fingerprint
sensor was on the right side of the device.

During our testing, we’ve noticed that the
temperature of the device was a little hot.

I also wished that it comes with an ethernet port.

Though, adding an ethernet port
would make the device thicker.

What’s great about this device is that offers
memories and an extended investment.

This version of the device comes with
a colored ThinkPad logo.

And there’s only 5000 versions of it around the world.

The frame of the device is made from hybrid fiber materials.

The frame is durable, and the device only weighs 1.1kg only.

The keyboard is comfortable and easy to use.

The device is small in size and you’ll be
amazed by how lightweight it is.

There’s a privacy camera shutter in the ThinkPad series.

And the fingerprint sensor is embedded in the power button.

The screen is 14″ OLED with 2880×1800 resolution.

It has 400ppi density.

The screen has 16:9 aspect ratio.

The screen to body ratio is 86%.

It supports 60 and 90Hz refresh rate,
but it doesn’t support touch input.

The brightness reaches up to 305 nits.

The CPU is the 12th Gen Intel i7-1260P
with 12 cores and 4.70Ghz frequency.

The GPU is the Integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics.

The RAM is 16GB LPDDR5.

The storage is 512GB M.2 SSD.

SSD storages are fast in reading and
writing, making this device snappy.

In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 1194 points for
the single core and 6890 points for multicores.

Here’s where the CPU performance is
ranked among other competitors.

I can’t stress enough how lightweight the device is.

In 3DMark Time spy Test, the GPU scored 1489 points.

And since this device is directed towards businessmen,
the device runs Windows 11 Pro 64bit.

This version of Windows offers great performance and efficiency.

The webcam, and as usual, has a privacy button.

It supports 1080p and Windows Hello to
unlock the device using face recognition.

Not to forget the fingerprint sensor, making
this device have different security options.

The device comes with 4 speakers with Dolby Atmos
support with satisfactory performance.

It also has 4x 360 mics with Noise Cancelation
support using AI.

It also supports Dolby Voice for Noise Cancelation as well.

The battery lasts for a full day with medium usage.

The charger is 65W and it comes in the box.

The device also comes with 5G sim card support.

The device supports WiFi 6e as well.

The supported bluetooth is 5.1.

The device comes with a variety of ports
such as 2x USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports

There’s also 2x USB-A 3.1 Gen 1 ports.

There’s also a 3.5 headphones on the right side.

It also comes with an HDMI 2.0b port.

The sim card slot is optional.

Throughout the years, ThinkPad logo has
gone through lots of phases.

The naming of the device refers to the writing pads
that are used to quickly write your ideas and thoughts.

This was 30 years ago, and it is still being used
until now, with this latest ThinkPad version.

Evaluate your needs before you make a decision.

This device is an extended investment for businessmen.

See you later.😉

Written by,

Otto M Yassine

Content Editor, OTTO Magazine Manager.

WhatsApp: +212691595123.