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🕷 Today’s article of Special Car is extraordinary, From Detroit our guest is a one-off car: Challenger Shakedown: An old body from 1972 model in a magical mix with modern powertrain, A unique mix!

Let’s start the review guys, i m OTTO M Yassine, bring your best Coffee and welcome to This is a rare car, an exclusive car a one-off concept car, It has no sister cars!

The car was unveiled for the first time in the world in SEMA 2016, The car basically is a 1972 Challenger.

The car construction method is Body-on Fame, Meaning, a separate body is mounted on the car’s chassis, When they constructed this car they removed the whole body, Then, they reinforced the chassis and improved its rigidity, and installed the 6.4 engine, The world famous 329 powerful engine! 😍It’s a stock engine generating 485hp.

But it’s a classic car, a true muscle car, A concept car! Check the dashboard!
A manual gearbox, providing the ultimate joy of driving, There’s a rear limited slip differential, And the exhaust sounds melodic! American cars fans would love it!

The car has Hellcat front wheels 19 in the front and 20 in the back, But the front wheels are smaller than Hellcat’s stock wheels, They’re custom made for this car.

The car has Pirelli Trofeo R semi-slick tires to provide high traction, The car has great traction, Maybe it’s not very powerful but its sound, performance, and action are really great!

The disc brakes and the calipers are Hellcat, The guys made sure the car got original parts, Great grip! A legendary sound!

The car has a roll cage in the back it improves rigidity and supports the chassis, for better performance.
Power steering, with all the gauges and information you need, are available in this car, The great thing about Dodge, and Mopar guys…

They offer you brand new engines you can use in old classic cars, The engine generates 485hp, A great mix with good grip, The car has TREMEC 6 gearbox used in Viper cars, with some minor changes.

But it is Viper’s gearbox, All of the car’s parts are working properly, The rear differential is a limited-slip Dana 60, It withstands lots of power, and the axles were modified too.

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The steering wheel and the seats are the same as Viper’s, Can you see the carbon fiber used everywhere? The car doesn’t have door handles, you can open the doors using Remote Control.

Without handles, if some wanted to open the doors he would be puzzled! Great grip, performance and power! The car is old but it’s unbelievable!

A concept car! What do we mean by that? A car that is not for sale A one-off car. Usually, when car companies make concept cars they don’t sell them.

They just show them off! Their engines might work but they’re not powerful, While this car is just like real cars and you can drive it!

A great opportunity! I hope you enjoyed this rare opportunity, It’s nearly impossible to drive a concept car and floor the pedal, and enjoy some american muscle action, A legendary test-drive to be remembered!

To test-drive this rare car, this one-off concept car, really guys!

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Test drive

🕷 See you on the next review.

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