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Review 221: 19.09.2021 at 07:00 am

In this new review, I’ll review Samsung’s new watches: the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy 4 Classic. next review, I’ll review the Galaxy Buds2 headphones, which were recently announced. And I’ll also show you things that you haven’t seen anywhere.

😈 Let me tell you these new accessories from Samsung. Also, I will quickly review the new covers from Samsung. Peace be upon you all. I’ll show you a number of new devices from Samsung.

Let me start with the design:

It is very similar to the previous generation. It comes with a circular design, with a rotating frame that you can control the settings and menus with. The frame of the watch is made from stainless steel. The watch is lighter and slimmer from the previous generation. It comes with two sizes: 46mm with a 1.4″ screen and 42mm with a 1.2″ screen. ☺

The watch comes with an elegant design, and that’s why it is called the Classic version. It is directed for those who prefer the classic design more than the sport design. There’s a huge collection of accessories and bands that come with these watches. There are also third party companies developing accessories, too. 🐕‍🦺

The Classic version comes with black and silver colors. The 46mm version comes with a 1.4″ screen size.

The screen is AMOLED with 450×450 resolution. And for the first time, the watch runs WearOS instead of TizenOS. Which is an excellent thing. The pairing process is very easy. Whether with Samsung devices or other Android devices.

As soon as the watch is near the phone, a pairing message pop up will appear on the screen. You can then pair the screen with the watch easily. If not paired, then make sure the OS is updated. If the update isn’t available, then it’ll arrive soon.

When this review was writing, the watch didn’t support iPhones. The CPU is the Exynos W920 with 5nm architecture build. Which is a huge leap form the 10nm CPU found in previous generations. The performance will be way better.

The storage is 16GB And the RAM is 1.5GB. The storage is double the size from the first generation. The RAM has been increase with 0.5 RAM. The battery is 361mAh. And it nearly takes two hours to fully charge.

The OS offers lots of watch faces that you can choose from. There are elegant and sport watch faces with different designs and colors. The OS supports lots of apps since it is from Google. These apps include audio broadcasting apps, sport apps, breathing apps and so on.

Don’t miss checking the WearOS app on Android devices. The watch comes with a 3 in 1 enhanced sensor. This sensor calculates calories, steps and so on. The watch supports lots of exercises . They include running, washing, swimming, biking and so on. The sensor supports heart tracking and stress, similar to the previous generation. It also supports Spo2 measurement.

The watch offers new features like fat calculation, muscle mass and so on. And in 15 seconds, you can measure BIA. Through these readings, you can enhance your performance and know what part of the body needs exercising. It also supports enhanced sleep tracking technology.

This technology tracks your sleep pattern and provide you with a thorough analysis. It lets you know the oxygen saturation and snoring patterns. When you wake up, you’ll get a full report of it. The watch supports IP68 water and dust resistant and 5ATM standards. It is suitable for sports and all exercises.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm version costs 426 USD 🇺🇲. The smaller version costs 399 USD 🇺🇲. There’s some defirent price difference. Make sure of getting the size that fits your arm well.

There’s also the Galaxy Watch 4 version:

This is the sport version. It comes with two sizes: 44mm and 40mm. The smaller version comes with a 1.2″ size with a circular design and 396×396 resolution. It comes with 330 ppi density.

The bigger version comes with a 1.4″ screen size with circular design and a 450×450 resolution. Both screens are AMOLED. The frame is made from aluminum. This version comes with all the features that the Classic version comes with.

The difference is the design. The battery is also the same size. The Classic version comes with a physical rotary crown. The Watch 4 version is directed for sports and youths. You can also change the bands easily. You can have a number of bands that suit most occasions. The watch comes with black, silver and green colors.

Pros: 👍😊

It comes with two designs; classic and sport. It comes with new technologies like fat mass and the advanced sleep tracking technology.

Cons: 🙈👎

Currently, it doesn’t support iPhones. When connected to Android devices, some of the features won’t work. The WearOS must be supported first. The watch works best with Samsung devices. I’ve also got 4 different watch bands for each version. I’d like to show them to you. These are the bands.

I’ve also got covers for the Flip and Fold devices. One of them is this Flip cover with ring that will help you while recording snaps and videos. There’s also this elegant leather cover. For me, I’d like to have 2 or 3 different cases for the Fold and Flip devices. With this method, you’d be able to change the covers depending on the occasion. This would also be considered an investment.

See you on the next review…😁🥳👍

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine.