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🕷 These some questions I received from you. This is another Your Inquiries, Let’s start!

We’ve got questions from our super heros, and I will answer them in this article, and if you have any questions, comment them on comments guys.

First question is: Can you explain Android encryption, and does it prevent restoring deleted files after format, as, unfortunately my device got stolen.?

🕷 If your device is stolen, there has to be a reason why it got stolen. There has to be an app that allowed your files to be stolen. Android encryption, whether it being natively from Android or other apps like Knox, have great efficiency.

High efficiency also means it will be hard to restore files if encryption has a complicated password and the kind of encryption you choose.

Encryption is great. There are apps that are great in it. Yet, Native Android encryption is better than third party apps, Third party encryption apps have less efficiency than native Android encryption.

Second question: Is i9 CPU a great investment for the future? It is better to buy i5 now, then later upgrade?

🕷 If you buy i9 CPU, then it will be with you for 3 or 4 years with laptops and tablets, but 5 years at least with computers for both CPUs: i7 and i5! But before we answer this question, let me ask you a question: why do you want to buy a device?

If you want to buy it for heavy duty work, then get the i5, use it for a year or two, then get a new device. If you expect the CPU will work for efficiently for a long time, then you are mistaken.

Cooling system, GPU and many other factors decide how long your device will function perfectly. If you want it for heavy duty, get an i5 for a year or two. But if you decide to get an i9, your device will be great for at least 5 years.

I have an iPhone 11, and I don’t need to buy a newer one as this one is great for me. From a security aspect, do I need to buy a new one?

🕷 If you update your device frequently, then you will be fine. Especially with the iOS. If you download the latest updates, haven’t jailbroken your device or downloaded apps from outside the store, then you will be fine. If your device is great, then it is ok. I made a review before about iPhones battery and their efficiency.

I think instead of buying a new device, then change the battery and you will be fine. Your battery will perform better, making your device last longer. Don’t buy new devices just because you want to buy it. Don’t buy a new device except you need a new one.

Laptops with 4 and 6GB of RAM work perfectly. Why do phones have 12GB of RAM?

🕷 Phones are going through what PCs have gone through. PCs in past used to have lots of RAM, but now computers who have lots of RAM are designed for work and business. Manufacturers now decided to be thrifty with RAMs to make their laptops look like tablets and phones. But phones, on the other hand, are still at the beginning of the RAM market.

Just like screens marketing, where screens in past were HD, then FHD then FHD+, then 4K and then Triluminos 4K from Sony! All of the technologies are used for marketing. You won’t find 4K content that much! Manufacturing is a heavily dependant on marketing.

If I make a phone with 12GB of RAM, people who want the best device will buy it. Marketing has been applied in this case, and people will buy it the 12GB version even though they won’t need it. It is marketing more than anything else.

Let’s answer the 5th question: Is the Lenovo Z Pro GT better than Mate 20 Pro and Oppo Find X as it has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and 12GB of RAM?

🕷 Let me give you an example, if I bring you a used car but with a Ferrari engine, will the car be amazing just because it has the Ferrari engine in it? Of course not! Speed will be fast, but additional features will not be as you wish from a car that has a Ferrari engine.

I made a review about CPUs. CPUs are what gives phones the features. Manufacturers then decided what features to add on their devices. The new Snapdragon that will be used in the newest devices to adopt it will not give the best performance.

In this case, we have to wait for manufacturer who will use all the features the CPU can afford, If you want to know more about CPUs power and specs, go to the CPU manufacturer website and read about it there. You’ll find a list of the specs and features of these CPUs.

If you find a device with specs similar to the ones in the website, then go for it. Also, manufacturers will add more features to the CPU itself.

I have a MacBook Air, and I use Backup, and I also update my iPhone, but I got tired of charging both of them and carrying them with me.

Will the iPad 1TB be able to backup my iPhone and update my device through it?

🕷 I don’t think it will be efficient. That’s a great question though. We will make tests about it, as now we have official USB-C to lightning. These new cables might enable us to do things we couldn’t do before. Of course Apple has to support it first.

Backup on the iCloud is possible, but backing up on the iPad Pro is an exciting idea. We will investigate this.

We will make extensive research and make a content out of it.

Let’s continue.

We’d like more content about headphones’ specs like ohm, decibels and frequencies. Do we also need audio card for watches?

🕷 We don’t need audio card for headphones. Speakers sometimes need amplifiers and equalizers to give you the best audio performance. especially when talking about Hi-Res Audio. There are dedicated cards for this technology, but this is only available in PCs.

And for that, he had to invest in a PC that gives him a great audio experience with headphones that also produce great audio.

Do headphones need an audio card? No, but it also depends on what you need!

You can also buy a device from Sony that can produce Hi-Res audio and upscale it. Let’s discuss the first part of the questions. You are right, we have to mention these specs in the content we make.

I think the content we make is amazing.

I want to buy the Surface Pro 6. Is it good for studying?

🕷 Surface Pro always have the best hardware. It is an investment for at least 5 years. The good thing about the Surface is specs, and bad thing about it is the price.

Though. It also has support, but it is not very easy to get it as the device is not directed for public, rather, it is directed for specific people.

The Surface Pro is a great investment. We have a Surface device and we use it in the Audio studio.

What the Surface provides is very great. We also use it for other things. The Surface is a great investment. The last 3 Surface devices didn’t have significant changes.

What I think you need to do is to evaluate your budget and buy the suitable device for you.

There is something confusing about Samsung, why didn’t they use the S9’s IRIS scanner in the in the S10?

🕷 The IRIS scanner in the S9 is highly sufficient. It is located above the screen. It wasn’t hidden under the screen. Unless Samsung reach a technology that will allow them to place these sensors under the screen, these devices won’t have it. Maybe in the S11 or S20 Or S30.

That’s when they will announce that IRIS scanner is secure again. I think they will also include an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Technologies mature and they still develop. Not reaching this technology yet forced them not use it. They also announced that Face recognition isn’t safe in the S10.

We hope this technology will be available soon. Marketing also applies to this case. They might market the new device with an IRIS scanner under the screen.

Can you tell us what’s your daily driver devices? Thank you Dear.

🕷 I always have two devices with me. Wherever you find me in the world, I will have two devices with me. I always carry an iOS device and an Android device. The Android device changes according to the latest releases.

I carry them so that I can test and review the device fully. I carry the iOS device for a long time because Apple only issues one version per year.

This makes the content about iPhone less than content about Android devices, Apple releases 2, 3 or even 4 devices per year, while Android manufacturers release 20, 30 or 40 devices per year. If we make a review about each device, there will be 60 reviews about Android devices while 5 reviews about iPhones.

My personal devices are one of each OS. I always carry two devices. I can’t tell you this is the best device. If I say I can’t live without a certain device, how can I review other devices, then?

This question is about the Mate X. Bending phones are prone to have a broken screen. What do you think of that?

🕷 The external screen is protected by the cover designed by the company. There is also a risk factor. The final version could have better protection for the screen.

the question say: The screen is made from glass or plastic?

It is an OLED screen. It is supposed to be plastic. But plastic glass is made by Corning Gorilla Glass, This material is glass but with plastic characteristics. Corning announced that they’ve reached the technology to make their screens foldable.

They developed this technology to use it with foldable phones, so that Huawei would buy from them these products. To make the screen more secure.

I hope you talk about cameras companies and their new products. I am a photographer and I am interested in such field hhh hhhh hhhhh

🕷 You are right Joker, we haven’t talked about cameras. We only tell the news of new cameras only. It is a huge market, but if you noticed world-widely, cameras are significantly reduced and are only used by professionals. And phone cameras afford great capabilities. There is a huge content created using phone cameras only.

Some content takes up months to finish. We’d prefer to make content about things people want, but you have all the right to ask for such content.

hhhh hhhhh hhhhh I can’t choose between two devices, OnePlus 6T McLaren or the Mate 20 Pro from Huawei?

🕷 When comparing these phones, McLaren will win in some features and the Mate will win in others. The design is different. You haven’t asked about the Porsche version, though. You only asked about the McLaren version. I will personally consider the availability and support in the market. Which I will not find with the OnePlus, Resulting in choosing the Mate, but this is my personal opinion.

If you consider the cameras, the Mate will also win. But the memory and performance is better on the OnePlus.

Stock Android is also kind of available on the OnePlus. This needs a separate review. You have chosen between two great devices. I hope I helped you in making your decision.

See you soon friends on the next reviews…. i’m flying 🕸🕸🕸