🤡Will the Vivo X60 Pro device conquer the market?😳

Review 122: 12.07.2021 at 02:00 pm


I reviewed this device before, and we showed how great it is. What I’ll do in this REVIEW is to discuss the specs, features and tips and tricks of this device.

Let me start with reminding you with the screen’s specs:

The vivo X60 Pro comes with an AMOLED display with 6.56 size. It supports HDR10+ and 240Hz touch sensitivity. It also supports 120Hz refresh rate. When playing PUBG, the frames and smoothness of the game will be very high.

When playing other games, the frames were always above 60.This screen comes with the highest specs. It also comes with the high touch sensitivity and refresh rate.

The device comes with the Qualcomm SD870 CPU. It comes with 8 cores and 3.2GHz frequency. The CPU is built using the 7nm architecture build. It is a new generation fo CPUs and it offers a lot of difference.

The GPU is the Adreno 650. Tests showed that this device offer high performance, and here’s a comparison between different devices.

The CPU comes with the X55 5G Modem from Qualcomm. This modem offers 5G connectivity. Check the availability of 5G in your country. The modem is capable of providing 7.5Gbps speeds. With our tests, we were able to get 409Mbps download speeds. And the upload speed was 5.57Mbps.

The E Sports mode will be great for gaming. This mode will enhance the gaming experience, and vibrations will be 4D among many other features. The battery of the vivo X60 Pro lasts for a full day. But this depends on your usage.

The battery size is 4200mAh. It also supports vivo Flashcharge 2.0 technology. This technology charges the device with 33W.

Through our tests, this technology charges the battery from 0% to 60% in 30 minutes. When you shake the device like this, the flash will turn on.This is one of the many shortcuts supported on this device. The device comes with 3 rear cameras: the first is 48MP, and the second and third are 13MP.

All the cameras are in cooperation with Zeiss. I fully reviewed the cameras in the review articles. But in this review, I’ll discuss the capabilities of these cameras. The cameras support a feature called Gimbal Stabilization 2.0. This technology will offer high stability while shooting videos.

This allowed for more two modes. The first mode is the standard stabalization, and the second is the Ultra Stabilization mode. The standard stabilization shoots videos with 1080p@30fps. The Ultra stabilization mode shoots videos with 1080p@60fps.

Both modes offer great colors, but for me, the ultra stabilization mode is better. Also, this mode offers more stability and higher frames.It uses hardware and software to do it. There’s also the might mode, where it allows you to capture photos in the dark. And it’ll do it with the best light withdrawal possible.

Reminder: to get the best results, make sure that the device doesn’t move while taking photos. Place the device on a stand and then check the difference. The UI of the vivo X60 Pro is the Funtouch OS 11.1, It is built on Android 11.

The UI is very beautiful and it is very similar to stock Android. It is simple and easy to use. It supports dark mode and blue light filter, which protects your eyes. With this UI, you can change the colors of the screen as you wish.

There are different modes such as Standard, Professional photograph, and Contrast Photos modes. You can also customize how cold or warm the colors are. The UI can run dual apps from the same app, like 2 WhatsApp accounts, 2 Facebooks, and 2 Snapchats. There are other supported apps.

Swiping the screen down with 3 fingers will take a screenshot. Swiping up with 3 fingers will enable split view mode. The screen supports Always-On Display feature.

You can choose from difference options like an analogue watch, digital watch or the position of the sun.You can enable that in correlation with your location.

You can also show/hide the notifications for more privacy. The UI supports choosing different styles of the fingerprint sensor. It also supports parental control and restrictions. With this mode, your privacy will be protected when giving the device to someone else. The UI fully supports Google services.

The official store on the phone is the Google Play Store. You can benefit from all the Google apps. With all the specs above mentioned and price, the device is very competitive.

This device could be a fierce competitor if vivo focuses on after purchase services and accessories. They’ve been able to do that in different markets, and now they’re bringing it to out market.

Honestly, they’re trying to be the best Android competitor in the market. They’re trying to compensate users for the lack of competition in the past 2 years.

Did you know who they’re replacing? Let me know if vivo can do that or not.

🤡 Let me wrap up this review to remind you:

Of the design of the vivo X60 Pro device. It comes with curved glass on both sides.

The glass is matte, and here, I have the blue color, which offers different mixture of colors when the light hit it.

The cameras have dual layers, one of the flash and the other for the cameras. You’ll also notice the Zeiss logo.

The device only weighs 179g. The glass doesn’t stain with fingerprints. Not only the cameras are beautiful, but also they offer great specs.

Let me know what you think of this device to send us in our Mail, otto.magazin.tech@gmail.com or otto.magazine@otto.ma

This is the end, see you soon, I feel like vivo is capable of being at the top and steal the sport from another company. It’s now vivo’s chance.👋