🤡What is the difference between of 3 Quadcast Microphones from HyperX❓

Review 207: 01.08.2021 at 05:00 pm

🕷 Hello guys, how are you today? Ok, in this new review, I’ll review three different mics and tell you which one is best for you, so Keep reading to find out more, bring your Coffee, and Let me start the review.

And in this review, I’ll review a number of HyperX mics. Actually, they are two mics, since there’s no huge difference between the Quadcast and Quadcast S versions. But there are some technical differences, though. I’ll discuss these differences in this review.

The third mic is called Solocast, which is basically the Lite version of these mics.

Let me start with the HyperX Quadcast S:

It is the one that comes with lots of features, such as the RGB lighting and others. It is suitable for live broadcasts, audio blogs and gaming. By the way, you can also use the mic with your phone by using the right cable. It is done through connecting the mic to the phone with the right cable and an adapter.

In this case, I am talking about phones with a USB-C port. You can also use it with iPhones using the right adapter, too.

I am now using the mic to record on iPhone through the official camera app on the iPhone. Thus, the audio you are hearing now is recorded using the mic. And now that the mic if off, you’re not supposed to hear my voice.

You can also adjust the mic’s sensitivity through a dedicated button. You can use this mic to record audio on your phone.

Let me now discuss the design of the mic:

The design is great and beautiful. It comes with an integrated bob filter. The design of the mic is beautiful. It also supports RGB lights. You can dynamic effects using the Ingenuity app on Windows machines.

The mic comes with a strong anti-shaking stand. It also supports a feature called Tap-To-Mute with an LED indicator.

You can mute the mic with a single tap on the top of the mic. With this method, you won’t have to deal with embarrassing incidents while making a live broadcast.

Once you tap on the top of the mic, the mic will fully mute. It doesn’t change the color of the mic, rather all lights will be turned off once the mic is muted.

This way, you’ll know that the mic is turned off. This is the best implementation, actually. The mic can be connected to a computer using a USB-A cable.

After experimenting with, we couldn’t connect the mic to computer using a USB-C to USB-C cable. The mic comes with three 14mm condensers. the sensitivity of the mic is -36dB.

The mic supports 4 different modes: stereo, multi-directional, heartshapaed, and bidirectional. Each mode is suitable for different scenarios.

For example, the heartshapaed mode is suitable for live broadcasting. The bidirectional mode is suitable for interviews. You can easily adjust the sensitivity of the mic, You can do it through the wheel. Physically controlling the mic is great. If you notice, all the buttons are facing the user.

There are no back buttons. Everything is in front of you. For the audio mode, you have to make sure of it before you start recording.

There’s no digital control. Everything can be physically controlled. The mic is compatible with Discord and Team Speak. It is also compatible with PCs, Macs, PS 4 & 5. It is also compatible with 3\8 and 5\8 extenders.

Let me now discuss our experiment with it:

We connected the mic to a PC to try a live broadcast on Twitch. The mic offered excellent performance with the heartshapaed mode.

The mic prioritizes audio that comes from the user. And of course, you can change the modes as you prefer. It is worth mentioning that when we set up the mic for the first time, we faced a slight problem. But after downloading the app and updating the firmware, everything was normal again. Make sure that the mic is updated to the latest firmware.

The mic comes with a 3.5mm port, where you can use it to connect headphones. Through it, you can test the mic to check whether your audio is heard or not.

What is the difference between it the regular Quadcast mic?

The S version comes with RGB lights that you can customize using the software. The regular version doesn’t support RGB lights.

Rather, it comes with a red color and red stripes.The Quadcast S price is $159.99. The regular version costs $131.99.

🕷 I’ll leave a link to the HyperX in Amazon if you like buying it:

🤡 But what is the pros and cons?

🕷 Pros:

It comes with a modern and beautiful design. It supports customizable RGB lights. It supports 4 audio modes, which is excellent.

The audio recording is high quality, especially with the bob filter. It is easy to control and mute.


I wished that we could use USB-C to USB-C cable to connect it.

🕷 This is the Solocast mic:

which offers simple and good performance. It is smaller in size than the Quadcast S version. It also comes with an adjustable stand. It is compatible with 3\8 and 5\8 extenders.

These sizes are compatible with most extenders. And like the Quadcast S, this mic supports Tap-To-Mute feature.

To mute the mic, tap on the top of the mic. The mic’s sensitivity is -6dB. The mic supports Plug and Play from HyperX, just like the other mics. It supports one audio mode that is the heartshapaed mode.

This mode is suitable for live broadcasts. While the Quadcast S supports 4 audio modes. I think you now understand the naming of these mics.

For me, I think the price between them is minimal, and I suggest you get the Quadcast S version. The mic is compatible with Discord and Team Speak. It works with PCs, Macs and PS 4 & 5.

We did the same experiment as with the Quadcast S. The audio it offered was clear and excellent. It doesn’t come with an integrated bob filter, though. And sometimes, it picks up unwanted audio. But you can install an external filter, which is what we did, and it worked perfectly.

But with this external filter, you won’t be able to use the Tap-To-Mute feature, because the area will be covered. But you can open a hole in the filter to make it work. The price of the mic is $49.99. Which is a great price.😜


It is simple to use. Plug it to start recording. Its price is affordable despite its satisfactory performance.


it doesn’t come with an integrated filter. It doesn’t support a 3.5mm port to test your audio.

See you soon guys.