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Review 227: 18.10.2021 at 07:00 pm

Hi guys, how are you today, Today, Let me know what headphones are better for you, Let me start with The FreeBuds 4 headphones:

The previous versions of this headphones were very popular and offered excellent performance, The 4th version is here, and it comes with a circular design. The ear pieces come with a vertical design without silicon tips. But the design fits all ear sizes.

The ear pieces are light, which is excellent, The case comes with a pairing button and a USB-C port. The ear pieces are too light you won’t notice them in your ears. It supports Noise Cancelation but not as dedicated headphones that come with silicon ear tips. The audio quality is excellent and it is easy to pair whether with a Huawei, Android or an iPhone device.

It supports wireless charging and comes with a battery that lasts for a long time. The headphones supports tap input, whereas two taps to answer a call or play content. Swiping form the top to the left will control the volume. It also supports pairing to two different devices, it costs 167 USD.

Honestly, the audio quality is the best out of these headphones in this review. The same thing applies to the mic, it offered excellent performance with phone calls. The headphones are light and excellent. Not having ear tips makes wearing it easy. It’s suitable fo those who don’t prefer to be totally isolated from their surroundings. But sometimes, there was audio problems during phone calls. Hopefully, this will be fixed with a software update.

Let me now discuss The Nokia Lite Earbuds:

These headphones are considered the economic version of the Power EarBuds from Nokia. It costs 30 USD, but there are compromises. It comes with a plastic case and a 400mAh battery with a USB-C port. There are battery indicators on the front. It doesn’t come with a pairing button, you’ll have to take the ear pieces out to enable pairing.

The ear pieces are made from plastic with a vertical design and interchangeable tips which come in the box. These tips will help you find the best size for your ears. The ear pieces are comfortable in the ear and are light and suitable for long phone calls. It uses bluetooth 5 and supports touch input, The performance is good and the bass is light, it doesn’t support Noise Cancelation and it costs 120 SAR.

Pros: it costs 30 USD, it’s comfortable to use, But don’t expect much of it, I wished it supported better Noise Cancelation and bass.

Let me now discuss The Belkin Soundform Move Plus:

Which is a little more expensive, it comes with a plastic oval case without a pairing button, similar to the Nokia headphones. It doesn’t come with a USB-C charging port, rather it comes with a Micro USB port. It supports IPX5. The ear pieces come with a vertical design with interchangeable ear tips, The audio is good and the bass is better than Nokia’s, But it costs 50 USD.

Pros: the audio is good and the bass is better. It supports IPX5. The case is big and doesn’t come with a USB-C port. I’ve concluded the review of these three headphones. For me, I think there’s one good headphones out of these three, but it comes with a higher price.

Let me know which headphones and smartphone are better for you. I bought these devices to review them. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading this review, This is the end of this review.

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Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine