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😈 Joker, i love the Rock too, do you know Dwayne Johnson is the brand ambassador of the headphones, and the box has his signature.

Let me now discuss the great headphones from Under Armor my friend, Under Armor have cooperated with JBL to make this headphones. It is directed for athletes, like you Joker.

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The design of it is beautiful and there’s a Respect logo on top of it. It is directed for athletes who go the gym. It is a limited edition. It is expensive, but it comes with lots of features that are great for athletes. It is a wireless headphones from Under Armor for athletes.

The audio is tuned by JBL. The design of the headphones and its case is solid and it indeed feels directed to athletes. It is durable for tough exercises and so on.

Even the material of the headphones is tough. It is developed by Under Armor. This company is known for sport gear for men, women and even children.

The headphones are wireless and uses bluetooth to connect to iPhones, Androids, Macs, Windows and even smart TVs.

You can also use the cable that comes in the box to use it as a wired headphones. The company confirmed on their website that they used big buttons to make it easier for user to get used to them.

There are 3 buttons, 2 to lower/increase the volume, and you can use press and hold to move between content. And in between them, there’s an on/off button.

Press and hold on the on/off button to activate the personal assistant. You won’t find any easier to get used to buttons on any other headphones.

For regular users, big buttons could be a problem, but for athletes, it’d be much better than small buttons. When it turns on, the headphones produces this sound.

When you press on the bull logo, the TalkThru feature will be enabled. The audio will be lowered, the ambient sound will activate to let you listen to others without taking the headphones off.

One of the worst experiences in gyms is when someone speaks to you and you have to take the headphones off while being sweaty and carrying stuff with your hands.

But once you press on the bull button, the feature will enabled. When ambient sound is enabled, you can listen to your surroundings, but the audio will be electronic.

The audio will sound strange, but it is better than having to take the headphones off. The headphones offer excellent audio. It is loud and clear. But it’s worth mentioning that there would be audio leakage if it was loud. It is an on-ear headphones, not over-ear after all. It also offers satisfactory performance with phone calls.

According to both companies, the battery lasts for 16 hours. It charges through the Micro-USB port, which is strange considering its price. The ear cushions suck sweat and stay dry. The ear cushions are replaceable. The box contains another set of ear cushions to use them while the other are being washed. But we couldn’t verify the water resistance of the headphones in the website.

The headphones comes with black, red and dark blue colors. The box contains the headphones, charging cable, audio cable and ear cushions. There’s also a bull stickers and a tough carrying case. It’s great that the headphones come with a carrying case.

The case comes with a hook, too, and you can hook it up to your gym bag. The Rock added engraved words such as blood, sweat and respect to the headphones, but he didn’t add the world Money.


the audio is great and it is tuned by JBL. It is also suitable for athletes.


it comes with Micro USB port, It would’ve been way better if they added a USB-C port. because The Micro USB port isn’t very common these days.

The second thing is that with might, it might be tiring for your ears, since the body the headphones is solid. I’ll keep testing it and tell you about the results on Snapchat and Instagram stores.

🤡 Thank you Rock for this strong headphones….see you soon on new movie Rock hhhh hhhh hhhh