🤡Samsung could share their foldable screen technologies with Apple❗and What’s happening with Clubhouse❓

17.02.2021 at 00:00 am

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😈 What’s happening with Clubhouse? There are rooms with really strange names.

And Samsung could share their foldable screen technologies with Apple! They’re also developing a new ecosystem to enhance the file sharing experience.

Joker, have you finished your cooking content? HHHH good luck Joker, this article is full of problems. I’ll start this news with Clubhouse news, and that’s why I said this episode is full problems.

This app is spreading in the Middle east. Adopting the app and wasting time on it has become the norm. There’s a huge number of users that have access to the app and create rooms in it.

I don’t object to this at all. But when you press on the Discover button, you’ll find rooms with really strange names. And here’s the reason why it feels so strange:

The app started in April last year as a beta version. Its main goal was to exchange expertise between entrepreneurs.

This has stayed the same until January of this year. Elon Musk tweeted about the app, which gave it a lot of popularity.

Users wanted to use the app to listen to what he has to say. There are other famous users such as Dave Chappelle, who, in my opinion, has a great way of dealing with people.

Let’s go back to the popularity of the app. Invitations started to reach the Middle East. The first patch of early adopters of the app in all middle east, where those who liked such platforms.

They were CEOs and entrepreneurs who wanted to share their experience with others, and that was great.

Then, some other users came, who did things I don’t think are suitable for an app such as Clubhouse.

First, they use fake names. They also connected their accounts to other fake accounts. According to Clubhouse’s terms and conditions, these accounts won’t be verified or have credibility. This means that if an account gets reported, it’ll be deleted.

The reason behind this app to make clubs then rooms. These clubs have members who share their experience together. Then they’d invite someone or two to exchange ideas and experiences.

Users have the right to do what they find fit on social media, but Joker let me show you some room names in the app. This story is unbelievable.

Joker, That’s the name of the room :

Why do we need others to accept us?
Why are we here, and when we will leave?
Are we alone?
Unique Chat…
We don’t want anyone here…
The morning song and more…
Your voice is sharp, don’t come here and bother me….
The morning divan..
The permanent room..
Speak like the girl of the valley…
Tell us a story and then go to work…
Those who have a poetry to say, you’re welcome…

🤡 I thought i was the only crazy one, but the whole world turned crazy hhh hhhh hhh

😈 See? To be fair, let me show you the name of rooms from USD too:

What Room Should I join In Clubhouse?

Health Is Life
I am not hiding anything from you.
Where My People At?
Vibes Only
Early Birds… ( It’s clear that this room is from Egypt hhh ).
This room is full of users.
The time there is at night.
High Performance Success – Coaching

This is what’s expected when a new platform emerges. My only advise is not to waste a lot of time on this app without actually benefiting from it.

Try to be picky about rooms so that you can benefit from your time. Here’s an advise from me, an entrepreneur: don’t waste your time. I wish the day has 2 or 3 more hours.

The amount of effort we do makes us value time. Don’t waste it. If you stay 5 minutes in a room where you can gain benefit is better than wasting an hour without any value.

😈 Excuse me guys, but I found that during the last few years that a lot of time is being wasted on social media platforms.

🤡 It’s addiction my friend…

Let me now discuss Facebook and their upcoming watch directed towards health and messaging. Facebook is expected to add a new product to their list.

Their products include the Portal device with cameras directed for video calls.

They’re expected to enter the wearable market now. Telo phone will be officially available in the Gurl area. This Telo device from Legion and Lenovo offers extremely high performance.

Vivo registered a patent of a device with foldable screen that folds to the back of the device.

Honestly, this method wasn’t expected with devices with this size. Vivo always registers lots of patents. Some of them see the light, this bringing us newer and better technologies.

What does the rear camera lack? A small screen.

This is what has been leaked by a blogger online about the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. His video has been deleted, though.

The blogger said that there were two prototypes. He also said one of the prototypes will be the final version of the upcoming Xiaomi device. The idea of Xiaomi adding a smaller back screen isn’t a new one. But it’s good that this technology to come and prove itself again after the failed attempt in the past, where it was mature enough.

This step could really enhance the quality of selfies. It’s better to take a selfie with a powerful rear camera using the rear screen. It’s better than deepening on the front facing camera take selfies.

This also could transition to a world where the front facing camera is secondary and hidden in the frame. The front facing camera could only be for chats, while the rear camera is for all other apps, including the selfies. It’s expected that there will be another XIaomi event to announce their new products.

Apple’s AirDrop is coming to Windows devices but from Samsung.

Samsung announced this Quick Share feature a year ago. And since then, they’ve been investing in it a lot. This feature is coming to Windows machines to help expand Samsung’s file sharing feature outside of their devices.

I think it’d be great for users who own Windows machines and Samsung devices, as it’d help them share files faster.

🤡 Let’s wait for the official release of this feature...😍

Yes, Samsung always develop apps and other technologies that don’t see the light. Let’s wait for the official release. Hopefully, it arrives early.

Let me now discuss the upcoming iPhone:

🤡 Yes, yes, my big favorite brand, what’new?

First, there’s a leaker who has a high credibility when it comes to leaks.The leaker is called Max. He said that the upcoming iPhone will come with Matte Black color. The color could be similar to the color of the S21 Ultra. If true, then this device would be very elegant.

He said that the upcoming devices will come with better performance and a slightly different design. Hopefully, he also confirms that they’ll come with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

There will also be a foldable iPhone as more prototypes emerges.

Sometimes, these prototypes are closer to reality, other times, it is just for tests. Apple uses these prototypes to study the opinion of the users. I think that the Z Flip’s clamshell design is the one Apple will end up using.

Samsung has the folding screen and hinges technologies. This means that they could be Apple’s supplier of these technologies. But when this device will be released?

It could be released in 2022. There are also lots of news that the upcoming iPhone won’t come with a significant design, rather with camera improvements.It’s also expected that they’ll be a glasses from Apple with different styles, modes and usages.

Apple is currently working on it and it could see the light soon.

There are lots of concepts about this glasses. Don’t believe any of it as the final product. Unless the company itself confirms it.

We’ve seen before how information change before the official announcement. It’s ok to discuss them and talk about them, but wait for the confirmation in the event.

Hungary’s CocaCola made a great step. After the research they’ve conducted along with neighboring countries, they found a solution for recyclable cans.

These cola cans can be recycled and are safer for the environment. I think this is a really good step. But it needs to be applied worldwide.

I don’t think it’s logical that a country implement environmentally safe steps, while other poor countries can’t implement it.

These poor companies could have a huge population, too.

No matter how you try to help the environment, there will be other counties who won’t be able to do the same.

Hopefully, these cans, chargers and even devices can be recycled. But it must be in safe and international way. If rich countries don’t help poor countries to save the environment, then the process won’t be 100% perfect.

We might be helping a bit, but on the other hand destroying even more. What do you think of this principle?

🤡 I don’t like Coca Cola! i like Coffee and OTTO Magazin hhhh hhhh hhhh

😈 Oh my God, i forget my Coffee today!!! Joker, see you soon on the next reviews and keep making cooking content, Please don’t think about creating content about technology, you are crazy and I know you, hahaha hahaha