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🕷 Heros, Let’s go to the first question:

Hi Spider-Man, How much of frames does the human eye have? Do pro cameras have CPU for processing photos like phones?

🕷 Medically, human eyes have 24 fps, but 4 years ago, when 60fps became the norm, human eyes could notice the smoothness. I personally witnessed this. The more frames there are the smoothness it becomes. But this could be different from me and you. But if the frames are less than 24, you will notice how low quality it is. But I assume it is different from one to another, but medically, it is 24fps, but I am not sure. We’ll have to make a research to figure it out.

Do pro cameras have CPU for processing photos like phones?

🕷 Yes, there is a CPU for processing photos before and after it is captured. Apple said in one of their events how many processes happen right after the photo is taken. They said there are million processes happen. Phones are the same.

After you take a photo, there will be huge number of processes happening to process the photo in milliseconds. If you want to capture RAW photos, then go to the camera settings and choose RAW. Some cameras allow this setting to be modified.

Is there Android Auto in cars sold in middle east? And how can I install a screen that supports Android in the car with causing any trouble for the functionality of the car?

🕷 Ooh, I will start with the second question. There are dedicated Android screens that can be installed in cars. Some of them come with an OBD. This OBD will allow you to use Android Auto in your car. You can check the gas meter using the screen.

I bought a German car in DUBAI, and they told me the car doesn’t support Android Auto, but the German version of the car comes with Android Auto support.

So I installed Android Auto with a US account, and it is working greatly. And since then, I’ve been using Android Auto and Car Play in my car. It depends on the car manufacturer, and whether it is supported in DUBAI or not. iOS has become standard. But there are companies where if you try Android Auto, it will activate automatically.

The only problem is that you have to install it using a US account. We’d like an episode about the best PC build. Thank you.

My phone is Huawei P20 Pro with Kirin 970 CPU. Can I change the CPU to 980 without having to buy a new phone? hhh hhhh hhhh

🕷 Never Joker. This is not available on phones. Some people, though, tried to change internal parts, but most of the experiments were done on iPhones. These people were trying to change RAMs and storages. Some times it worked, others it didn’t.

The problem here is huge. You can’t change from 970 to 980 as the have different build aritcheture. It might not work with full compatibility as your phone was built around the 970 CPU. So, keep the device as it is and don’t waste money.

My laptop is Core i5, do you advise me to change it to i7 or i9?

🕷 I don’t advise you to change it until you need to change it. That’s the normal thing to do. Let’s be users not consumers. We love technology, let’s review these technologies for you but you have to aware and awaken. You should be the device you need and benefit from.

How much watts does there have to be to enable quick charging for the XS Max? It is 30 or 10 watts? And does quick charging affect the battery? hhhh hhhh hhhh

🕷 Quick charging doesn’t affect the battery if it is certified by the manufacturing company. But it depends on the battery circle and how many times you’ve charged it. Normally, the life cycle of batteries is 500 times, To enable quick charging on the iPhone XS Max, you need a 50 watt charger. If you want to know how exactly, visit Apple website and check it. It is 87w. It is definitely not 10w.

There is also an equation to change the amp to w. we will show it on the magazine. AxV=W.

What’s up bro? What is the best companies that manufacture wireless chargers, and do you advise buying a power bank that support wireless charging?

🕷 Fine bro, look, If your lifestyle requires it, then buy it. Wireless charging helps me when I travel, but the problem with it is it charges slowly. But I used the lightning cable to charge my iPhone to charge it quicker. It is an option to use the cable.

It depends on your lifestyle. If it requires it, then it is a good option. Wireless charging is a good option for some people.

Nice Bro! tell me, Do you advise me to buy the Note FE or the iPhone XR?

🕷 Hello my friend, look, You will have to first see what’s your current phone whether it is Android or iOS. If it is iOS, then it would be good to buy the XR, but if you want to change the OS, then try the Android.

I always say this: if your device is good, don’t buy a new one. Android provides lots of customization and apps. iOS is the formal OS and you will benefit from it.

Nice Boy! I want to buy a gaming device, would you recommend the best one?

🕷Oooh Super-Man, look my friend, You have lots of options. If you want a mid-range device, Honor Play is a good option. It is a gaming device with a turbo inside. There is also the A50. It is also good as it has a good performing CPU.

I think both of these devices are great for gaming. But if you want a dedicated gaming device, try Shark. I haven’t tried it and I am excited to review it.

There are other premium devices for gaming. If you want it to play PUBG, the phones I mentioned are great.

In your opinion, what device is better, the S10 Plus or the P30 Pro?

🕷 I think both devices are similar to each other. S10 Plus takes better selfies. S10 Plus also supports Samsung ecosystem. If you want a device that supports Huawei ecosystem, better zoom, great design, then it is the P30 Pro.

You have to review the similarities. I keep changing between those two devices, but now, I am carrying the S10 Plus.

Why are some phone companies are not officially available here despite the great prices deals, like OnePlus, Oppo and Xiaomi?

🕷 This depends on the representatives of these companies. Or it could be that these companies don’t consider your country in their marketing plans.

For example, Xiaomi was first available in China, then they added India where entry level and mid-range category devices are popular. From there, they created a huge fan base. Then they started to move to other markets. Companies do these marketing plans.

Few years ago, iPhones were firstly available in USA, but few years later, they were available in DUBAI the same time they were available in USA. This decision is taken by the company itself.

That’s when the \ »Grey Market\ » was created. It is where vendors bring devices that are not officially available in our market, but in this case, you won’t have a warranty. Companies make these decisions. For example, during our meetings with Oppo, they kept telling us that they are focusing on Africa and Europe.

But in 2019, they started focusing on DUBAI where they want to build a fan base. They don’t have a huge fan base because they were not here in the beginning. You can’t enter a market and become number 1 in a year or two.

Users have preferences. Other companies als know what users want. You can’t have everything. Oppo and other companies can’t open 60 stores in one year. They can’t also afford excellent maintenance and they devices to be quickly popular. They can’t support it financially business wise.

What’s better, Sony or Xbox, and Why hhhh hhhh?

🕷 It is a personal preference. I personally think that Sony is excellent with some games. Ace Combat 7 is great on Sony. But Forza is better on the Xbox. I use both consoles, but if you depend on the online store, you will have to compare what’s best for you.

Don’t forget that both devices support 4K. You have to consider what’s tempting for you. Fifa is great on both devices.

Look at the titles and unique names on both devices.

Can you explain why Windows phone didn’t succeed despite the fact that it was made by the giant Microsoft and was used with a giant company like Nokia?

🕷 Nokia used to use Symbian. There were also iOS and Android who dominated the market. When Windows phone was created, the competition between Android and iOS was huge. This competition resulted in lots and lots of programmers for both systems.

Blackberry, Symbian and Windows phone were out of the competition. Most people were using iOS and Android, and there were many apps for both systems. If you want your system to succeed, you need lots of apps. If there is no Instagram and Twitter apps on windows phone, it won’t succeed. Windows phone wasn’t ready for phones.

Unlike iOS and Android, who have lots of developers and programmers. There were multiple problems that caused Windows Phone not to be popular. Android was very popular, and it was easy to install on your device. As a phone manufacturer, you only needed some tweaks and blueprints to make your phone work with Android.

iOS is a closed source system, and Apple spend a lot to develop it. Windows Phone had a limited amount of users. There were not many users. Manufacturers competed with each other with these two main operating systems. It was the wrong time for making a new operating system.

We all bet on Android to win over the Windows, and it happened. Currently, iOS and Android are the main two operating systems.

Why Samsung, who manufacture many other things like AC, refrigerators, etc, didn’t reach 2 trillion value like Apple, who are only a tech company?

🕷 Let me rephrase your question: Why does Apple who are only specialized in phones and computers could reach 2 trillion, unlike Samsung, who manufacture many things like washing machines, refrigerators, AC, mobiles, TV, navy products, ships, weapons, planes, etc, etc.. Why didn’t they reach the trillion dollar value?

Apple’s value is based on stock market in USA. Google, Amazon are the same. Stock prices go up and down. Does Samsung have the same financial management? No. It is a Korean company. The family that owns the company are mega rich. Not like Apple who was owned by Steve Jobs.

Samsung is different. They work with the Korean government, and they have a big portion of the Korean economic. The comparison isn’t fair at all.

I am not defending Samsung. It is different between them. Samsung has been for more than 50 years, and Apple only started 20 years ago. It is different. Samsung expertees qualified them to make iPhone parts.

The price and trend Apple could build is why Apple is rich. It is not the technology or the things they sell.

Would you prefer I buy a two year old flagship or a mid-range phone?

🕷 Great question. If you buy an S9 or S8, it will give you a great performance. But it could lack AI in photography, battery management, and multi cameras. Do these things make a difference for you? If not, go buy it. It will give you great performance. This is what Apple does. They still the iPhone 6s until now on their website.

They sell iPhone 7 on their website, but iPhone 6s can be bought in stores. These devices are still manufactured until now. Apple hasn’t stopped making older iPhones.

They only reduced the amount. It depends on the market. They have a system of different devices, some of them are not considered mid-range, like the 6S. Its specs is also mid-range. Other companies make premium and mid-range devices.

I think you should buy a 2 year old flagship. It will also be great for gaming. Their batteries will also be great as they are big and you won’t need AI in it. The camera will also be great and loaded with technologies. The technologies of premium devices will be available for mid-range devices the next year. I think it is very clever question.

I said also you don’t have to buy an iPhone XS Max as iPhone 8 could also be great for you now.

Will 4G phones work with 5G networks or will it stop?

🕷 It will work normally. If your phone is 5G, it will also work with 4G or 3G. It depends on the network not what the phone is equipped with.

If your phone is 5G, and there is 5G network, it will work seamlessly.

🕷 Guys, thank you for your questions, see soon on the next review and news 🕸🕸🕸

Thank you my hero, 👄👄👄👄