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Review 110: 17.03.2021 at 08:00 pm


đź•· Rode Videomic Pro Plus Microphone that is directed to vloggers and those who love to make interviews! like you Joker no?

So, This is a quick review of the Rode Videomic Pro Plus for you Joker.

This Mic from Rode company is a professional mic that can be placed above the camera. It comes with new features. The sound quality is better than the previous version Videomic Pro!

The new mic is slightly bigger than the previous version, It comes with the Aux cable, It also comes with a USBC to headphone jack cable and a battery. The battery is 1600mAh, which can give you up to 70hours of continuous recording. The battery is better than the previous one!

The mic has automatic on/off feature, For example, if you turn off the camera while the mic is connected, the mic will also turn off!

If you turn the camera on, the mic will turn on too! This feature will help you maintain your mic battery! It has a 3.5 headphone port and a micor USB port! It is compatible with all the camera that support the headphone port!

At the back, there is the on/off button, There is another frequency button to adjust your frequency from 75Hertz or 150Hertz.

There is another button to control the decibel.

You can adjust it to -10 decibel or +20 decibel. It will help you to either reduce noice or record more voices. If you want it to record more voices, use the +20 decibels. If you want to reduce the noice, use -10 decibels.

Videomic Pro Plus comes with two features that you enable using the buttons. You can enable the first feature by pressing the frequency button and the decibel control at the same time.

This feature will help you record better audio when there is winds or outdoor recording. Or if you are using the deadcat!

The second feature is called Safety Track Mode, and you can enable it by pressing on the on/off button and decibels button at the same time. This feature will help you record in one direction and reduce other directions.

This feature is helpful in crowded places or if there are other sounds you don’t want to record! The price of this device is USD300 or 1125 SR. Links in the VD! It is great to use if you are a vlogger where the camera is away from you!

Batman is talking with me while he is 3meters away from me. And I am using the Rode mic now. If you speak with batman. His voice is ruining the recording. My voice should be more clear!

Why? Because it is the Rode mic for vloggers. If you are in a crowded place, this will happen to you! I knew he would do this!

This is the second department. You can use this mic for recording in a crowded place or a place that has echo. It will be great to use in these places.

The battery last for a long time, and the battery is dead, you can use the USB port! You can use a powerbank to charge it or you can use a AA battery and continue recording.

Something else we have to mention: it has antishaking feature which will help you reduce the sound of movement, steps or shakings, You have to be at least 70cm away from it to get the best audio. If you are making interviews, make sure that the mic is directed at the one speaking, and also adjust the settings.

I am not wearing or holding any mics, If you make zoom out, you will notice that the sound isn’t different, because the mic is already here.

Uusally, anyone responsible for the mic will have to make sure who is talking, If I move, he/she must redirect the mic towards me. And if I move there, they must redirect it towards me again.

They also have to make sure that the mic doesn’t appear in the frame.

Always wear a headphpne and plug it in the mic’s 3.5 headphone port. Make sure of the sound’s quality.

Making sure of the audio quality will be helpful when editing. We, use Audacity for audio editing.

The software is excellent and free.

Something else I have to say about this mic, is that you have to look at your bundle. If you use a deadcat in a place that doesn’t have winds, it will be a mistake, instead, use the black sponge.

Also, check the environment where you are recording. You can also use this 3.5 extension. You can hook it to a camera or a rod!

where you can use it in interviews or you are recording something away from you. This rod will help you get better audio, and you can make sure of the quality of the audio.

đź•· Okay Joker! all is clear?

HHH HHHH HHHH All is clear âť—

All is Clear! Thank God!!