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đź•· Hello again Joker, Guys? Apple is late to add new technologies to their devices. And there are technologies that they could add to their product to be first to do it with the upcoming iPhone. But what are the things that Apple should include with the upcoming iPhone?

Let’s find out together Joker, There are certain technologies that we haven’t yet seen with Apple products. These technologies are available with other competitors’ devices for many generations now.

Some of these technologies should find their way to the upcoming iPhones. For example, the first technologies I am excited for Apple to add to their devices is an in-display fingerprint sensor.

They should add the fingerprint sensor to their devices again. This technologies is found in devices from Huawei and Samsung for many generations now. Face ID is an excellent technology, and it is the safest method of securely unlocking your device up until now.

The reason is because it has sensors that project millions on of dots on your face to authenticate your face. But there’s something that’s not secure about it, and it is if you have a twin, which is something very rare in the world. It is not considered a big problem unless you’re actively looking for one. If the phone is on the table, you’ll have to carry it and adjust your position for it to work and unlock the device.

Also, we’re int he pandemic era now.

I find lots of people removing the mask to be able to unlock their devices, which is dangerous. An update is coming, but still, Face ID isn’t practical in this era.

There are rumors that Apple might bring an in-display fingerprint sensor to the upcoming iPhones. It is feature found in many flagship and mid-range Android devices.

The reason is that because Apple thinks that the technology is mature enough now with no problems. This will help lower the problem percentage and increase customer satisfaction.

Imagine if they add a fingerprint sensor to the new Apple Watch that is rumored to come with a new design. With the iPhones, Apple offers high level of security for payment methods that require Face ID or password. But when paying using the Apple Watch, you only need a 4 number passcode that can be guessed by any one.

There’s no any other method. My bank card can be exposed with this method. LiDAR sensor on iPhones is one of the most advanced sensors now. It locates objects around you and has many benefits such as isolating objects in portrait photos. It also locates items in dark rooms for AR. Big companies such as NASA use this technology for AR. It’s expected that Apple will include a more advanced sensor with more features for developers.

This would give more usability with the new iPhones and the much awaited Apple Glasses. Apple was late to add 5G technology to their devices, but when they did, customers rejoiced.

They know that 5G is an important technology. But their main partner in the US offers the least fast 5G speeds.

I think the 5G competition in KSA is the best. Of course there are more advanced countries, but the 5G speeds here are amazingly fast. But in other countries, the 5G experience isn’t the best.

Support 5G with the iPhone 12 series has increased the adopting of this technology. It’s also expected that Apple will use the X60 Modem instead of the X55.

This means that it’ll provide faster speeds. The details are complicated, but it’ll support more frequencies and better speeds.

Since we’re speaking about 5G, let’s now discuss WiFi 6E. The new more advanced technology is the WiFi 6. But with the S21 series, Samsung has introduced a new technology called WiFi 6E.

This technology supports a new frequency called 6GHz, which means more security and less problems and crowdedness.

I made a video about WiFi 6 that contains lots of useful information. You should watch it, because WiFi 6 is the new technology that will be coming to our homes soon.

The notch is a big problem with iPhones. A smaller notch means a bigger screen. Why wouldn’t you get a smaller notch for a device that will cost you 1500 USD?

There are devices without a notch or even a front facing camera now. Why Appel wouldn’t do that?

The notch started with the iPhone X and has been until now.

The difference is that it is now a bit faster than before. It’s expected that the notch will be smaller, where Apple will merge some sensors together. There are leaks that the notch will be smaller or thinner.

There are even rumors that there will be a punch hole for the .front facing camera, But I personally don’t think it’ll happen.

I don’t think Apple will adopt the punch hole while other companies are adopting under-the-display front facing camera and sensors. And to be fair, there are companies other than Apple.

Apple waits for the these technologies to mature or die off. Apple is always late to adopting new technologies, and they adopt it if they’re successful with other companies.

Having a device with 1TB of storage could be realistic, according to the latest leaks. This could be very important for some users.

At least, this option should be available with their flagship devices. The size of files and photos have been increasing lately. Professionals require more space for their videos, especially with the latest cameras. Imagine shooting a 4K@60fps video or 8K videos, similar to the latest Galaxy devices. You might not shoot lots of videos, but your WhatsApp account has lots of videos and photos that need to be managed.

Your phone storage might need managing.

So, you’ll have to pay 2 USD a month for Apple to get an additional cloud storage Joker!

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đź•· 2 USD! that is so funny Joker hhh, The problem is not just the 2 USD Joker! Uploading and downloading your files could also increase your data usage if your package is limited. It is not jus the 2 USD.

Add to that your files won’t be locally stored. It’ll be stored on the cloud, and you’ll have a less quality version of it. This might not be an ideal option for some users.

Why not add a 1TB storage to a device that costs 1.000,00 USD?

This is the least Apple could offer. Their devices don’t support an SD card, so why not offer 1TB option?

Now Joker, Let me remind you that I am here discussing the upcoming iPhones:

I am not talking about Android devices, which always adopt new technologies earlier.

These technologies include foldable screen, under-the-display cameras, even under-the-screen sensors. More storage options and SD card support.

There are even entry-level Android devices with 3 SIM card support, huge battery and SD card support.

Android devices come with lots of features and capabilities. Why iPhones don’t bring us these kinds of features?

We’d like to see more MagSafe adoption with better functionality. This technology was introduced with the iPhone 12.

We’ve found that this technology is only for chargers, wallets and covers. This is not practical at all.

With leaks suggest that there will be more accessories such as wireless battery pack to charge iPhones. This technology is available as an accessory from other companies. If this accessory supports charging Apple Watch, the users will benefit from it more.

Apple has an amazing ecosystem, so why wouldn’t this accessory support more than one product?

Why would users benefit from multiple usage from one product?

Why wouldn’t there be a base that can be installed on an iPhone that allows charging supported AirPods?

This base would help users charge two devices from one accessory. The last thing is, why wouldn’t an iPhone come with no ports?

If Apple does that, they’d beat other companies with a very advanced feature. It’ll be hard, though, for users to charge their devices, since it’ll only charge using a wireless charging. But no one can deny that wireless charging is easier.

Especially when the charger is placed on your desk and you won’t need to use lots of cables. It’ll require adopting a new charing method, where you’ll only use a wireless charging base to charge your device.

You’ll have to place your iPhone on the charger at night to slowly charge, with will be great the battery life. If one of the upcoming iPhones come with no ports, then Apple will safe more money, since they won’t include a cable in the box. But it also means that the device will be tougher with more advanced dust and water resistant.

Hopefully, it won’t be more expensive, though.

Let’s also not forget the other upcoming Apple products, and hopefully, they’ll have an even better ecosystem. There are leaks that suggest the next MacBook Pro will come with a MagSafe charger, which is great!

This means that the ecosystem will be more in harmony. Why would I have to buy an accessory that costs 100 USD to charge my iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time?

Why wouldn’t be more harmony with devices just like what Samsung, Huawei and other companies offer?

Apple has the means to do it. Let your ecosystem profit you, but at the same time, give us more practicality.

Joker, Guys! Hopefully, you agree with me on this. Let me know in the comment section what other technologies you’d like with the upcoming iPhones. This is the end of this video.

See you soon Joker on the next reviews and news…

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