🤡Listen Spider-Man🕷, I am confused❗ I want to use one device to photograph cooking content, I want a comparison between these two devices❗ Who is best for me❓

Review 84: 20.02.2021 at 04:00 pm


🕷 Joker, the truth is that you are annoying man, i was getting ready for a little hike!

🤡 You would have gone out or flying as usual spider ❗ hahahah hahahahaha hahahahah ahahaha please help me🙏, I want a simple comparison between these two devices, Samsung zflip 🆚 iPhone 11 Pro Max❗ I want one only for to create a cooking content, and don’t tell me why I haven’t bought iPhone 12 yet? Wait for him to come as a gift Hahaha hahaha hahah

🕷 Really annoying! But what I like about your personality is that you are really fun and not serious, Okay Joker, Look, This comparison is between the Z Flip from Samsung and iPhone 11 Pro Max is not fair, Each device brings the best technologies from both companies. Apple brought everything they could in this phone. And Samsung brought the foldable screen with great capabilities.

While I was making the comparison, I felt like I was comparing a three years old device with an iPhone. You’ll feel the same thing as you watch this review Joker.

Samsung didn’t bring the latest technologies they have with the Z Flip. They brought the latest folding screen technology. But the cameras on the foldable device is similar to the S8 camera! hhhhh….The cameras on this device are outdated!

🤡 i see that, idon’t like my face on Zflip!

🕷 While the iPhone brings the latest technologies form Apple. so, This comparison is fair in one side and unfair in another. Joker.

Anyway, let’s discuss the design and build quality of both device, But wait a second, let me remind you that this comparison is based on numbers. What wins this comparison for me might be not for you. Numbers are the basis in this comparison.

The Z Flip design is the first of its kind form Samsung. It is clamshell foldable phone. The device is made from glass and aluminum frame. The front is occupied by a screen with a punch hole to house the camera.

On the back, there is a small external screen with the rear cameras next to it. iPhone 11 Pro Max design is the same as the X series design.

The front and back are made from glass. The front is occupied by the screen with a top notch to house the cameras and 3D sensors.

The frame is made from stainless steel, and for the first time, it comes with triple rear cameras housed in a square design similar to the Mate 20 Pro. The iPhone supports IP68 water and dust resistant.

The Z Flip doesn’t support it, though. I will talk about it later.

🕷 Who wins the point?

As usual, the design is a personal preference. Both devices are very elegant, and it depends on your personal choice.

🤡 If you prefer a foldable device, the choose the Z Flip, and if you prefer a traditional design, then go for the iPhone 11 Pro Max no?

🕷 Yes Joker, but I will give a point to each device. because If you’re bored of traditional screens that’ve been for 10 years, then the foldable screen brings you another new dimension, It is different than the Galaxy Fold. The Z Flip brings you a new cool experience.

A smaller form factor. It is fair to compare the screens?

🤡 why not?

It is fair to compare a high tech screen with a second gen folding screen?

🤡 Why not?

We’re not sure what the screen if made from. I don’t care what’s it made from. It folds! It has a crease in the middle, but IT FOLDS!

This phone will bring you lots of attention. The iPhone, on the other hand has a traditional design. Let’s see how both compare.

The Screen:

🕷 The Z Flip comes with 2 screens. The main one is 6.7 Dynamic AMOLED and it is called Infinity Flex. The screen occupies 82.5% of the front of the device. The resolution is 2636×1080. It also comes with 425ppi. It supports HDR10+.

The external screen is 1.1 Super AMOLED with 300×112 resolution with 303ppi. The screen supports touch input, displays notifications and allows you to answer phone calls. It also doubles as a viewfinder to take selfies with the rear cameras.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with a 6.5 OLED called Super Retina XDR. It occupies 83.7 of the front of the device, and the resolution is 2688×1242. It also comes with 458ppi. It supports Dolby Vision, HDR10 and True Tone.

3D Touch is replaced with Haptic Touch which is also available on the iPhone XR. Who wins the point?

Both screens are excellent, and the numbers are very competitive. The iPhone 11 Pro Max screen is better, but the Z Flip comes with 2 screens, one of them is foldable. A point goes to each device.

With all appreciation to the solid traditional screen on the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

You can press hard on it and it won’t scratch with your nails, unlike the screen on the Z Flip. It is a new screen, and you should use with it care.

The OS:

The Galaxy Z Flip runs Android 10 with the famous One UI 2.1 and it is light and easy to use. The UI supports Dark Mode, Knox and Kids Mode for parental control. It also supports Game Booster Mode to enhance the battery performance.

The UI studies your usage to help enhance the performance of the battery. The iPhone 11 Pro Max runs iOS 13, which supports the most important feature, that is Dark Mode. It also supports quick actions for bluetooth and WiFi. It comes with cool features.

The Photos, App Store and Reminders apps have been redesigned.

Who wins the point?

Both operating systems have their own features. But we’ll have to dig deep to know what OS is better for us.

Every OS deserves a point. Both of them are mature with great protection and enable us to do lots of things.

A point goes to each one, Joker, I remind you to check your needs first. If the iOS is better for you, then the point goes to the iPhone. But if you prefer to use Android, then the point goes to the Android.

🤡 i like OS! USA hhh hhhh hhhh

🕷 The CPU in the Z Flip isn’t the best in the market. But the A13 Bionic is better than any other CPU in the market. But what is important is how we use apps. Both of these devices make phone calls.Both of these device can send messages and run WhatsApp. Other usages is what matters with the CPU.

The CPU is for advanced apps and games that require lots of power from RAM, storage and performance. This is the difference.

No one is willing to pay more for the gaming performance only. There’s got to be other uses.

Let’s discuss the CPUs:

The Z Flip comes with the Snapdragon 855+ with 8 cores and 7nm build. It offers great performance for daily usages and is easy on the battery.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with the A13 Bionic with 7nm build. The ‘A’ series CPU from Apple are known for their powerfulness and smoothness. They’ve always won the performance competition. It is also said that the CPU helps with energy efficiency and photography.

In Geekbench 5 test, the Galaxy Z Flip scored 764 points for the single core and 2636 points for the multicore. The iPhone 11 Pro Max scored 1332 for the single core and 3477 points for the multicore.

Who wins the point?

Both CPUs are excellent and provide high performance. But numbers show that the A13 Bionic CPU wins the point with all due respect to the Z Flip CPU. I don’t know why the Z Flip doesn’t come with the latest CPU, but let’s wait for the upcoming versions.

Secure Unlocking:

The Galaxy Z Flip offers lots of options for safe unlocking: pattern, passcode, face recognition and the fingerprint sensor embedded in the power button. It offers great responsiveness.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max offers two ways to unlock the screen: passcode or Face ID, which has been widely improved. It is also very secure.

The Face ID is a little bit quicker and supports different angels.

Who wins the point?

The point goes to the Z Flip as it offers different unlocking options. With all due respect to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which offers high security with their Face ID.

I personally advise you to use the Face ID on the iPhone 11 Pro Max and not to use the Face Recognition on the Z Flip as it doesn’t have dedicated sensors. The iPhone 11 Pro Max cameras provide you with the best performance, while the Z Flip cameras are outdated.

Will this outdated camera win against the iPhone camera, which is known for the great color production?

Will this device win a point or not?

The Cameras:

🤡 This is what I’m looking for, I’m dancing now, telling, telling…hhh hhhh

🕷 Of course, because your pictures do not come out beautiful! look Joker, The Z Flip comes with dual rear cameras, the first one is 12MP Ultra Wide lens with 123 degrees of view.The second camera is Wide 12MP with 78 degrees of view.

The selfie camera is 10MP. The details are shown on the screen. The iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with 3 12MP rear cameras housed in a square design: the cameras are wide, ultra wide and telephoto.

The selfie camera is 12MP and the details are shown on the screen. Both devices offer great quality with still photos, but the iPhone offers better dynamic range and more natural colors.

The more natural the colors are, the easier the photos can be edited.

Let’s review the ultra wide lenses on both devices. Similar to all devices, there’s a clear difference between colors and balance in photos with the ultra wide lens on the Z Flip.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max, on the other hand is the best device to offer similar colors and balance. It Keeps the colors and balance between the main lens and the ultra wide lens.

This doesn’t mean the Ultra Wide lens on the Z Flip is bad, it means that the iPhone is just better, By the way, the Z Flip offers a wider angle, 123 degrees.

According to Samsung, this degree is similar to the human eye.

In optical zoom, the iPhone is slightly better. In digital zoom, the Z Flip offers 8x while the iPhone offers 10x. Both devices are excellent in portrait photos, but Apple depends on the telephoto lens for portrait, which is the better thing.

The telephoto lens simulate DSLR, but using the Wide angle feels like it is using a filter. Both devices have problems with edge detection. If these devices have a ToF lens, then the outcome would be better. Both devices offer satisfactory results with night mode. But the iPhone produce better photos as it uses light better and there is no noise, unlike the Z Flip which produce photos with high noise.

The selfie camera is very good on both devices. The selfies are excellent, but the iPhone is better in colors and skin details.

The Z Flip beautify you more. The isolation is better on the Z Flip, but the colors are better on the iPhone.

In general the iPhone takes better videos. The Z Flip does a good job, but the iPhone is better in colors and contrast. Both devices shoot videos with 4K@60fps.

In the selfie camera, the iPhone is better in colors and stabilization. The iPhone also supports Slofies.

When you making test Joker, You can notice the difference in colors between the Flip and iPhone.

You can also shoot videos with the wide and ultra wide lenses on both devices. It is up to you to decide which device produces better quality and colors.

Look, Z Flip supports slo-mo with 720p@960fps. The iPhone shoots slo-mo videos with 1080p@240fps. So, Who wins the point?

The Z Flip performs really well. The main focus on it though, is not photography, rather it is the screen. On the other hand, the iPhone is known for its photography capabilities as it is very mature in it.

🕷 Joker, i love you Man, The point goes to the iPhone as it really deserves it, don’t say Why? All is clear.

🤡 I told you my picture on Z flip I didn’t like, so I agree with you 👏👏👏 So, i will make vedios cooking content by iPhone 11 Pro max no❓ Tell me somthing about the battery? Are you hungry Spider-Man

🕷 Why? You want to meet me to diner? I was about to go out to eat fish, but i love your pics Joker! are you serious about Cooking Content hhhh ?

The battery:

The iPhone battery is bigger and charges faster. But if Samsung decided to support 45w charging speeds, how much time would the device take to fully charge?

This device would be fully charged in less than one hour. But Samsung decided to support 15w only.

Maybe next generations will support higher speeds. Anyway, let’s compare the batteries of both devices.

The Z Flip comes with a 3300mAh battery, and it supports quick charging with 15w and it comes with the adapter in the box. It also supports wireless and reverse wireless charging.

You can charge any device that supports wireless charging off the Z Flip.

The iPhone comes with a 3969mAh battery, and it supports quick charging with 18w. The charger comes in the box, and it supports wireless charging.

Who wins the point?

The point for sure goes to the iPhone, as it comes with a bigger battery and charges faster up to 18w and the charger comes in the box. With all appreciation to the Z Flip as it supports reverse wireless charing despite the small size of the battery.

Storage and Communication:

The Z Flip comes with a 256GB onboard storage and 8GB of RAM. It also supports one physical SIM card and another eSIM card. It doesn’t support an external SD card.

The iPhone comes with either 64GB, 256GB or 512GB and 4GB of RAM. It also supports one physical SIM card and another eSIM card, and it doesn’t support SD card. Both devices support NFC and payment methods.

With the Galaxy Z Flip, you can use Mada Pay, and with the iPhone you can use Apple Pay. The NFC on the iPhone isn’t supported by all apps. Both devices support bluetooth 5 and different cloud services. Both devices support surrounded devices.

This is due to the maturity of both operating systems. Who wins the point?

The iPhone comes with different storage options. But the Flip has a bigger RAM. A point goes to each device.

The Flip is foldable. I always speak about additional features, but this device is foldable. I really like the folding method of this device. I like this method even more than the Fold device.

Motorola has released their device before Samsung, but it is not available in many markets yet. We’re not sure if the device will be available or not. It was confirmed before, but now, we’re not sure. We only have the Z Flip now.

Let’s discuss the additional features on both devices.

Both devices offer a cooling system to protect the devices from overheating. Both devices come with personal assistants. Siri on the iPhone and Bixby on the Flip. Both assistants are years older than Google Assistant.

You can download Google Assistant on both devices. If you’re an Apple users and use the Apple Watch, iPad, Mac and AirPods, then the iPhone will work seamlessly with them.

Apple have reached great maturity with this ecosystem.

Samsung have a new ecosystem that consists with the Buds+, Smartwatch and sport bands, but it is not as compatible as Apple’s ecosystem. Also not all Samsung devices are available in all markets!

Who wins the point?

It is called additional features. It is up to you to decide. For me, each one gets a point. But the harmony with Apple devices made me give the point to the iPhone.

The box includes a 15w charger, AKG headphones, USB-C to USB-A dongle, plastic cover that is made from two parts. Samsung offers warranty and a dedicated team to solve your problems.

The iPhone, It comes with Apple wired headphones, 18w charger and a USB-C to lightning charging cable. You can also add Apple Care service with a cheap price.

Let’s not forget that iPhone accessories are widely available. Official maintenance is available, and you can call Apple’s Customer Service to help you with whatever you need.

Who wins the point?

In my opinion, devices have become way expensive. Make sure what you need before you decide to buy a device. Follow this method and check your needs before you buy any device.

Anyway, the point goes to the iPhone as, for the first time, it is cheaper.

Yet, the Z Flip brings technologies that are not available with Apple devices. For the first time, the iPhone wins the point of prices.

Usually, the iPhone loses the point to any other device. The iPhone wins the point as the Z Flip is more expensive than it.

Samsung is flexing with their foldable devices. Apple never spoke about foldable screens at all. All the news about foldable iPhones are rumors.

Joker, For me, this comparison is a bit logical. Samsung has added another innovation to their devices.

We know that Apple adopts technologies late. But there are technologies in our hands that are considered the future. These technologies will be adopted by others later.

🕷 Joker: Who Win?

🕷 This is the end of this review, The iPhone has won this comparison. Keep with iPhone 11 Pro Max, and forget Samsung Z flip for cooking content.

🤡 I’m so sorry Samsung, Goodbye Z flip, I will give it as a gift to my sweetheart hh hhh hhh hhhh, and I will keep the iPhone 11 Pro Max, waiting for the iPhone 12 Pro Max as a gift You can go now Spider-Man…. i’ll will see you soon on the next review, don’t forget, keep smiling hhhh hhh hhhh