🤡 I’m so sorry OTTO, i fell asleep yesterday, Is there really a laptop made by the German company Porsche?

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😈 Again Joker! that was because you did not drink coffee, your question has proven to me that you are not as obsessed with technology as you told us on the home page ?!

🤡 Why? Why? Why?…

😈 Why are you surprised Joker? Yes, there is a laptop called Porsche Design Acer Book RS, this device is from Acer in cooperation with Porsche Design.

Again, this device is from Acer with cooperation from Porsche Design.

We know that Porsche has a separate company called Porsche Design and they work with tech companies among others.

They design unique devices through German engineers who work for Porsche.

So, your Coffee, Or leave your coffee for tomorrow, which is a strong review for you, just focus with me now and Let me review the specs and features of this device and the lots of technologies it packs.

🤡 Well, I promise that I will not sleep my friend, explain this device to me, I want to buy it to blend in with my Porsche, I am a lover of German industry, …. please:

😈 hhhh Okay, The device is thin with excellent build quality. The device is made from metal, except for the back, since it is made from 3K carbon fiber. This material is very tough and durable. At the bottom of the back there’s an Acer logo.

At the top, there’s a Porsche Design logo. The device weighs 1.2kg and its thickness is 15.99mm. It is directed for those who like Porsche products and businessmen/women. It’s also directed for those looking for luxury devices.

Devices designed by Porsche Design come with two things: high price and long lasting investment for 4 years at least. And indeed, this device comes with these two aspects. The device comes with a Dual Copper Hear Pipes system.

This system uses dual copper pipes to help dissipate heat to increase the efficiency of cooling. The venting ports are place under the hinges of the screen.

This is supposed to increase the airflow and dissipate heat much better. The device also supports different cooling modes. These modes are Performance and Quiet. You can enable them using the fn and F keys.

The device comes with comfortable to type on backlit keyboard. It also comes with a rectangular touchpad with multi-gesture support. It offers good smoothness.

There’s also a fingerprint sensor located on the touchpad. After experimenting with it, it offers good responsiveness.

The screen comes with an Anti-Microbial Coring Gorilla Glass layer. What’s interesting about it is that it is anti microbes. The screen size is 14 with slim bezels. The screen to body ratio is 90%. The screen is IPS LCD, and it is called CineCrystal. The screen’s resolution is 1920×1080. It supports sRGB with 100%. The brightness is 340NITS. It is suitable indoors.

And it does its job outdoors. The device comes with Intel 11th gen TigerLake CPU. It is the i701165G7 CPU. It is a quad core CPU with 8 threads. The GPU is the Nvidia MX 350. The GPU comes with 2GB GDDR5. The RAM is 16GB LPDDR4X, and the storage is 1TB PCIe SSD.

In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 1157 points for the single core and 4958 points for multicores, where the CPU performance is ranked among other competitors.

In 3DMark Time spy Test, the GPU scored1729 points. where the GPU performance is ranked among other competitors.

😈 Are you with me Joker?

🤡 I enjoy with you, continue continue… this is Porsche oooh 💖💖💖

😈 Okay, Let me now go back to reviewing this device Joker, The device runs Windows 10 Home, and it supports Acer Care Center app.

The app offers different features such as knowing the status of the device and check for updates.

It also supports cleaning up unwanted files to increase the performance among many others. The device comes with an HD camera suitable for meetings. There’s also dual front facing mics. These mics will be great for meetings.

The mics support Noise Cancelation using AI and Intel’s GNA 2.0 technology. The audio is in cooperation with DTS Audio.

After experimenting with it, it offers good audio, but the subwoofer performance is normal. The device supports bluetooth 5.1 and WiFi 6. WiFi 6 offers high internet speeds better than regular WiFi technologies. To benefit from it, both the router and device should support WiFi 6.

The device comes with a USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 with Thunderbolt 4 support. It supports data transfer with 40Gbps speeds. There is also an HDMI port, 2x USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 ports on both distributed sides of the device. There’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The battery lasts for up to 17 hours. But it depends on your usage. It supports fast charging with 65W. Charging the battery for 30 minutes will give you 4 hours of usage.

The box contains a Porsche Design wireless mouse. There’s also a MousePad and two chargers: one with USB-C port and the other with a traditional DC port.

There’s also a leather bag a pouch to protect the laptop. This is the premium version of this device. There are 3 versions of it.

The version available in some markets, The device costs 2.266,00 USD, and 1.881,77 Euros. 🙊, have you any question joker?

🤡 2.266 USD! Emmm Normal bro, this is Porsche company, but what are the pros and cons of this device?

😈 It comes with limited ports. The audio experience wasn’t the best, but it does its job. Joker.

But whoever is going to buy this laptop will also buy high end headphones.

What’s also great is that supports bluetooth 5.1, which means connecting to headphones at the same time.

🤡 2.266 USD with this all cons? Tell me now the Pros? Noooow

😈 hhhhh the battery life is long. The design is from Porsche Design and the build quality is excellent. These great specs are supposed to last for at least 4 years.

The CPU is from Intel’s 11th gen CPUs.

The Thunderbolt 4 capability makes it an excellent office device.

You can connect it to an external screen and watch 4K videos and do all of your work. The battery lasts for 17 hours, which means it’s enough to last for long time while traveling.

There is the Porsche Design Acer Book RS. It’s one of the most beautiful devices from Acer in cooperation with Porsche.

This has been my full review of this device, Hopefully everyone wishes to get this device will be able to get it, especially you Joker, are you still on the line? hello, Joker!………..

😈 Unbelievable!!

See you soon guys on the next reviews.👋😊