🤡I want to create a Fashion content, a professional blogger project i mean, is the Sony ZV1 suitable?

Review 86: 10.02.2021 at 00:00 am


😈 Hello Guys, Hello again Joker, although you bothered me with your questions, but i’m here just for help you, of course Sony has released a new camera to replace the RX series. This camera has excellent solutions for content creators and vloggers. Let’s know more about the ZV1. Joker, i wanto to see you shooting video using this Sony’s ZV1 camera.

Sony make small digital cameras such as this one. We used the RX cameras until the Mark VI. Each generation of cameras brought lots enhancements. I used this camera for years, especially when I was abroad.

But I’ve always faced problems with the RX camera as it wasn’t actually made for content creators and vloggers. But the ZV1 camera brings huge solutions for content creators.

So, let’s find out more about the cameras. I’ll make lots of tests with it. This is the ZV1. It is a digital camera from Sony. It is camera directed for vlogging and content creating on social media. It is equipped with useful features for vloggers and content creators.

The design of the camera is very similar to other digital cameras from Sony. Though, it comes with lots of enhancements for external photography.

For example, the camera comes with a handle on the side, which would be a great thing for vloggers.

The camera also comes with a video shoot button. Once you press the button the camera will start recording. The buttons on the camera are: Shoot and zoom button, on/off button, Modes button and Bokeh button.

We’ll discuss the Bokeh button later. There’s also a small LED light on the front to let you know if the camera is recording or not without having to look at the screen.

The camera weighs 394g with the battery included. The camera comes with a TFT screen which can be wide open to let you see what you’re shooting. I am now looking at the screen instead of the lens, Joker.

The screen gives you glanceability to look at what you’re recording. This feature wasn’t available with the RX cameras. If you remember, the screen of the RX cameras can open up. If you use a mic, the screen will be totally covered.

Speaking of mic, this camera does come with a mic port. But let me first tell you about the features and specs of this camera. The camera comes with 1 CMOS sensor with 20.1MP resolution. It also comes with an integrated 24.70mm Zeiss lens.

The aperture is interchangeable from F/1.8 to F/2.8, The screen is TFT LCD and it is side flip-out. The screen supports touch input but with limitations. You can use touch input with choosing focus among other limited functionality. But you can use the buttons to change the settings just like other digital cameras.

The photo quality of this camera is excellent whether with light, dynamic range and others. It also comes with different photo modes that we are used to such as manual mode, auto mode, HFR mode, panorama mode and others.

And after experimenting with it, the camera provides high quality photos with great colors. The camera shoots videos with 4k@25fps and 1080p@100fps. The camera comes with lots of video modes such as steady shot which significantly decreases instability while shooting videos. It makes the video smooth.

There’s another mode called Soft Skin Effect, which beautifies and smoothes the skin to the degree you prefer. There’s also a dedicated Background Defocus button. It is a great feature.

Once you press the button, the camera will blur the background and focus on you. Another press on the button will make the background in focus again, which is great for external photography. You can easily take portrait photos with blurred backgrounds. It is even easier for editing as you’re the focus in the video.

The camera comes with different focus modes such as auto, manual and AF-C. The camera also comes with a Eye AF mode, where the camera will track your eyes and stay in focus.

There’s a dedicated mode called Product Showcase Set. You can enable this mode by pressing the ‘Delete’ button. The idea behind it is that when a vlogger showcases a product, the focus won’t take a long time.

Once the product is in front of the camera, it will be in focus directly. Vertical videos are also supported on this camera. Once you shoot a video and export it to your timeline it will be vertical after editing it using the video editing software.

Video shooting experience was excellent. It is great for vlogging, external video shooting. Even with internal video shooting with enough light, the results will be excellent Joker, oh sorry blogger.🤭

The camera comes with a Mic port, which is an excellent feature. This audio is recorded using the internal mic. Let’s find how it performs without an editing. I am not sure if you heard, but there are drilling outside, but once you speak, it won’t be heard.

Let me now test an external mic starting with the Rode mic. This audio is recorded using the Rode mic. You’ll have to be careful with the angle of the mic.

The RV1 camera comes with 3 mics on the top. There’s also a base to install an external mic.

You’ll have to make sure of the angle of the installed external mic before recoding. You will notice the audio quality when you’re vlogging joker.

The audio is supposed to be clear, but it depends on the mic you’re using, too. With the Rode mic, once I turn on the camera, the mic turns on, and once I turn it off, the mic turns off. This is one of the features of the Rode mic. It is supported on this camera.

There’s a mesh layer at the top with 3 mics beneath it. These mics capture the audio and perform well. You can also use a deadcat to minimize the noise.

There’s a new mic that will be released soon, which enables this camera to manage XLR mics. With this new mic, I expect that there will be more boom sound. The camera supports bluetooth 4.1, and it only works with devices that are supported with the ZV1 camera.

For example, this camera supports a base, which I will talk about later. I’ll also explain how to pair it with the camera. But you can’t connect all bluetooth devices to this camera.

You can also connect this camera to a WiFi using the WPS button. This WPS button is found in routers. To connect the camera to a WiFi network, go to the WPS settings in the camera, then press the WPS button on your router. It comes with extended features, but it depends on the app you’re using.

The battery is similar to other batteries found in Sony’s digital cameras. It is the same battery that comes with the RX1. The model of the battery is NP-BX1. The battery lasts from 45 to 75 minutes. But it depends on the quality of videos you’re shooting.

If you’re shooting 4K videos, the battery will last less. Connecting an external mic could also affect the battery. It also depends on your usage.

You can also use the Micro USB port to charge the battery using a power bank to continue vlogging.

This camera supports a number of accessories, some of them are available and some are yet to be released. One of them is this stand, where you can control the camera while connected to bluetooth using these function buttons.

You can take a photo or start recording a video, zoom in, zoom out and blur the background. you will notice, the background is defocused.

You can control the focus using the focus button. There’s also a C1 customizable button. This stand uses a watch battery, and it can double as a tripod and handler for vlogging.

The angle quick adjustment is excellent. You won’t need to tighten or loose the base a lot. But to remove the SD card or the battery, you’ll first have to remove the stand. It is easy to remove using this wheel, but you’ll have to remove it to change the battery or the SD card.

And as I just mentioned, bluetooth only supports one accessory per time.

According to what I read, and based on my experiment, the accessory must be supported and has to have bluetooth. There are other accessories that I am excited for such as the XLR accessory. It is available in Sony’s website. With this accessory, you can connect more than 1 mic. There are lots of accessories, but it depends on what you need.

The price of the camera without the stand is $748, and you can find it online in different online stores. It is also supposed to be officially available in all markets.


It takes high quality photos and videos. It comes with useful features for content creators like you joker. and It small and design is comfortable.


the battery could be small for some users. But content creators always have a backup.

For me, I’ll use the RX batteries on this new camera as they they are the same. I am still experimenting with the ZV1 camera, and thus far the experiment has been great joker, With vlogging, you’ll understand the full poteinal of this camera.

The front LED light shows that the camera is recording or not with a red light. This is the end of this review,😈 all is clear now joker?

🤡 i think i will be a big fashion blogger, thank you OTTO, i will say your name in my vedios content… see you on the next reviews.