🤡I want buying a new headphones, but Who is the most powerful headphones between Samsung, Huawei and Apple?🔥

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😈 The three big companies now offer Pro version of wireless headphones. Let’s find out which one is better in this comparison. hello Joker, how are you? and yes, each company now offers a Pro version of their headphones. The latest one is the Buds Pro from Samsung, which now comes with additional features. Choosing one between these three is a bit difficult now.

To make it simpler for you, consider the smartphone you have now. If you have an iPhone, the AirPods Pro will be the best choice for you. If you have a Huawei device, the FreeBuds Pro will be the best choice for you. If you have a Samsung device, the Buds Pro will be the best choice for you. These headphones work best in their ecosystem.

🤡 Good, but what ‘s the best between they?

😈 Yes, how will it look like if we compare these headphones?

By the way, all of them work with other devices. You can use the Buds Pro headphones with a device from Huawei or Apple. But they’ll work as a regualr bluetooth headphones. It won’t offer the full package. Some features will work but most of them won’t work.

Let me now discuss the design of these 3 headphones. Each one of these headphones have their own design and build quality. The Bids Pro come with a square design and its size is acceptable. It is the smallest in size among them.

The design is inspired by the old Buds headphones. But in this case, it comes with more enhancements. The surface of the headphones support shortcuts through touch input.

AirPods Pro come with a rectangular design, and the build quality is similar to the older AirPods headphones. But the earpieces are smaller than the earpieces of the AirPods. It also comes with different sizes of silicon tips.

The earpieces come with squeeze functionality. Before I continue, make sure that you try all the ear tips to find the best fit.

Because you will probably have different ear sizes. The ear size is not necessarily to be the same size. Try all the ear tips to get the best experience.

Should I continue now with the FreeBuds headphones?

The FreeBuds Pro come with an oval-rectangular-ish design. It is the biggest in size out of the three headphones. The size of it is similar to that of the AirPods Pro. It also comes with Huawei logo. The earpieces are small in size with an elegant design with gesture support.

These shortcuts include swiping up, down and pinch. What’s the audio quality of these headphones?

All headphones supports ANC. They also support ambient sound, but each one comes with a different feature. Buds Pro support ANC with an excellent performance.

Even the ambient sound is good. It lets you listen to your surrounding. It is also the only one that supports Voice Detect. If ANC is turned on and someone speaks to you, the headphones will detect it, lower the audio and turn off ANC. It’s a good feature. We’ve seen it with headphones from Sony, and it’s the only one out of these 3 headphones that support it.

😈 Will this feature come to the other headphones with a software update?

🤡 …❓

😈 Honestly, I have no idea.

For now, it’s only available with the Buds Pro headphones. It also supports 369 Audio feature.

AirPods Pro support ANC with different levels.It also supports Transparency mode. It offers satisfactory performance. It also supports Dynamic Head Tracking mode, which tracks your head similar ro the 360 Audio feature with the Buds Pro. It supports Adaptive EQ, too.

The FreeBuds Pro supports ANC and ambient sound. It offers good performance. The ANC offers very good performance with different modes, too.

You can adjust the settings from the app to get a better experience.

😈 Joker! Did you notice what I said? From the app!

🤡 Yes…!

It’s really important with headphones to have an app that works on all platforms such as Android, AppGallery and App Store, The app always offers additional features.

Here I come back again to the point I said at the beginning of this video. Choose the headphones depending on your device. The performance of ANC on these headphones is very good to excellent, This is not the main point here to choose one of them. Check the other points and make a decisions based on them.

Let me now discuss connectivity and pairing:

All headphones work with other devices as a bluetooth headphones. But the Buds Pro and AirPods Pro support a great feature. It’s called Buds Together with Samsung deices and Audio Share on the AriPods Pro with Apple devices. It’s a feature that allows two headphones to connect to one device and share content between them.

There’s a difference between connecting two headphones to one device and connect the headphones to two devices. Bluetooth 5, 5.1 and 5.2 are a technology.

Connecting to devices to the same device from the same the ecosystem is what you should consider when buying a headphones.

All devices support automatic switching between devices.

For example, the AirPods Pro switch from the iPhone to the iPad. The Buds Pro support switching from a Galaxy device to a Samsung tablet. The FreeBuds Pro support switching from a Huawei device to a Huawei smartwatch. This feature works with devices from the same company.

Samsung headphones with Samsung devices, Apple headphones with Apple devices and Huawei headphones with Huawei devices.

😈 Now Joker, Let me now discuss the battery:

🤡 Please…!

And here, I’ll talk about the earpieces without the case. The Galaxy headphones offer 5 hours with ANC on. The AirPods Pro offer 4.5 hours with ANC on.

The FreeBuds Pro offer 5 hours with ANC on with devices that run EMUI 11. But in case you use them with devices from other companies ,the battery life will be different.

Here’s a tip:😈 do you want to save battery life?

🤡 Of course man!

Don’t turn on the ANC feature. If you’d like to know more details about the case’s battery, The Bids Pro case offer 21 hours battery. the FreeBuds Pro like the AirPods Pro provide long batteries. All of them support wireless charging.

And since they’re headphones, I won’t discuss wattage. The goal behind wireless charging is to charge them wirelessly to offer more battery life.

The FreeBuds Pro and Buds Pro charge using the USB-C port, while the AirPods Pro use the Lightning port. These headphones come with different colors.

Except for the AirPods Pro; it only comes with white color. The Buds Pro come with black, fantom purple and silver colors. The FreeBuds Pro come with black, silver and white. The FreeBuds Pro is the cheapest, It comes with a 173 USD price.

The Galaxy Buds Pro is more expensive. It cost 220 USD.

The most expensive one is the AirPods Pro. The price of it starts from 240 USD depending on where you buy it from.

😈 Why didn’t I include other headphones in this review Joker?

🤡 True, why?

First, because you asked me to compare these three, and segondly, There are companies that make amazing headphones with a cheaper price. Some of them are more expensive, though.This is the main point of this review, These 3 headphones offer great features with devices from the same ecosystem. But there are headphones from Sony, Sennheiser, JBL and Under Armor.

There are lots of headphones in the market that offer excellent performance. These headphones also offer features such as ANC and ambient sound.

Check your needs before you make a decision. But if you’d like to have another experience, then evaluate them with other devices available in the market.

For example, Sony headphones are more expensive that the headphones discussed in this review, and offer amazing performance and its app works on all platforms.

😈 Joker, You should evaluate your needs with these headphones and check your ability to pay more or you’d prefer a less cheaper option. And honestly, the market is full of headphones now. These are a small part of the options available in the market and they’re a small part of what I always receive.

Headphones are important, and you should consider one thing before you buy one: If you lose your headphones quickly, then don’t buy an expensive one.

Instead, buy a a cheaper one that offers good performance, and in case you lose, Allah forbids, you won’t regret it. But if you take care of your headphones, then buy the best option available. You should also consider what kind of content you listen to. If you’re going to use it for phone calls, then any headphones is a good option.

🤡 Ok Ok Mr. OTTO, i understand well now, thank you so much, although you like talk a lot!

😈 hhhhhhhhhh so, see you on the next reviews Joker.👋