🤡I Received this gifts! Lenovo Live Buds! Is it expensive❓❓ and Oppo Enco W51, Tell me something❓❓

Review 92: 16.02.2021 at 02:30 pm

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😈 You received this gift Joker? you are a big Tech Freak , and you ask about the price? okay Joker, i decided to review it just for you hhhhh

Let me introduce you to the cheapest wireless headphones in the market. It costs $20 only. keep smiling joker, It is called Lenovo Live Buds, and it is from the entry level category. It is very cheap.

🤡 What? 😱

The headphones are made from plastic and it comes with a regular design. It is also very lightweight. It weighs 35g.

Despite its cheap price and low cost, but it offers a satisfactory performance. It doesn’t provide high or extreme performance. Just satisfactory performance. It doesn’t come with a dedicated app, but its bass is high, It connects using bluetooth. It supports bluetooth 5 and comes with a USB-C port. It also supports IPX4 water and dust resistant. It offers satisfactory audio.

The mic didn’t provide a satisfactory experience with phone calls.The audio will become a little muffled, but it can be heard. The battery lasts for 12 hours, and it fully charges in 1.5 hours.

As I mentioned before, the price is 20 USD.


Satisfactory audio performance and tempting price.


The build quality, and it doesn’t have a dedicated app. Hopefully the mics will be better in future versions. But with this price, it does it job.

😈 Joker! Who gave you these headphones, he really love you Lol

🤡 You are really funny…..

😈 Let now discuss the Oppo Enco W51 Joker:

It’s a wireless headphones with ANC from Oppo. It comes with a square design and good build material.

Inside the case there, there’s a placement for the ear pieces and a pairing button. The design is good. It’s not complicated. It also comes with different ear tips inside the box with different sizes.

The headphones comes with a 7nm dynamic driver. Te audio quality of the headphones is good. It also supports Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation feature.

The experiment was a bit strange, though. It supports noise cancelation, but it lets you listen your surroundings. It feels like ANC and Ambient Sound are turned on at the same time. But in general, the ANC experiment was good.

The headphones support touch input. For example, two taps enables/disables ANC. Two taps to skip to the next audio track, 3 taps to enable the personal assistant.

The headphones support bluetooth 5 and IP54 water and dust resistant. The battery is supposed to last for 20 hours with ANC turned on.

According to Oppo’s website, if you use the headphones for 4 hours a day, the battery will last for a week. It charges using the USB-C port and it also supports wireless charging.

The box contains a full set of different sized silicon ear tips.

Let me remind you that your ears are not necessarily the same size. Try all the ear tips to find the best size, because your ears might have different sizes. This could affect the listening experience. If you try all the ear tips, you’ll get a great listening experience.

The headphones comes with white and dark blue colors.

The price Mary vary from a region to another. The price is approximately 40 to 50 USD.


I wised the ANC performance was better.


The price and performance it offers is good. So, Let me know which one you liked the most Joker?

🤡 I want Apple headphones as a gift to me…. 😡

😈 Lol, see you soon Joker on the next reviews…⏳