🤡I bought Samsung Z Flip, Why has become the trend of folding screens ❓

Review 82: 17.02.2021 at 08:00 pm

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😈 Congratulations Joker, Samsung Z Flip, This device come with good features and capabilities, but the most important thing about is that it folds. This screen is a modernize method from the Fold gen 1.

The gen 1 folds sideways, and it is considered a phablet. It also came with a big screen on the outside to let you use the device in a simple way. But why did Samsung announce the Z Flip?

🤡 I don’t know! is so nice! but this device is huge too!

Yes, You can watch videos without black bars, and the screen almost extends until the edges, But why doe Samsung follow this method?

Samsung is known to release concept phones, and some of these concepts succeed and continue to be released. When the Note was first released, we all complained about the huge screen.

We all were skeptical about the Galaxy Fold. We also though the S Pen was gimmick, but it is very successful with the Note series.

Folding phones could succeed. The only difference is whether we’ll adopt them or not for these devices to succeed. The Z Flip has the potential to be adopted and accepted by users.

The Fold wasn’t accepted and adopted. This device is huge in every way. It has a smaller screen in the outside compared to the folding screen in the inside. The form factor of the Z Flip is better. Everyone likes the size of the screen.

We all have devices with the same screen size. But the only difference is that this device can fold. The thickness will be doubled, though. But it will be fun to use. It is a different device.

This device brings change to the concept of smartphones that’s been there for years. All companies make the same design.

All of us use these rectangular devices, that some of you are using it to reading this review now. No company has new innovation of this rectangular design except for the internal parts like the screen and CPU. But now, this rectangular design can fold, which is great.

Not having a bigger screen on the outside is disappointing, but it is good nonetheless, It gives us options to use it.

With this smaller screen, you can check the notifications, answer phone calls. I think it is enough.

The cameras aren’t extraordinary, but they’re good. This device is practical. It is practical to have to a device like this. 10 years ago, clamshell devices were the perfect size.

This could be the new design approach. Let’s wait and see. I think this design will not succeed.

We are not close to the best design, but with this phone, we’re going there.

See you later. i revied this device on the magazine, which costs less than the Fold.

I will compare this device soon with other foldable devices joker, don’t worry. These comparisons will help you with your decision.

🤡 Okay, i have many question and inquiries about phones OTTO! can i ask you?

Why i’m here Joker? Ask me and i’ll answer you my dear fashion and cook blogger hhhh

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😈 See you soon… ⏳