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Review 278: 31.12.2021 at 00:00 am

Let me now discuss the HUAWEI Sound Joy speaker, it is a new bluetooth speaker from HUAWEI. The design is sporty, and comes with a strap to make it easier to carry. It weighs 680g, and it comes with lots of functionalities. At the top, there’s a light strap that changes colors with content.

The strap lets you know the volume level and battery percentage. There’s also another strap on the side for all the buttons you need. For example, there’s the power button, personal assistant button, pairing button and so on.

The battery inside charges through the USB-C port. You can pair it with any smartphone using the HUAWEI AI Life app. It works well with Android phones, and with upcoming software updates, it’ll work well with iPhones.

However, the speaker connected to the iPhone well, but it didn’t show up in the app. The speaker was developed in cooperation with Devialet. Devialet make amazing speakers, and I reviewed one of their speakers before. The speakers supports 79 dBA bi-directional.

The bass produced by this speaker is very good, and you’ll notice it if you’re close to it. The speaker supports technologies from Devialet, like the Devialet SAM to enhance the audio. There’s another feature, where if you have another speaker, both will automatically pair together.

To pair them, you’ll have to shake both speakers, and then they’ll connect, which is great. The speaker also pairs with HUAWEI smartphones using NFC. And since it is a HUAWEI product, it is part of HUAWEI ecosystem, where it can connect with other tablets, laptops and so on.

The battery is 8800mAh. This means it’ll last for 26 hours depending on your usage. The price of this speaker is 170 USD.

Let me know if this speaker it worth it with this price.


It has a beautiful design and it pairs quickly. The audio it produces is good and the bass is excellent. The battery is big and lasts for a long time.


It would’ve been better if it was lighter. It doesn’t work perfectly well with iPhones using the app, but hopefully, future updates will fix this problem.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine

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