🤡Hi OTTO, I’m thinking of buying a laptop tomorrow, can you go with me to help Joker? Please… HHHH HHHH

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Hello Joker,😈 i want to be with you, but i have so many devices to review it, you know, i’m here for you, and This review includes information on how to save money and make an easy decision before you buy a laptop.

You might be thinking about investing in a new laptop that would last more than a year with you.

What are the specs of your next laptop?

First of all, the CPU is the backbone of the computer. Its importance is similar to an engine of car, CPUs bring high performance to laptops. There are different CPU generations. The latest one from Intel is the 10th generation.

The 10th generation CPU has brought lots of developments to laptops. This means that laptops can give better performance now. Your next laptop should support AI.

😈 But what’s the benefit of AI Joker?

🤡 I don’t know! tell me you hhhh hhhh

The laptop will learn your usage in the first two weeks. It learn to give you the best performance and best battery performance. 10th generation Intel CPU come with AI.

These specs will enable laptops to learn how users use their computers. AI plays a big role in setting up the best performance experience for users.

Don’t prohibit yourself from the best WiFi connectivity in your next laptop. WiFi comes in generations, the latest WiFi generation is WiFi 6.

WiFi 6 gives you better stability. if you have a laptop with WiFi 6 and a router with WiFi 6, the connection and bandwidth will be better, meaning better experience.

This means that you’ll send and receive data in a better way. But before you look for WiFi 6, look for Thunderbolt 3.

😈 What is Thunderbolt?

🤡 i think It is a port no? HHH HHHH

It is a reversible port. It is also used in smartphones. It is basically the USB-C. Thunderbolt 3 transfers data way faster than previous generations.

You can also use it for different usages. You can use it to connect a 4K screen. You can connect an external screen using this port. You can use it for accessories and transfer data in high speeds.

Thunderbolt 3, which was invented by Intel, must be included in your upcoming laptop. Of course some of you will use their laptops for entertainment like watching content and gaming.

You’ll have to get a new generation of GPUs, which will enable the device with high capabilities. For example, Intel Iris Plus is the new generation of GPUs from Intel that come with the 10th generation CPUs.

This GPU will enable you to watch 4K, high graphics, therefore, having better gaming experience. It will enable you to have higher frames, which is great for gaming. 10th generation devices also come with UDH GPU. It is up to you to choose either UHD graphics or Iris Plus graphics Joker.

One of them comes with good performance, the other comes way better performance. UHD and Iris. Choose what suits you the best. If you use your laptop for content watching, then save money and go for the UHD version. It provides you with a very good experience.

Lots of people ask me whether they should buy an i7 or i5 CPUs. 10th generation of CPUs come with full specs. But this generation come with different models.

These models are i7, i5 and i3. i7 is the best, i5 is the mid-range, and i3 is the entry level. If you want the most powerfu CPU with heavy dutyl, then get the i7. i5 is the mid-range, and it is good for watching content, regular apps, web surfing. i5 is a good choice for you. i5 is also great for battery performance. I’ll discuss it later.

I have two devices here. The first one is i7 with Iris GPU, and the second is i5 with UHD GPU.

These two options are among many in the 10th generation laptops that are available now. These devices are available in the market. Each store has different versions of these devices.

Joker, my friend, Check your budget, then check what’s the performance that you need and sure of it, and check the design you want. Each manufacturers competes in making better designs so that users can choose it.

🤡 Give me a exemple?

😈 The Dell XPS 13 7390 for example. This laptop is 2×1. It is very thin and is made from high quality materials.

You can use it in different modes like tablet mode and tent mode. Regular laptop mode is great for most usages.

The laptop comes with a 13.4 FHD screen. It supports HDR and compatible with Dolby Vision. The laptop is a great choice for content watching. It comes with a HD, 720p camera. It supports Dell Mobile Connect technology, which enables you to connect your smartphone to the laptop.

You can broadcast your device to the laptop and make phone calls from there. The CPU inside is the Intel i7 1065G7 10th generation with 4 cores and 8 threads.

The frequency is 1.3GHz and it reaches 3.9GHz with turbo boost technology. The GPU is the Intel Iris Plus Graphics with 1.1GHz. The RAM is 16GB LPDDR4x and the onboard storage is 256GB SSD. It comes 2 USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 3 support. It also comes with an SD card slot and 3.5mm headphone and mic jack.

😈 Have you noticed?

🤡 Yes, It comes with i7 CPU with Intel Iris Plus GPU HHH HHHH

The performance will be high. There’s another option, but let’s discuss the effect of 10th gen CPUs on the battery.

The battery, along with AI, will have a great performance with the 10th gen CPUs. It would last for a full working day.

Don’t prohibit yourself from the experience with the 10th gen of CPUs. But what’s the second device I have? It is the Lenovo with i5 CPU and UHD GPU.

Notice the different specs I will mention about it. Even the onboard storage is bigger in this device. Also, the screen is a little bit bigger.

Having the best CPU doesn’t mean the device will come with the specs I need. These are choices.

🤡 There are other options?

😈 In fact Joker, you are tired hhhhhh, ok, There are too Lenovo IdeaPad S340-14IIL Joker, It is made from good materials. Some of it is made from plastic, and the other is from metal. It is lightweight, and almost thin. It is good for students and light tasks.

The screen is FHD 14 with small bezels. The screen is called TN with 180 degrees. The camera is 720p HD.

The device comes with dual 2 watt speakers with Dolby Audio Premium support. It produces good audio.

The CPU is the Intel 10th gen i5 1035G1, It comes with 4 cores, 8 threads, with 1GHz frequency and it reaches 3.6GHz with turbo boost. The GPU is the Intel UHD Graphics with 1.05GHz.

The RAM is 4GB and the onboard storage is 1TB fo HDD storage. It comes with lots of ports. It comes with 2X USB-A 3.1 gen 1, USB-C port, HDMI, SD card and a 3.5mm jack. 10th gen CPUs are available in Jareer store and the local stores.

The second option comes with lots of ports that are suitable for people who want to connect it to a projector. or those who want to connect lots of accessories.

These are the two examples, yet there are lots of choices in the market Joker. hopefully, I made it easy for you to choose.

Check your budget, choose the 10th gen CPU and check the other specs, which I mentioned in this review, Then choose your next device.

Making a good choice means your investment will last. Laptops shouldn’t be with your for a year only. It must be with you for 4 years Joker.

Make a good decisions and go for it, tell me the device you bought, don’t forget.

🤡 OTTO, thanks for your advice, i will tell you later about my decision hhhh hhhh

i also have many quastions and inquiries about a many new devices, see you soon, and keep smiling hhhh hhhh hhhhh….