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🕷 Hello Joker, How are you Man? Look my friend, This device is great for those who want to stream. Let’s get familiar with the Marantz Turret. This device is a set up for streaming. You can use it to make Youtube videos and create content.

The device offers a camera, microphone and LED lights. The camera shoots 1080p@30fps and supports autofocus. The mic has 48KHz frequency, which is great for a mic!

The audio it produces is clear and it has a front filter to make your voice more clear. It connects via USB, which we will talk about it later. The lights are LED and it comes with two heat colors: hot and cold. It has an on/off button for the camera and an on/off button for the mic.

You can control the sound from either the computer or the mic! You need a computer to use this setup to control the sound. You can also control the intensity of the lights! It has a 3.5 headphone port to control the sound if you use a headphone to hear your voice.

The camera is 360 degree. You can adjust it to to get the best viewing angle before you start shooting. The mic can be moved using the extended arm. You feel like if the arm was smaller, it would be better. But with this arm, it would be hard to mobilize it because it is big. But those why will buy this setup won’t be moving it around! It also has a minus decibel to decrease the noise around you and record your voice clearly. It has 2 USB ports, Aux port and power port!

The device is compatible with windows and mac devices. Once you connect it to a computer, you can use any software you like. You can use the quicktime software available on mac to record your voice.

You can use other multimedia softwares, too. This is a sample of the camera. You can use it like this, but if you do, you will cover up your face. How is the quality of the sound? You can stream like this using the quicktime software, if you are a mac user.

This light is also from the LEDs. It has rings that you can apply to change the light. You can change the light. Let me install this. It is kind of blue-ish! The second one is yellowish. And the third ring distribute light in a better way.

Rings don’t have magnets. It would’ve been easier if it had. The price category plays a major role in this device. The audio you are listening to now is recorded on the mic from the Marantz device.

This is a sample of the audio. If you come closer, the sound will be better. The device has a mic controller that you can adjust while recording. It is easy to access it off the camera. It has a mute button for the mic, and on/off button for the camera. It is easy to stream yourself while playing games. You only need to adjust the positioning of the camera. This is a mic test!

You can place the mic like this if you want to read a script. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the mic’s length.

I have taken a test of the device’s mic and camera. There is the second main camera.

Let’s test the minus 10 decibels. and guys make some noise?

I Notice how the minus 10 works? They are cheering for me, This is a test of the mic’s minus 10 decibels. We are testing the minus 10, Joker! Thank you! hhhh

You welcome! hhh hhhh hhh

🕷 The price is approximately 220 USD… This device is suitable for those who want to stream online! It is also great for those who want to examine their ability to speak to a camera. If you want to grow your kids’ skills, this setup is great with great price!

It offers 3 things, and by it, you can test if your kids have the ability to speak to camera or not! You can also use to discuss your content. If you have a DSLR camera, it would be greater, but it is a huge investment. It is great for experimenting. If you want to create content with your face in it, this setup will be great for you.

🕷 This is the end of this review Joker, you are a big vlogger Man, next next…

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