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Review 202: 25.07.2021 at 04:00 pm

Have you heard about this T5 device from Samsung? It is an external hard drive, It has a huge space, yet crazy speed!

Let’s get familiar to it together! There is an external hard disk from Samsun called T5! Why did we decide to use the T5?

Vlogges, as a video editor, needs an external storage 1TB of storage is enough for him! This device comes with either 256GB up to apparently 4TB!

To ensure your work is going well and the editing to be excellent, the external hard drive has to be SSD! Solid State Drive, which has better reading speeds. It is a competitor for LaCie.

LaCie is a company that produces somehow big hard disks. T5 is way smaller! You can add a password to the T5 using a program. It comes with the new thunderbolt 3 USBC port! It supports Android phones using the USBC port!

One of the remarkable features of the T5 is that it can withstand falling from 2m. It is excellent to use an external hard disk that is not bulky and doesn’t get affected with falls or get damaged in your bag.

Reading and writing speeds using a gen1 cable reaches up to 433MBps It could also be 323MBps, which is also great! If you use the gen2 cable, it could reach up to 515MBps-540MBps Reading speed is excellent and so is writing speed.

Samsung updated the T5, and now it will be very capable with the V-nand technology. There are flaws with this device too. It is the huge price. The bigger the storage, the bigger the price, it starts from USD125 up to USD655. It is expensive. This one is UD250, but now on Amazon is 139 USD, It comes without the USBC gen 2 cable, which gives better speeds.

It doesn’t come with this cable. T5 is somehow expensive! You can go for the T3, which is way cheaper. With this size, it is supposed to be water and dust resistant, but it is not, unlike other competitors.

Yet, as an external storage for video editing, T5 is a great choice in the market. We use it with the MacBook Pro. Both devices, Macbook Pro and the T5, work greatly with each other, and we liked to share this experience with you.

You can look up the device, it is not an ad whatsoever, we only wanted to tell you about our experience with it.

See you soon.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine

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