🤡Foldable mobile and flip tablet and suitable for business❓ Is Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3😍 Let’s go…💥

Review 135: 01.10.2021 at 08:00 pm

This is the best business geared device. It’s the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G. The phone comes with great technologies, such as the front camera that appears below the screen and the beautiful folding mechanism. It comes with external and internal screens and supports water resistance. This is the distinctive Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G.

This is the new Fold 3 device from Samsung Samsung is offering as an alternative to the Note series The Note series will be released again next year Samsung wanted to give business-oriented users a chance with this device. These are the users who can invest in such a device or those who are looking for New S Pen with a larger foldable screen The device supports various modes, such as shooting modes, viewing modes, etc.

The internal screen comes with new technologies from Samsung. The phone comes with a front camera at the bottom of the screen. You will enjoy watching the content on this screen while sitting on the business class seat on the plane.

You can enjoy any content you like on this screen. The device is equipped with many technologies. Let me discuss these technologies in detail:🤓

I will discuss Also my evaluation of the device, the things I liked and the things I wished were better Is this device a good investment for you or not?

Let’s start, but let me remind you first by subscribing to the channel and enabling the notification bell for me, the Flip version is for people who prefer elegance, while the Fold version is for business.

Let’s start discussing this device starting from the design:

This device supports the S Pen but the problem is that you have to carry it With you or using the custom cap for me, I have no problem putting the pen in my bag. I wouldn’t use a cap that makes the device a bit bulky. What distinguishes this device is that it is small when folded. You will enjoy using this stylus because it will be there when you need it The side taskbar is really useful especially when you install it on the front This will help do more work because it is great for multitasking.

The device is great for multitasking The device comes with a two year warranty In case something happens to the screen You will enjoy a quantity The technologies that come with this device The device comes with a powerful CPU, great screens and many possibilities.

I am very excited to use this device for business. The device is very beautiful and comes with an elegant design. The phone comes with a 6.2 inch external screen and comes with a front camera with a hole design in the screen on the right side.

The volume up and down buttons and the fingerprint button built into the lock button The left side is for the hinges There is a Samsung logo on the hinges According to Samsung, this hinge is better and more durable than the previous hinges The hinges on the previous version were solid and we had no problems with them.

The new hinges are better in the back The device is made of CCG layer and in the top left there are the rear cameras There is still a gap when the device is folded but this gap does not affect the usability of the device at all when the device is opened, there is a giant 7.6 inch screen you can do anything with it you can Use it to browse the web, play games or watch content You can also use it to read e-books The device can stand up on its own when opened a little This can come in handy while taking pictures or videos or in online meetings The device comes in three different colors in some countries:

These colors are: Black, green and silver to summarize the design of the device: It comes with the best design and the latest technology from Samsung The device comes with a CPU SD 888 5G The CPU comes with 8 cores and it is built on the 5nm architecture It is one of the most powerful Qualcomm CPUs in the Geekbench 5, recorded CPU 604 points for single core and 2291 points for multi core The performance is very strong and smooth and we did not have any problems with it The GPU is A dreno 660 and it delivers excellent performance.

We tried PUBG and did not encounter any problems On the contrary, the game started with the highest settings and frames The powerful CPU of the device provides important technologies such as 4K video recording and 120Hz support The CPU also supports various multitasking options and connectivity 5G Of course, the external screen comes with a 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen.

The screen is protected by a CCG Victus layer and comes with a resolution of 2268 x 832 and supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and it comes with a hole design for the front camera and this screen provides an amazing experience and allows you to use the device as a standalone Android device You can use the device with The external screen only, but I would not recommend it.

However, when folded, the device will be thick when opened. There is a 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen with a screen-to-body ratio of 88.8% screen resolution of 2208 x 1768 and it also comes with a density of 374 pixels per inch and it supports 120Hz refresh rate, HDR10+, 1200 nits brightness There is a hidden camera under the screen.

Samsung has used various techniques to hide it behind the screen The camera is often hidden, but sometimes it can be seen You won’t notice it while using or watching the content But when you watch certain content in a dark room, the camera can be seen otherwise, the camera will not be seen The internal screen looks like Made of plastic but made of ultra-thin glass developed by Samsung.

Hard to use standard glass with this screen How does the device fold?

Samsung used special foldable glass to make this possible by the way, do not remove the sticker on the screen it is very important to protect the screen when you remove it, the screen will be damaged There is an annoying crease in the middle of the screen, similar to the one in the Flip version but you will get used to it Samsung makes the best screens, Moreover, it now supports folding screen Great for watching content, playing games and for entertainment, The device runs Android 11 with One UI 3 but now it works on One UI 3.1.1 This user interface is known for its ease and simplicity but this user interface is specially designed for Fold with features Additional There is a sidebar on most Galaxy devices.

You can also use the screen in split mode, where you can use two different apps together . Wait a minute. You can open 3 different apps at the same time, or even 4 if you prefer Want more?

You can also use the Fifth Floating App . This is great for multitasking, and no other smartphone has an amazing fold phone, especially with this feature. Using apps in split-screen mode depends on the app itself but popular apps like Office, Teams, YouTube, Netflix, Chrome supports this mode The Fold series was released on the market about 3 years ago More apps and games, are now supported If the app doesn’t support split-screen, you can enable it by going to Settings and activating Labs Most of the app’s user interfaces have been updated to support this big screen display More options for users, and provides a computer-like experience when using the larger screen, more options will appear.

Let me now discuss the five cameras on this device:

The cameras are excellently distributed on the device. The three rear cameras come with 12-megapixel sensors, the first is the wide lens, and the second is the wide too, the third is approximate. The details of these cameras are displayed on the screen The front camera is on the external screen It comes with a hole design and it is 10 megapixels.

There is another front camera hidden under the screen with the internal screen To be honest, this camera provides the lowest performance on this device and the reason is technical, because it is the first generation of cameras under the screen From Samsung, but the camera is doing its job well .

Samsung decided to use 5 cameras on one device. There are a lot of options for you when using these cameras. Out of these five cameras, there are 3 rear cameras. The cameras at the bottom of the screen will certainly develop over time.

The cameras provide excellent performance because this device A pioneer from Samsung, but they are not super cameras. These cameras should not be compared to Ultra cameras. The fold phone is not intended for photography, but the equipment and software for the cameras are excellent. They are better than the camera standards in the phone available in the market as well.

One of the cameras is hidden under the screen. It is great to take pictures using the rear cameras while Unlock the device You can use it to take high-resolution selfies. Once you take a picture, you can see it in full resolution. You can then continue to take pictures or edit them.

The device supports a lot of shooting modes, and it supports two-way mode, dual mode, different angle mode when connected to wireless headphones, you can use the headphones microphone to record audio You can use any mode you prefer the device Great for creating content The device comes with a lot of extra features The device finally supports IPX8 water resistance, and can withstand immersion in 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes.

The device, however, does not support dust resistance, so if you go to the desert a lot, it is not the best choice for you The device comes at a high price, so you have to take care of it. The device supports Dolby Atmos, which provides a great surround sound system, but the content itself must support Dolby Atmos first.

The sound is very pure. The device supports the eSIM chip. The device supports fifth generation networks, which is expected with this category. The device supports two types of S Pen, the first is the Fold version.

The stylus works with other devices, but it is designed for this device. The second is the S Pen Pro and comes with a dedicated button to switch between devices. The device will inform you that the S Pen Pro mode must be changed.

But why is there a dedicated stylus for this phone?🙃

Because the screen is very sensitive as it comes with a plastic layer to protect it The tip of the pen is thin and does not harm the screen The device with the stylus is great for businessmen, illustrators and students The device supports Google services fully Google services integrate well with this device Since I discussed pens.

let me discuss the accessories for this phone Samsung released Several new covers:

There is a cover with a dedicated slot for this S Pen that will make it easy to carry the S Pen with you The cover comes with an anti-microbial coating Samsung has also released stylish leather cases in different colors Some of them come with a strap for easy carrying.

There is another one that comes without a strap There are other regular silicone covers and there is another cover made of fiber Aramed carbon to protect the device from scratches and wounds.

The device is elegant and provides a different experience Comes with a huge screen that can be used as a tablet The device in general comes with the highest technologies The operating system has been modified to provide a great multitasking experience The games, entertainment and use of the device for business are great on the phone.

The device is a huge investment, but it is worth it if you are from the target group. The device comes with a screen warranty, but you have to make sure of it in your area Do not forget to activate the warranty so that you can protect your investment, The device comes with the latest technology from Samsung Foldable phones I’m very excited about a futuristic device with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

hopefully we will also see a device that supports IP68 water, and dust resistance.

Hopefully in the future there will be better under-screen cameras This device will be great for the next couple of years, There is another version of the Flip class For me, the Flip is more elegant On the other hand, the Flood device is for business Among many other things, I decided to install PUBG on it to test it out end of this review.

Friends, see you on the next reviews.

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