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Imagine all the devices you use on daily basis can be connected together to make a powerful ecosystem. Let me discuss the Huawei Super Device Smart Office products with you. This ecosystem will allow you to work faster, better and benefit from the powerful specs of your Huawei devices.

This Huawei Super Device Smart Office products means that all the devices can be connected together so that it can offer the best performance possible. I’ll demonstrate this Huawei Super Device Smart Office products using different devices from Huawei like the MateBook X Pro, And then there’s the MateView monitor from Huawei. And the third device is the MatePad Pro tablet from Huawei.

I here have a monitor, tablet and a laptop. I can use all three devices together in a great way. Using three devices together makes my work easier. It also helps me do more tasks and will be great for entertainment. But how can I easily connect these three devices together?

Start a timer and let me demonstrate how much it take to connect these three devices.

First of all, you can directly connect a mouse and keyboard to the MateView monitor. You can go to the monitor’s settings to go the bluetooth menu, then Keyboard and mouse and connect them. Both the mouse and keyboard should support bluetooth, though.

Then, connect the MateBook X Pro laptop to the monitor using a USB-C cable. Then go to the Control Panel on your MatePad tablet and enable Wireless Projection. Then connect it to the MateView monitor.

The Huawei Super Device Smart Office products is now ready to be used. The laptop’s and tablet’s screen are projected onto the MateView monitor’s screen. And you can easily shift between them.

You can use the keyboard and mouse with both the monitor and the laptop. You can use the laptop for business and work and the tablet for your personal things. You can easily protect the MatePad’s screen to the MateView monitor’s screen. You can swipe with two fingers at the bottom of the screen to activate the menu and then choose Wireless Projection.

And then the monitor will broadcast the MatePad’s screen instead of the MateBook’s screen. Moving between the two device is very easy and fluid. You can also use the mouse and keyboard connected to the monitor with the MatePad.

The reason is because the mouse and keyboard and directly connected to the monitor. Now you can enjoy using both devices.

You can dedicate the laptop for work and the tablet for entertainment and personal use. You can watch content on this massive screen instead of watching it on the MatePad tablet, You can do work, like writing emails, using the monitor, whether it is connected to the laptop or the tablet.

The idea of the Super Device Office Products will be fully implemented here. There’s another Huawei Super Device Smart Office products that you can benefit from, which is connecting the laptop and the tablet together.

This implementation will also help you do your work faster and be more efficient. Artists will enjoy using a laptop and tablet at the same time.

To enable the connection between the two devices, you can go to the PC Manager app on the laptop and make sure the app is updated to the latest version.

Then choose the MatePad Pro to connect it to the laptop. Then choose the Screen Collaboration mode. The MatePad Pro will then be connected to the MateBook.

The PC Manager app supports three different modes that you can choose from, and they are as follows:

The easiest mode is the Mirror Mode, where you can project the MateBook’s screen to the MatePad Pro screen. Once connected, the MatePad will become a projected screen of the laptop’s. With this feature, you can use Huawei’s M-Pencil to draw and edit what’s projected on the MatePad Pro screen.

Desingers, editors and people who work with clients can greatly benefit from this feature.

The second mode is called the Extended mode, which is great for video editors who users who prefer to work with dual screens. This mode will turn the MatePad Pro tablet into a secondary screen.

The MatePad Pro will double as a second screen next to the MateBook screen.

You can open a browser on the laptop and the Notes app on the secondary screen. You can transfer files between both screens.

The third mode is called Collaborate mode. This mode allows you to easily transfer files between the laptop and the tablet You can transfer a text, photo or a document from the laptop to the tablet.

You can use this mode to transfer photos from the laptop to a powerpoint file on the tablet or vise versa.These devices will form a powerful Huawei Super Device Smart Office. And it is expected that Huawei will release a number of devices with support this to Huawei Super Device Smart Office products.

The devices showcased in this review are the MateBook X Pro laptop, and the MatePad Pro tablet and the MateView monitor. The MatePad Pro tablet comes with a 12.6″ OLED screen. It comes with the powerful Kirin 9000E CPU and stereo speakers tuned by Harman Kardon.

And it supports great accessories such as the Smart Magnetic Keyboard and the M-Pencil. The device costs 959.63 usd without the accessories, and with the accessories, it costs 1199,60 usd.

Let me now discuss the Huawei MateView monitor:

which is the most powerful monitor from Huawei to date. It supports 4K+ Real Color. And it supports wireless projection to supported Huawei devices. It comes with a modern design and an integrated speaker. It also supports Smart Bar, located under the screen, where you can control the settings using swipe gestures with a finger or two fingers. The screen costs 932,96 usd.

Stay visite us guys for more details about these devices. Voice your opinion about this Huawei Super Device Smart Office products from Huawei.

This is an introduction review to discuss Huawei Super Device Smart Office products ecosystem. This Huawei Super Device Smart Office products ecosystem will allow you connect different devices from Huawei to form a single Super Device.

This is a new approach from Huawei. Huawei Super Device Smart Office products provide more productivity and seamless connectivity and it’s available for pre-order This is the end of this review.

I wish Huawei all the best in making more marvelous technologies like this. With these technologies, Huawei will be a fierce competitor in the market.

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