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đź•·hola Harely, que tal? o how are you better? hhh Nice Pic! Ohh yes, WiFi is everywhere. But there’s a new version of it called WiFi 6. What’s the story behind this new WiFi?

It is faster than regular WiFi or are there things that we should know about it?

Let me simplify it for you in this review. It’s time to talk about WiFi 6. It’s becoming available now with lots of devices. And there are routers that support it.

Should we adopt it or not?

I’ll answer these questions in this review. But first, let me explain what is WiFi. I won’t go back to the beginnings of WiFi.

WiFi is available at our homes and many other places. Through it, you can connect your device to the internet. And when wirelessly connected, your device will have internet using the WiFi. The most popular version of WiFi is WiFi 5. It is called 803.11ac.

These numbers and letters represent WiFi. There are even older WiFi standards. The newer the better enhancements it has.

Let me now discuss WiFi 6. It is called 8.2.11ax. Pay attention to the ax part of the name, because it’ll be mentioned a lot in this review.

WiFi 6 supports something important and urgent. It is not basically for faster internet connection. WiFi 6 speed is between 3.5Gbps, up until 9.6Gbps.Which is an excellent speed. But this is not what’s important with WiFi 6.

The number of devices connected to WiFi lately has significantly increase in the past few years.

These devices don’t necessarily use internet connection.

For example, a smart lamp is connected to the WiFi so that the user can control it. This lamp doesn’t use a lot of data. It is the number of devices connected to the router using WiFi.

This big number of devices make the router suffer. And it results in weak internet. Sometimes, you’ll have to restart the router for the internet to start working again. Even it the router supports WiFi 6, and I’ll explain why. The reason is because the router is overloaded.

Sometimes, your home theater won’t work perfectly, and smart devices won’t respond. Even Chromecast won’t show as connected. It is not an internet issue, but it is a WiFi issue.

Let me explain it. The number of devices connected to WiFi made experts create a new WiFi standard. This new WiFi can support more connected devices. Meaning that the router with WiFi 6 support has basically three main tasks: Better management with more frequencies and more devices.

This management will make your experience with WiFi better, It also supports higher data transfers. This will future-proof your product as the internet becomes faster. The data transfer speeds are high, but the internet speed hasn’t caught up yet.

We don’t have 6Gbps internet speeds here. These kind of speeds are not supported here, yet. It also offers better battery and higher security. Yes, I added both of these together.

Devices that support WiFi 6 will consume less battery. Which gives the user more time with their devices.

That’s great for us, users, isn’t it?

🤡 When should we upgrade to WiFi 6, then?

đź•· My answer Harely will be based on many factors that I am still testing. I am currently reviewing a number of new WiFi devices. Including a number of Mesh Network devices. Also a number of separate routers. This content will arrive soon to the channel.

The question is: when to upgrade to WiFi 6?

Simply, now is not the best time to upgrade. Unless you’re suffering from an overloaded WiFi network. This all I can say now. And I am not sure whether I’ll have the same answer in the upcoming, 2, 3 or 4 years.

Since we’re still getting deices with WiFi 6 support and the internet speed is the same, then it’s not the best time to upgrade. But you should know some information about these new technologies.

WiFi 6 is supported with Samsung’s, Apple’s and Huawei’s new devices among many others. Even the Telo phone supports WiFi 6. This makes these devices sustainable and work better with new routers and devices that support WiFi 6.

WiFi overloading can happen in corporations, companies and even homes and crowded places.

For example, here in Tech Pills and at my home, there are more than 30 connected devices at the same time. 30 devices is not a small number, and the reason is because we conduct test these devices.

And we need higher speeds to do it, hence, the need for WiFi 6. WiFi 6 is more secure since it supports a protocol called WAP3. This protocol makes it harder for hackers to guess the password of the network.

Even if the gather managed to gather some information, it won’t be useful for them to guess the password.

Let me complicate it a bit now. Both of these devices support WiFi 6. But there’s a significant difference between them.

One support AX11000 and the other supports AX1500. The letters AX mean WiFi 6. 1500 to 110000 are the group of data frequencies available and how many antennas they support.

Let me simplify it.

If there’s a router with AX6000, it means it supports 3 frequencies. And there will be two bands. The first one is 2.4GHz. It supports transferring data with 1148Mbps. The other band is 4804Mbps.

Add the numbers together, and it’ll be AX6000. This is how these devices work. The higher numbers — let me showcase a number of devices here.

This device supports AX11000, How many bands does this device support?

It’ll be 4800, 4800 and 1148, Is my calculations right? Yes, I think it is.

Having more bands means better connection. But who needs better connection?

Those who stream 4K videos with a number of devices. And those who have high internet speeds and need it for live broadcasting. This explains that WiFi 6, its prices and numbers depend on your usage.

Do you want an extended investment in your big house with lots of users? Buy a router with a high AX number.

You’re not a heavy duty user? This one is the cheapest. It costs 10% of the price of other WiFi 6 routers. It only supports AX1500. This router supports 5GHz frequency. It also supports two bands and works with 4K live streaming.

You should read what’s written on the box to know which device is more suitable for you usage.

Notice the redesigned WiFi logo?

It shows the number 6, which means it is connected using WiFi 6. I made a hotspot between two devices that support WiFi 6. And this new logo appeared.

This logo will also appear in laptops and all other devices that support WiFi 6.

Let me remind you that in order to benefit from WiFi 6, your router must support WiFi 6 first. What are the technologies that the give WiFi 6 this high performance?

There are two technologies. They’re called MU-MIMO and OFDMA. MU-MIMO means Multi-user, Multi-intput and Multi-Output.

This technology allows the router to connect more devices to it. With WiFi 5, you can connect 4 devices and it’ll work with excellent efficiency. But with WiFi 6, you can connect 8 devices with high efficiency.

8 devices means a very a demanding connection. OFDMA technology means Orthogonal frequency-division multiple access.

This technology allows for one connection to transfer multiple data streams at the same time. Imagine that the data is transferred in a truck.

You’re using your phone and require some data. Before WiFi 6, the router would send this data only through the truck. Even if the truck has more space to add more data. But with the OFDMA technology, the truck will transfer data to your phone and laptop at the same time.

This won’t require the truck to transfer data and go back again to collect data and send it to your laptop. In one ride, the truck can transfer data to your phone and laptop at the same time.

Even if the laptop’s data are not the complete, it’s not a problem. Because there’s another truck following it to bring the rest of the data.

Excellent, WiFi 6 is amazing, then. But later this year, Samsung announced the first device that supports WiFi 6E.

What does this mean? WiFi 6 is built to support 5GHz frequency. But WiFi 6E is built to support 6GHz frequency. But isn’t there supposed to be a router that supports WiFi6E for this technology to work?

It is a new and excellent technology, Samsung has the right to brag about it.

Let me now summarize this review, Should you buy a router that supports WiFi 6 or not?

Simply put? These are new devices. We’ve got WiFi 6, but now we have WiFi 6e. These devices are not fully available in all markets yet. There are devices that support WiFi 6, but we don’t need routers that support it yet. Because the internet speed now isn’t that high.

All I can say now is to wait. The only thing that forces you to upgrade, like me, to WiFi 6, is if your routers are overloaded with lots of connected devices.

The router here in Tech Pills and at my home suffer. I should also explain that there are two kinds of routers. There is single router, And there’s a Mesh Network routers.

Mesh network is basically a number of routers connected to the same network. No matter where you place these devices at home, you’ll get a better internet connection.

Hopefully, you know now what WiFi 6 means. It’s up to you now to adopt it or to wait.Let me know your decision in the comment section.

See you soon Harely