🤡 Who Will Win? 🔥 Galaxy S21 ULTRA 🆚 Mate 40 PRO? 🔥HHHHHH HHHH HHHH

Review 81: 13.02.2021 at 00:00 am

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Joker! 😈 Both of these devices compete with each others. It the best of what both companies offer: Mate 40 Pro v S21 Ultra. I’ll use the Exynos version of the Ultra in this comparison. Both of these devices come with the best specs and features from both companies. Both companies compete with each other.

I could compare them to a much powerful device such as the Telo, but The only problem facing Huawei is Google services support or the lack thereof. On the there hand, the Samsung device officially supports Google services.

Joker, bring your Coffee and Let’s now compare the numbers and facts between both devices. Numbers are basis of my comparisons.

🤡 Is so interesting man, my Coffee is here, let’s go bro HHHH HHHH:

😈 haha Let’s start with the design and build quality:

The S21 Ultra comes with a renewed design. The front stays the same, while the frame is made from stainless steel that extends to all sides. The frame also extends to the camera module to give it a distinguishable design from the rest of smartphones.

The device comes in black and silver, and black color on this device is very elegant. The Mate device comes with a glass sandwich with a frame made from aluminum. The front comes with a full screen and a punch hole to house the front facing camera and sensor.

The back comes with a big circle to house the rear cameras. Huawei calls is Space Ring.

Who wins the point?

🤡 S21 ultra no?

😈 Design is a personal preference Joker. The Ultra comes with a beautiful color this year. The Mate device comes with a beautiful design, too.

Imagine the color of the Ultra with the design of the Mate! This device would be amazing!

A point goes to each device.

The Ultra comes with a Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with 6.8 size. The screen to body ratio is 89%. It comes with 3200×1440 resolution. It also comes with 515ppi density. The ppi density is much higher than that of the Mate screen. It is also covered with a CGG7 Victus layer. It supports adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. It also supports 240Hz touch sensitivity. It supports HDR10+ and brightness up to 1500NITS.

The Mate screen isn’t the best compared to the Ultra’s screen. The size of it is 6.7, It is an OLED panel with 94% screen to body ratio. The screen resolution is 2778×1344. It comes with 456ppi density. It only supports 90Hz refresh rate. Like the Ultra screen, it supports 240Hz touch sensitivity, It also support HDR10. The screen is 88 degrees curved. The curviness is very apparent. This curviness could be problematic to some users.

Who wins the point?

🤡 Mate 40 ?

😈 Noo , Numbers indicate that the Ultra’s screen win the point, are you with me or not joker? With all due respect to the Mate’s screen, which packs lots of technologies and features in it. The CPU is a long story.

I made a comparison between the Ultra’s Exynos and Snapdragon versions. I’ll continue testing both of these devices.

Huawei’s Kirin CPUs are known for their low power consumption. If this Mate is similar to other Mate device, then its battery will last for a long time. The Ultra device gives the best battery performance after two weeks of usage when the AI kicks in.

Let me now compare both CPUs:

The Exynos comes with the Exynos 2100 CPU in our region with 8 cores and 5nm architecture build. The GPU is the Mali-G78 MP14. The Mate comes with the Kirin 9000 CPU with 8 cores and 5nm architecture build. The GPU is the Mali-G78 MP24.

In Geekbench 5, the Ultra scored 1063 points for the single core and 3176 points for multicores. In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 950 points for the single core and 3393 points for multicores. »

The Kirin CPU scored more points. While the Telo device in Geekbench 5 scored 966 points for the single core and 3390 points for multicores. I don’t know, what do you think?

We’ve seen high specs with the Exynos CPU. But we could benchmark the Kirin CPU since the app is blocked, and we couldn’t find any alternatives.

For me, the point goes to the Ultra. And I know that the OS point will go to the Ultra, too.

The Mate device is powerful. I can’t deny it, but also transparency is required, isn’t it?

🤡 I trust you, Continue:

The Ultra runs Android 11 with Samsung’s One UI 3.1 on top of it. The UI is clear and easy to use, and it is one of the best UIs in the Android market.

Samsung has improved when it comes to software updates. Updates don’t take a long of time to arrive now. The Mate device runs Android 10 with Huawei’s EMUI 11 on top of it.

The device doesn’t support Google services. It also doesn’t support Google apps such as the maps, YouTube, Google Translate and so on. But users can install third-party apps and use Huawei’s AppGallery store. It also supports Petal Search engine.

For me, I think users are used to Google’s ecosystem. Huawei ecosystem requires getting used to, too.

Hopefully, Google services will be supported again. This would be great for users instead of delving around Petal Search. It would also be more secure.

Who wins the point?

Like I said before, the point goes to the Ultra. It supports a Stylus and frequent updates. The point goes to the Ultra, with all due respect to Huawei’s AppGallery.

Let’s now discuss secure unlocking:

The Ultra support different ways of secure unlocking. It supports unlocking using face recognition, but unlike the Mate, it doesn’t support dedicated sensors. I’ll discuss it later.

The Ultra comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor. The sensor has become more accurate and quicker. It also supports passcode, pattern and smart lock.

When smart lock is activated, the device won’t unlock unless you’re away from it. It has its own settings. It also supports Secure Folder (Knox), where you can store files, apps securely away from others.

The Mate device offers the same methods. But it supports face recognition using dedicated sensors, and it is considered very safe. The multiplicity of different options will determine this point.

The Mate wins the point. Because it supports more secure unlocking options. The point goes to the Mate device.

The Ultra comes with different cameras. The main is the more advanced from last year 108MP sensor. The second is the 10MP Telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom. The third is the 10MP Telephoto lens with 10x optical zoom. The fourth is the 12MP Ultra Wide camera. The front facing camera is 40MP.

The Mate comes with a 50MP primary Wide camera with laser autofocus support. The Ultra also supports it.

The second is the 12MP Telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom and 50x digital zoom.

The third is the 20MP Ultra Wide lens. The front facing camera is Ultra Wide 13MP camera. It also comes with ToF 3D sensor. Both Wide and Ultra Wide cameras on both device offer excellent photos and performance. But there’s a difference in color processing between both devices.

In general, the Ultra offers sharper photos. The Wide camera of the Ultra offers a wider angle than than of the Mate’s Wide camera. The Ultra supports 100x digital zoom, while the Mate only supports 50x. Both devices offer varying night mode photos. But the Ultra is better significantly better in details.

The sharpness and stabilization is also better on the Ultra. In the selfie photos, the Mate offers a wider angle, but it smoothes the skin more than the Ultra does. Both devices are good with night selfies. But we hope for better performance from both devices.

There’s a differene with steadiness and details with 4K videos with 60 and 30fps between both devices. The Ultra also supports recording 8K videos, but you’ll need a tripod to minimize the shakiness.

In general, both devices are excellent, but the Ultra is better. I should’ve compared the Ultra with the Mate 40 Pro Plus, which comes with better cameras than this version. But both devices offer amazing outcome. But in videos, we thoroughly test the cameras. Yet, both of them take excellent photos an videos. Both companies do their best with the additional features they add to their devices.

The Mate supports cinematic videos with great colors and modes. The Ultra supports recording audio from external mics and it also supports Director mode among many others. Both devices offer the best camera experience on an Android smartphone.

On the other hand, the iPhone cameras don’t support this amount of features found on both of these devices. Don’t for a second think that one of these devices is better than the other.

🤡 What about the battery? I think the Mate is better?

😈 Let me now discuss the battery Joker, and we will see, if the Mate win, i will be sure that are you the truly professional and tech geek 🙊

The Ultra comes with the unchanged 5000mAh battery from last year. It is a big battery, and we expect better performance since the CPU is now 5nm instead of 7nm. But the charging speed dropped from 45W to 25W. I discussed the reasons why in the full review of the device. The video is available on the channel.

The device supports wireless charging and reverse wireless charging with the same charging speeds from last year. The Mate comes with a 4400mAh battery. It supports fast charging with 66W.

It also supports wireless charging with 50W and reverse wireless charging with 5W. While the Ultra comes with a 5000mAh battery, the Mate supports way faster charging speeds.

Both are equal. But because of the way higher charging speeds, the Mate wins the point. Despite the battery being 4400mAh only.

We’ve seen how the battery performance was on previous Mate device.

The Mate wins the point.😍😍😍 and Joker too…

🤡 Smile, Smile, Smile…

😈 Ok, Let me now discuss storage and connectivity:

Both devices support 5G in an excellent way. Both support bluetooth 5.2, The Mate supports WiFi 6 Plus, which is f aster than the regular WiFi 6.

You’ll need a router than supports WiFi 6 to benefit from WiFi 6, 6 Plus and 6e. Else, you won’t benefit from this technology.

If you don’t have a router that supports WiFi 6, then don’t consider what I just said. Both devices support dual SIM cards. Both support eSIM, WiFi Calling and VoLTE. But make sure with your carrier that they support them.

The Ultra comes with either 128GB, 256GB or 512GB of storage. It doesn’t support an external SD card.

The Mate comes with 256GB of storage and it supports a Nano card up to 256GB.

The Ultra can be connected to an external screen using the wireless DeX feature to give a computer-like experience.

The same feature is available with the Mate, but it is not wireless. You need to connect it to a monitor or TV with a cable. And then you can use it as a computer-like device.

The Ultra supports connecting to Windows laptops, where you can browse your files and check the notifications. It is also supported on the Mate, but with Huawei’s touch. Both companies do great with their ecosystem, but Huawei has its own ecosystem. If you have a Huawei laptop and smartphone, then features like Huawei Share will work great. But there are no Samsung laptops in our region.

You can’t share files with Samsung laptops. Both devices offer the same additional features, that’s why both will get a point.

What do you think?

🤡 Wonderful 👌

😈 Both devices support IP68 water and dust resistant. The Ultra supports a Stylus that can be bought separately for $40 or you can buy it with the cover for $70. You can use it write notes and write on the screen. You can also use to translate texts and articles. But this Stylus doesn’t support all the features that comes with the Note’s S Pen. But you can use the Stylus as a Wacom Pen. Both work great with their smartwatches and tablets.

Huawei has the MediaPad while Samsung has the S Tab. Each company has its own world and products.

A point goes to each device.

For prices, the same thing I said in the iPhone v Ultra review applies here, too.

🤡 Yes yes….The prices have become very expensive…

😈 hhhh Of course Joker, The Mate’s price dropped more than 150 USD since its release 6 months ago, And whenever the next Note will be released, the price of the Ultra will drop, too.

Why smartphones have become this expensive?

🤡 Really i don’t know why? HHHHHH HHHHH HHHH

The official price of the Ultra is 1.386 USD for the 128GB storage, It reaches up more for the 512GB version.

Samsung offers excellent maintenance service and a limited warranty for the screen in case it’s damaged.The device doesn’t come with a charger or headphones in the bod!

If you preorder it, you’ll get the Buds Pro headphones for free. But in general, the box doesn’t contain a charger or headphones. The Stylus doesn’t come in the box. The box only contains the device and the charging cable.

The price of the Mate is 960 USD when this review, And this price for the 256GB version.

Huawei offers lots of services, accessories and 2 year warranty. They also offer the AppGallery as an alternative to the Google Play store. Both devices are excellent and offer amazing performance.

I thin there’s something different I’ll start doing. The comparisons between mid-range devices has become more realistic. Because devices that cost more than $1000 offer excellent performance. These devices don’t come with less features. Despite the fact that Samsung removed the support for SD cards, which, for me, is a bad move. till, these devices offer excellent performance for all users.

The investment in one of these devices will last for 3 years a least. Hopefully, you fully enjoy and benefit from all their features.

This is the end of this review, see you Joker on the next reviews 😈✌

🤡 Okay, See you soon OTTO, but wait wait, who won this comparison? Hello… don’t do it to me please? Hello….HHHH