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Look, The first medium phone with a front camera inside the body, is was from Huawei, Huawei released a phone called Y9 Prime 2019 with a retractable selfie camera. Resulting in a full display. Let’s get familiar with this device together.

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Let’s go back to this device. It is a mid-range device from Huawei. Its price is really affordable. The device comes with a curved back. There is a line in the middle behind the fingerprint sensor giving the device two color accents.

Top of the device is dark blue and the bottom is light blue, At the top, there is a retractable camera, and according to Huawei, it resists 12kg of pressure. I will showcase this to you. It has been tested 100,000 times to determine its strength.

The frame of the device is made from plastic and the thickness of it is 8.8mm. According to Huawei, the camera is supposed to withstand heavy weights. You’re not supposed to do this at home. I bear no responsibility to your actions. I added 2.5KG to check if the camera will still work or not.

Let me try to see if the camera still works after closing the camera. The camera will retract after I remove the weights. The camera is still working. Let me try again. It sill working!

Some companies could reach this technology with front facing cameras. I have to explain something else. There is a another technology implemented in this device, where if companies use the accelerometer with this camera, the device will detect a fall and retract the camera.

Lots of companies who make phones with retractable cameras are adding this feature to their devices. The moment the phone detects it is falling, the camera will retract.

Huawei Y9 Prime comes with a 6.59 screen and it occupies most of the front of the device. The screen is LTPS and it is called Ultra FullView Display. The screen resolution is 2340×1080 with 391 ppi, It is considered a great pixel density for such a category.

The device comes with triple rear camera set up:the first one is 16MP with an F/1.8 aperture.

The second one is ultra wide 8MP with 120 degree view, The third one is 2MP for isolation. You will practically benefit from 2 cameras. The third one will be used with Portrait photos.

The cameras support LED flash, The front facing camera is retractable. It is 16MP with an F/2.2 with 1um. All cameras support AI mode. The benefit of this mode is that it recognizes the scene and give you the best settings for it.

AI settings changes with every scene. The phone also supports a number of photography modes, like taking pictures with the ultra wide lens with good quality outcome. It also supports Portrait mode, which offers a number of options for isolation like low light mode, theatre mode, where pictures will be shown with a black background. It also supports Night mode for low light scenarios.

Night mode produces acceptable outcome. It also supports ultra wide lens mode, which enables you to change the aperture before taking pictures.

Pro users will benefit from it. You can also use it in low light scenarios. It supports slo-mo with 720p@480fps, The device has triple rear camera set up: the first one 16MP, the second one is 8MP ultra wide lens, and the third camera is for depth will be used for Portrait photos.

Let me use the ultra wide lens. This is how it looks like. It can shoot more content in the frame.

Let’s see how it performs with sunlight and how th dynamic range will work. I must explain that Huawei made this device with a retractable camera, resulting in a thicker device due to the mechanism used. It is also heavy.

The front facing camera is 16MP. It has 1 Uma Pixel density. It is supposed to perform greatly as it also supports AI. It can recognize scenes and give you the best settings for it.

you will See how it performs with and without direct sunlight, The CPU inside is the Kirin 710F with 8 cores. It is from the mid-range category. It scored 1260 points for single core and 4475 for multi core in Geekbench.

This means that this device performs really good. The CPU offers good performance compared to the hardware.

We played PUBG on it with high settings. The performance was smooth. It comes with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage.

You can up the storage to 512GB using the Micro SD card slot, The device supports 2 SIM cards OR a SIM card and SD card. It runs Android 9 Pie with EMUI 9 from Huawei. It supports Bluetooth and WiFi and has a USB-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. It has a bottom speaker, and from our testing, it is acceptable.

The battery is 4000mAh and it lasts for a full day or more, and it depends on your usage. It has a rear fingerprint sensor, and compared to other devices, it is not that responsive. It is acceptable though. It comes with a transparent cover, wall adapter, USB-C cable, and a 3.5mm headphones. It comes with sapphire blue, green and black colors.

Indeed the camera is inside the frame and gives you a full screen front, but it is not the first time this design is implemented.


The front facing camera is inside the frame of the device, resulting in a full screen front. The performance is great compared to its price. Playing PUBG on it is very smooth. The battery is 4000mAh and lasts long depending on your usage.


The build quality is normal. We hoped it was better.

I think it is great for companies to make such devices with retractable cameras.

It will give you a full screen front. Content lovers will choose this device to watch their content. The screen resolution is very satisfactory. You will benefit from this investment.The box contains all what you need to watch the content.

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