🤡 What’s up? A new social media app ha become very famous very quickly! What is Clubhouse app❓ and What happened to Huawei’s market share ❓

14.02.2021 at 09:00 pm

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Hello Guys, hi Joker, How are you today? okay, I’ll talk about Clubhouse app, which has become very popular in many countries lately. Clubhouse is a voice-based social media app, and it is currently invite-only. It is available on iOS devices. It is not yet available on Android OS.

You can make voice-rooms and manage them and add other users with you to manage them. Other users can join in the conversations with you.

The app is world-wide popular, especially after a number of famous entrepreneurs joined it to debate with users.

The app was created 3 months ago, and it is only available for users with invites.

New users can now invite 5 people instead of 2. This has resulted in a huge wave of new users in so many countries. This also resulted in lots of great discussions with entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship is what Clubhouse is all about. Nearly 95% of Clubhouse users are CEOs. The reason for it is that the idea of the app is a platform for CEOs and company owners to debate with users.

Clubhouse is now very popular, and there needs to be some clarifications. With each new social media platform, there will be a community adoption phase.

We’re currently in this phase. We’ll also go through it again when the app will be available forAndroid users.

Usually, it is one phase if the app is available on both platforms. The app is currently still in Beta despite the huge popularity.

There are lots of rooms full of amazing and interesting discussions. The app is currently still in Beta. It is expected that it’ll gain lots of popularity once it’s finalized.

We’ll see then if community adopting will continue or not. The popularity wave derails the app from its purpose.

This is the adoption phase, and all social media platforms go through it. I am excited for the final phase of this app. Don’t worry about being addicted to it since we’re in the phase of exploring it.

When Twitter started, we spent a lot of time on it. The same thing applies to Instagram. And YouTube too. We spent lot of time on these platforms to explore them.

And then we make decision whether to adopt it or not and know what can be done and achieved on it.

🤡 But i have a question OTTO, Are we safe online? Even with big companies and their products? hhhhh hhhh hhhhh

😈 Embarrassing question Joker hhhh, but i will answer you, According to the latest studies from specialized companies in cyber security, we’re not safe. A cyber security company was able to hack big companies such as Apple, Tesla, Yahoo, Yelp and other big companies.

The researchers were able to clone files of certain apps to the severs of these companies. They were able to fool the severs by making the files look like the targeted company’s apps.

They were also able to plant malicious files on their servers to enable the researchers to hack them.,The researchers determined that we’re not safe. It is doable. All devices have been getting software updates since the start of the year.

There must be some bugs in big companies’ software, and they I assume they know about them. There are also other undiscovered yet bugs.

Do you agree with me that these companies know about these bugs and leave them so that they can access our devices any time?

They wouldn’t let us know, because they want their business to continue.

😈 What do you think about this Joker?

🤡 Oh my God, i asked and regretted hhh hhhhh

Instagram to stop some Reels videos on the app. Reels videos are similar to TikTok videos.

Usually, content creators make videos on TikTok and then upload it to Reels. Instagram doesn’t like that, since the TikTok videos have a TikTok watermark. It shows that users are more interested in TikTok than Reels.

This made instagram hide videos that have a TikTok watermark. TikTok’s fate in the US isn’t clear yet. Even with the new presidency.

There might be new obstacles in tech and economy trade between China and the US. TikTok is one of the companies that face problems in the US. They might not be able to officially available in the US.

Time will tell us whether the problems between China and the US will be resolved. When I asked whether the problems between both countries will be solved, most of you were optimistic.

It’s clear that tech economy is very important in the relationship between both counties. Isn’t that true?

Facebook is working on developing an app similar to Clubhouse, and it might be released soon. Facebook wants to compete with Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is a voice-based social media app that has become very popular. Facebook tries to copy features in other apps in the market.

Even the US government is concerned about Facebook’s privacy. Facebook has the right to do provide such features and apps. But isn’t it enough for them that half the world’s population use their apps?

Let the other half use different apps! Let other companies profit!

Don’t you want other apps to gain profit?

Which company gained Huawei’s market share in 2020?

Part of it went to Apple, which was expected since they’re released a number of new devices in 2020. But who got the other part?

They went to Oppo, Xiaomi and Samsung. But which of these got the biggest share?

It is Xiaomi. Xiaomi got the biggest part of Huawei’s flagship market share.

The reason is that Huawei is facing lots of pressure from the US. After Xiaomi was able to score high numbers, they’re now facing the same Huawei’s fate, but they can still sell their devices worldwide. It’s a tough competition. No one is allowed to become a world’s tech giant.

No one is also allowed to compete with the US. It’s very clear now.

Huawei is still resisting and tries to expand even more. They try to sell more devices that before.

They have the population in China to score high numbers, but they’re also focusing on worldwide sales.

Huawei is rumored to have been working on more devices. They’re working on releasing a new gaming console similar to the PlayStation and Nintendo devices.They’re also working on gaming laptops similar to Alienware, RoG and Predator devices.

This means that Huawei is on the right bath to competition with the US monopoly over this market.

Let’s also not forget about the question I asked on Twitter. I asked wither Huawei would follow Apple and Samsung path by removing the charger from the P50 box.

The results showed that you think they’ll remove it. Huawei tries to compete with Apple, not only in the tech world, but also international-wise. The situation is a bit confusing. But competitors is great for users after all.

TSMC will supply Apple with screens to their upcoming VR/AR headset. This has been confirmed by leakers. These screens will be used in the upcoming Apple glass, which will see the light soon. It’s a new product from Apple different than the rest of their products.

The upcoming foldable iPhone from Apple will see the light in two years. Apple is studying the adoption of foldable devices. They’re trying to find a suitable price for their device. It’s supposed to come with a distinguishable screen.

Apple makes excellent yet very expensive technologies. okay Joker!

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🤡 Yeees, really, this comparison guys was so great and useful, but you didn’t say who is the winner? hhhh hhhhh hhhhhh see you soon my friend on the next reviews, keep smiling hhhh hhhh….