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Good morning Joker, How are you today❓😁Look, Wireless headphones are the preferred choice for professional users, or those looking for the highest sound quality, because they completely cover the outside of the ear, thus isolating you from external sound.

The large size of the wireless headphones also makes it easier for companies to put in high-quality components without sacrificing some components in order to save space or make the headset last longer using the built-in batteries.

There are some headphones that artists use in studios, and these headphones offer higher sound quality and better performance than others.

So here are our picks for the best luxury wireless headphones:

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Sony WH-1000XM4 Headset

Sony has been able to offer a variety of pioneering wireless headphones in recent times, and the XM headphones lineup is considered one of the best headphones for all uses.

The fourth generation of the headset complements the success of previous generations, and it is considered one of the most famous headphones around the world.

These headphones feature a very ergonomic design, which makes them suitable for long trips and long calls as well, It also comes with a new internal chip that offers much better performance in isolating external noise, helping you focus on your work. It also offers unbeatable sound quality and clarity, being one of the best wireless headphones in the industry.

This headset comes at a price of 350 dollars, you can shop it now Joker:


Delivers clear, vivid sound, You do not experience delays in your wireless connection, it is light in weight and convenient to use.


Not water resistant, So it is not suitable for water sports! And it does not support aptX wireless technology.

Momentum Wireless from Sennheiser

All audiophiles know Sennheiser, a leader in the design of professional audio equipment. So you can expect unparalleled quality with this headset, which comes with a luxurious design based on goatskin leather in addition to stainless steel.

And you can fold the headphones on their own, which makes them suitable for long-distance travel. It supports all modern audio technologies such as aptX, AAC, and SBC. In addition, it offers outstanding performance in noise isolation, which makes it suitable for all uses.

You can buy the headset at a price of $270, you can shop it now Joker:


Reaches ultra-high quality sound, it can be used easily in all situations, and it supports strong noise isolation.


Its battery runs out faster compared to the competitors, working up to 17 continuous hours.

Sennheiser HD 450BT headphone

This headset offers a wide range of features compared to its price category, as it supports aptX technologies and active noise cancellation, at a price of less than $200. It also has a very decent battery life. It works for more than 30 hours continuously. In addition to the ergonomic design and very good materials that make it very comfortable to use.

So if you prefer to buy a headset at a slightly lower price $ 125, this headset is the best for you. you can shop it now Joker:


Good balance between different pitches, Very good battery performance, Support for aptX Bluetooth technology.


Button design is not the best, Bass height is not right for everyone.

And there too: Sony Headset WH-CH700N

These headphones have a long battery life, as they can work continuously up to 35 hours. It offers a wide range of features in a low price category. It supports noise cancellation technologies in addition to aptX and NFC connectivity, as well as support for smart assistants from Apple and Google.

The speaker produces good sound for its price category and features, but not the best for lovers of acoustics.

And you can buy the headset at a price of about $229.99 .😅but there is promotion on Amazon now Joker:


Clear and detailed pitches in the music, Very good battery performance.


You need to pay more attention to design, Noise isolation needs a lot of improvement.

At the end Joker, there are Beyerdynamic Amiron Headset: 😍

You can buy this headset if you love audio and don’t mind paying a hefty amount for it. It costs about 599 dollars, you can shop it now Joker:

This headset is worth everything you pay for, as it offers the highest sound quality among all wireless headphones, and this is what prompted many audio professionals to describe it as the best in the field of wireless headphones.

The speaker is able to isolate a lot of external noise due to its unique and distinctive design. But the company did not provide it with noise isolation technology. It is also very large, and cannot be folded. Therefore, it is not suitable for long-distance transportation.

The headset works continuously for up to 30 hours, which is good compared to the technologies you use.


It delivers the best possible performance in terms of sound quality and pitch, it uses very premium materials that make it strong and reliable. Offers a unique control system suitable for everyone.


It lacks noise isolation technology. But it isolates noise due to its design, Not practical in commuting over long distances.

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