🤡 What is the best Features Apple must offer in the next generation of AirPods Max❓

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😎 Hi guys, At the end of last year, Apple announced the AirPods Max. It is the first of the company’s headphones that comes with a large design that covers the ear, without taking the Beats headphones into account, of course.

The new headset includes a lot of cool features and functions. It did, however, come at a relatively high price of $550, and the headset, like any other device, has had some issues and faults.

With Apple’s clear interest in the field of acoustics on the one hand, and its leadership in the wireless headphones in-ear market on the other, the business has a great potential to improve the AirPods Max headphones before the release of the second generation.

🤡 What about the next generation of AirPods Max❗❗ hhh hhhh hhhh

There is no information yet on the next generation of AirPods Max headphones. Also, the previous version is considered the first version of it, so there is no fixed release date for new versions of this product.

Apple may avoid launching a new generation of the headset in the following months. But in general, there are a lot of features and features that Apple must add to its new headset.

Perhaps the first of these features is the support for Lossless Audio. And that’s after Apple officially supported it in the Apple Music app. It is strange that all the company’s headphones at the moment do not support this feature.

There is no doubt that Apple intends to support this feature in all of its future headphones. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have fired it. Perhaps the expensive AirPods Max will be the first headphones to support this feature.

The future iteration of the speaker will be a fantastic choice for audiophiles if this feature is supported. As the name implies, this feature allows you to listen to music without sacrificing the quality of the song or the clarity of the sounds produced by the musical instruments.

So, What Apple has to offer ❓🤨

😁 One of the most appealing aspects of the AirPods Max headset, as well as other Apple goods in general, is its seamless connection with other Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and others. Improving the link between the speaker and other firm goods in terms of speed and quality would be a great first step.

And the AirPods Max set a new standard for noise isolation. According to the opinions of a number of consumers, Apple has overstated the situation. Because the headset blocks out all external sounds, the wearer may miss vital sounds around him.

Users can adjust noise isolation, however this does not prevent the headset’s virtual experience from being enhanced.

Many of the complaints about the AirPods Max have been centered at its protective shell, which has a very poor design. While it does its job properly, revamping it could be a smart idea. Headphone accessories and coverings have been released by a number of companies.

The headset has a Lightning charging port, which Apple uses in the majority of its devices. However, replacing it with a USB-C port would be preferable, especially because it provides faster charging.

However, because it is the same port as the iPhone, it is evident why Apple chose this port. The user will undoubtedly prefer to carry only one charging wire for the headset and phone rather than two.

Apple should also improve battery life in future versions of the headset. Especially as it is a huge earphone and is able to accommodate larger batteries, in addition to the reduced price of changing the battery, as the earphone battery costs 79 USD to replace.

The headset also lacks the main 3.5mm audio port, and in order to get it the user must pay an additional $35. Which is strange for a headset of this size.

Although Apple is not cooperative when it comes to Android support, more headphone compatibility for Android may entice more people to utilize it.

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🤡 I agree with you, i will tell Apple about it bro hhhh hhh hhh And you can shop the device right now guys, why not hhh hhhh😍

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