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😈 Hi Joker, Microsoft Flight Simulator is known as one of the best games ever developed. Either from Microsoft or others. It allows you to accurately simulate the civil aviation experience.

Therefore, if you want to fly a plane you pilot and pass over your house, this game will allow you to do so. And the 2020 version of the game is the last release after a succession of strong releases, which played a big role in the world of electronic games.

The game has been a PC exclusive for many years, the first flight simulation technology was released in 1982, and of course this version was pretty simple.

The first version of the game aimed at all users appeared in 2006, which came from the development of Asobo Studios, the developers of the famous Plague Tale. The latest and most up-to-date version of the game is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 which is currently available. It is the first version to be available for platforms other than PC.

The game simply allows the player to fly a civilian plane to any place he wants around the world. This is based on realistic flight methods as much as possible.

The game comes with so much storage space, that the physical version of it comes on 10 separate DVDs. The editions vary in price as well, and each edition offers certain options of aircraft, airports, and interior content.

All information about the game is available on its Xbox website. But information about the differences between the versions is known, and they are as follows:

  1. Standard version comes with 20 planes and 30 airports at $59.99
  2. Deluxe version comes with 25 planes and 35 airports at $79.99
  3. Premium version comes with 30 planes and 40 airports at $109.99. Of course all these different airports or planes are the embodiment of real world models. The game requires 150 GB of storage space to run. It is currently available for PC and Xbox Series S and X platforms.

The game supports various types of HOTAS ports that allow the connection of aviation devices and gadgets, and its map is very accurate because it depends on the data of the Microsoft Map platform.

🤡 Realistic Experienc❓🤔

🕷 More than one source stated that civil aviation students rely on the game to train in taking off, flying, and landing. This is due to its high accuracy.

Recent reports also said that Microsoft is planning to unveil an enhanced version of the game under the name Game of the Year Edition, which is known as GOTY. The game is constantly being updated and is expected to support virtual reality technologies in the future.

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