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Review 139: 30.10.2021 at 05:00 pm

😈 Hi Guys, Joker! how are you today? Yes, Google launched Pixel 6 phones several days ago, after many leaks and hints about the specifications and designs of the new devices.

The world was not waiting for the Pixel 6 devices because of the new design or new camera technologies, as these phones come with a different surprise.

Google has used its own processor called Tensor, which is the first time that Google has tried to offer its own processor rather than from an outside company.

So the company is trying to get a fresh start with these phones, rather than the previous generations, which were not very successful.

New Google phones specifications:

The new Google processor offers a wide range of artificial intelligence features that the device relies on a lot and provide it with its most important features.

Google says that the new processor competes with the performance of the Snapdragon 888 processors from Qualcomm, and this has been proven by many of the tests that have been done on it.

The reports issued by the device did not encounter any problems in using it or slow in opening applications or switching between them. And while the processor was not able to achieve great results in performance tests, as happened with the new Apple processors, it is much better than the Pixel 5 processor last year and is close in performance to other leading phones.

The Pixel 6 comes with 8GB of RAM and the Pixel 6 Pro comes with 12GB of RAM. The lower memory size of the Pixel 6 did not cause any problems while using the phone or playing games and browsing applications.

Also, there was no significant difference in the battery performance between the two devices, as you can complete a day or more depending on your battery usage. The phones come with large capacity batteries capable of completing a continuous day of use or more depending on your usage. Both phones support wireless charging in addition to fast wired charging, but they do not come with chargers inside the box.

Google uses a new technology to slow down the fast wired charging of phones, so as not to damage the battery quickly.

So you can charge it with any charger you wish, as charging becomes much slower when the battery capacity reaches 80% of its capacity. Google has replaced the under-display speakers it introduced in the Pixel 5 earlier with a pair of surround speakers on the two phones.

Therefore, the phones are able to produce good and adequate surround sound through the dual speakers located in them from below. The phones support connectivity to fifth generation networks, but the Pixel 6 does not support all available networks and cannot reach their full capacity.

Camera performance in Pixel 6 and 6 Pro:

Google used a new sensor for cameras in the Pixel 6 phones, and the Pixel 6 Pro is the first Google phone to come with an ultra-wide lens in addition to an optical zoom lens.

The new lens comes in phones with a power of 50 megapixels and it produces 12.5 megapixel images to contain details and be more clear. The Pixel 6’s image-processing technologies have not received any significant update, as the images remain similar to previous Pixel phones.

There is also a difference in the quality of the resulting images between the main lens and other lenses, as the image is not processed to the same quality. And the night mode in the Pixel 6 phones takes a lot of time to be able to take the picture and process it, and this sometimes causes the picture to be corrupted.

Google has used a different lens for the front camera in the two phones, where the Pixel 6 comes with an 8-megapixel lens and the 6 Pro with a 12-megapixel lens.

The new Tensor processor from Google offers a range of new features for the camera and the Photos app, and these features include Magic Eraser that allows you to remove people from photos with the click of a button.

In addition to the Motion Capture feature that allows you to take pictures with Long Exposure technology without the need to use a stabilizer or stay still.

Android 12 from Google:

Google Pixel 6 phones come with the latest Android 12 system, and you find the best performance of Android 12 with Pixel phones as usual. Google also offers a set of exclusive features for its phones, and the Tensor processor helped in many of the exclusive features of the device.

And the Pixel 6 can tell you the content of a corporate auto-responder on phones, and tell you when to press 1 or 2 to go to customer service.

The voice-over and speaking features work better with it as well, but it still needs some work with other languages. And phones can process some simple voice commands that you tell them directly through the processor, without the need for an Internet connection.

Google offers powerful phones that are competitive in all areas, and you can say that they were able to offer flagship phones for the first time.

So you can nominate and buy phones without looking at the competition, and the prices of new phones make them outperform many competitors. And you can get a Bicycle 6 phone at a starting price of $ 600 or a Pixel 6 Pro at a starting price of $ 900, which are lower than other leading phones.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine