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This review will help you choose the best laptop for you as the back to school season is approaching. I will consider the price, specs and what’s best for you depending on your level. And hopefully, it’ll help you choose a worthy device for education – not for gaming.

This review will help both students and teachers. These laptops offer multi-functionality and could also be used for gaming. Let me show you the first 3 devices now.

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Okay Joker❗ 🤪, so Let me start with students ok, I will begin with the elementary students, then middle school students then high school students. Elementary and middle school students don’t require powerful laptops.

All the devices in this category come with the Intel Celeron CPU and Windows Home OS. Before I start, I should say that I bought these devices from the market, and they are examples. If you find similarly spec’ed devices, then they’l be fine, too.

I will begin with the HP Stream 11:

The size of this device will get your attention. It is suitable for kids, since it is small and can be stored in their bags. It is not heavy. The device comes with the Intel Celeron N4020 CPU. It is a simple CPU that does main tasks well. This is applied to all students in elementary and middle school. But it doesn’t come with a big onboard storage.

The storage is only 64GB. It should be enough for school work. But if the student has personal files, then they might need an external storage. You can use a hard disk or flash drive or something similar. The performance of the device along with the screen do their job well. Let me repeat myself. This is not an entertainment device. The performance of the device is reflected on its price.

The device comes with a webcam, The specs of the device are shown on the screen. It doesn’t come with a powerful GPU. It doesn’t come with a big storage. It only does its job.

There’s another device that costs 279 usd. It is the Acer Aspire 1:

It is suitable for students who mainly use it for web surfing and MS Office apps.

The device is lightweight. What’s good about is that it comes with a big keyboard and touchpad. It is good for students and teachers alike. It comes with the Intel Celeron N4500 CPU. It is capable of running 4K content. It also offers better performance than the HP Stream 11 device. But the performance is only good enough for education purposes. The device comes with a webcam and mic.

They offer good performance for online meetings and education. As I said before, the price is 279 usd. It is one of the best devices for elementary and middle school students. But it doesn’t come with a USB-C port.

Students might need an adapter with it. But I don’t think they’ll need it a lot. Adapters are sold separately, and come with different prices. It ranges from 25 to 50 usd. If students require a USB-C port, then the HP device might be better for them.

Let me now discuss the Lenovo IdeaPad 3:

This device could be suitable for students who prefer a bigger screen for many reasons, weak eyesight included. The device comes with a 15.6″ screen.

The weight of the device is light considering its size. But some students might not prefer because of its size. The device comes with the most comfortable keyboard and touchpad. The reason is because of its size and distribution. It comes with the Intel Celeron N4020 CPU. The CPU offers good performance.

I think female students would prefer it because the webcam can be covered. The device comes with a large 1TB storage. But it is HDD, not SSD.

The performance of the storage won’t be as fast as with the SSD, but it is huge. It supports external storage, too. It supports Dolby Atmos technology.

This technology offers surround sound, but it depends on the device’s capabilities, too. The content itself must also support the technology first. Don’t expect an amazing audio experience with this device. The price of the device is 399 usd.

but you can buy similar devices. Check the specs found in these devices. Share this review with your family and friends to save them money. If the purpose of the device is for education, then they don’t need to be powerful.

As we move to the high school level, the prices could jump up to 500 or 600 usd. The CPU must be i5 with enough storage.

Hopefully, with these specs, the device will good for them. Make sure that the CPU is from the 10th or 11th gen. The 10th of 11th gen CPU are the latest CPUs from Intel, issued in 2020 and 2021.

Let me now discuss teachers: Their devices must come with lots of ports and good performance. They must also come with a bigger storage and better battery life, so that they can use it anywhere. I’ll give you two examples in this review, but there are other options, too. Check the specs and features of these devices and look for similar devices in the market. The prices of these devices begin from 750 usd.

The screen here is LCD with a powerful i7 CPU. This CPU offers high performance in many tasks. A 512GB SSD storage is good for teachers.

Let me start with the MSI Modern laptop:

Which comes with an elegant design suitable for teachers. It comes with a GPU good enough for apps like Photoshop and Adobe Premier. It offers high performance in gaming, too, but we don’t recommend teachers to game during work.

The device is thin and light and doesn’t need to be carried in a bag. It could be carried as if it was a tablet. It comes with a good screen that occupies most of the front.

The size of the screen is 14″. And it occupies 97% of the front. The screen can be opened up to 180 degrees. You can use this feature to show students what’s shown on the screen. The device comes with lots of ports, HDMI is one of which. Through the HDMI port, you can broadcast the screen of the device on an external screen or using a projector. It comes with good features, such as a backlit keyboard.

According to MSI, the battery lasts for up to 10 hours. The keyboard will be good when the lights are off. But when used for video editing, the battery life will decease, so we advise you to carry the charger with you. Especially if you intend to use it for a long time.

There’s also another device that is the Asus X515:

It comes with a bigger 15.6″ screen. It is a non-reflective panel and supports 178 degrees field of view. It comes with a 512GB storage. And it also supports an external storage.

The device comes with an excellent GPU and 8GB of RAM. You could up the storage to 1TB and the RAM to 16GB. It comes with a fingerprint sensor for more security. And it has a backlit keyboard.

But the price will increase, and I don’t think teachers need all of these features. But it also depends on your needs.

Let me now discuss devices meant for businesses. 👩‍🎓🧑‍⚖️

I’ll start with the Lenovo Yoga:

which is a 2×1 device. It is a laptop and a tablet at the same time. It could be used in both ways. It can also be sued as a laptop with a keyboard and regular screen. It can be used with a Pen to sign contracts and notes.

But apps should support these features, first. The screen size is 13″ and the CPU is i7 and storage is 512GB. These are excellent specs. It’s also great for entertainment, since it comes with an excellent screen and speakers with Dolby Atmos support. These specs are great for content consumption.

It comes with a 720p webcam, which is good for meetings. Multitasking makes this device suitable for businessmen with a good price. It costs 1039 usd.

These are examples, so evaluate your needs before making a decision. It’s hard to discuss businessmen needs without mentioning the Surface Pro 7 -and what follows it- from Microsoft. You could also check the rest of the devices from the same series, which might also be good for you.

If your work requires Windows services, then Microsoft’s devices are more suitable for you. Microsoft devices always come with excellent CPUs. It comes with different series.

For example, this device is a mix between a tablet and a laptop. It comes with a 12.3″ screen with high resolution. It supports touch input and comes with different ports and supports different accessories. And of course all MS apps work better here.

The only flaw is the increase of price with bigger storages. But it supports external storage. As a businessman, if you choose a Surface device, then you know what you need form a computer.

The price of the device is 933 usd for these specs. But as you increase the specs, the price does, too. And I say it again, these devices in this review are examples.

😇 The goal of this review is to guide the 5 categories to get good devices for their needs. The categories are, elementary students, middle school students, high school students, teachers and businessmen. And the devices shown in this review are examples.

😅😅 This review is not for gamers or people who require powerful devices for video editing and such.

😇 Hopefully, I succeeded in guiding you to buy the correct device for you. Share this review guys with people who you might think will benefit from it.

This is the end of this review guys, Hopefully, it is informative for you. I wish you success in your study, work and entertainment, too.

Let’s start to save money🙏 😍🤑

See you later Joker .✌👍

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