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Review 248: 28.11.2021 at 08:00 pm

🤡 In this new review, I’ll give you tips on how to buy products during sales. I’ll let you know stores, how to order products, delivery, hidden fees and so much more. Keep this article in your bookmark. Peace be upon you all. This is your host, OTTO, In this article, I’ll refer to the Stackry service. I’ve been using this service for a long time, and I’ll use it as an example in this review, Keep bringing your Coffee 🍵 whether you’re using Stackry or other services.

To begin with, the sales are not only on Amazon and Best Buy. There are other websites, and I’ll tell you about them at the end of this review. Make sure that your US address doesn’t have taxes. What’s great about Stackry is that, unlike other services, they’re located in a US state where the don’t pay taxes. Taxes in US varies from a state to another.

In some states, the taxes are high, in others they are low. What’s important is that Stackry is located in a state where they don’t pay taxes. Your mail box is free, but you don’t have to have a box for each member of your family. You can use one mail box for your whole family, which will also results in lower shipment prices. The bigger the shipment is, the lower the prices will be. It is okay to buy from different stores as long as you have a single mail box for all of your family.

You can use the address given by Stackry as your address in the websites you’re buying from. Filling in the address data is easy to do. All you have to do is to copy the address and paste it in the address section. Then the name and phone number. Then you fill in the address, and then add the city, state and post code. Make sure to add your box number to let Stackry know that it is you.

🤡 Using the link gives you 10% discount. I don’t get any benefits from this link. This link is for my viewers. I’ve been using Stackry for so long, and they’re among the best in this field. If you own a business and buy lots of stuff from USA, then contact Stackry and they’ll give you a discount.

Let me give you some shopping tips. It’s better to add the products you want to buy to your basket even if you don’t buy it. Or add it to the wishlist. This ensures that, at some point, you’ll get a discount. Always check for price changes. Make sure to calculate the price of the product in your currency and then add taxes to it.

Also, add the shipping costs to know whether you’re saving money or not. Make sure that the prices are real by using some tools like the Camel Camel Camel tool. This is a website to give you an analytic for the prices. In some cases, the prices of some products have reached way more the sale’s value. Always evaluate your needs. Sales could be tempting. But as a family, you’ll enjoy the sales season. You can also use websites that track prices of certain products. You can copy the link of the product in the Camel Camel Camel website and it’ll give you the history of sales of said product.

🤡 There’s another website called AliPrice for Aliexpress. There’s another website called pricearchive.org This website will also help you know the sales history of a certain product, Don’t send individual shipments to middle east and africa. Collect them all in one single shipment.

With Stackery, you have 45 days before the shipment. The bigger the shipment the better and cheaper the cost will be. Even if the product you bought is big and heavy, you’ll still save money with the shipment. You can also subscribe to Stackry’s mailing list to get the latest about sales. You’ll also get a list of websites that offer sales. Stackry has an army of employees to look for such websites.

The mailing list from Stackry or from any other service is for free. Make sure to use a credit card for shopping, you’ll only have to charge the price of the product without additional charges. Make sure that the device your using to shopping is safe. Make sure that your antivirus software is up to date. If you’re using a smartphone, make sure you don’t click on suspensions links. Some products have more than a seller. Make sure to verify the seller, and check the product’s details in the description.

Some sellers choose to lower the price of their products to get better reviews. In some countries, wall plugs are different than here in middle east and africa . Make sure that the products you buy support 220V. Make sure to read the questions asked about the product in the product’s page.

🤡 Why do products go on sale?

🤡 First, to increase the purchase rate, or to wholesale the product or there’s a new version of the product. If you prefer the latest products, then don’t buy products that are on sale. But usually, the new products don’t come with significant changes. There’s a huge list of stores that sell products on sales, especially in USA.

In some cases, the sales are really good for certain products. I’ll add a link of a website from Stackry that has a list of stores that sell products on sale. The list gets renewed all the time. This way, hopefully, you’ll get the best price.

I ordered the products in this box , I made another review Stackry to give you more ideas on the taxes, sales and so on. Don’t forget to register in Stackry since since the registration is free.

🤡 Evaluate your needs before making a purchase decision…😇

See you soon guys.👋❤

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