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22.02.2021 at 00:00 am


🕷 I’m back Joker, Hello Guys, Barcelona resists. It’s asking us to visit the event! Nothing company acquires Essential. Joker I’ll also discuss iPhone news and the new Samsung devices. Ready Guys?

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🕷 Let me start with the MWC event in Barcelona guys, where I used to visit every year to cover it. Big companies gather in this huge international event. Some of these companies are from Asia, and of course international companies.

Companies like Samsung, Intel and Qualcomm used to showcase their new products in this event. But with the pandemic, the MWC event has been affected, and the Barcelona city economic has been hit as well. After the pandemic, there was a lot chaos, and some companies withdrew themselves from participating.

The year 2020 was bad for the event’s organizers. To clarify, there are two versions of the event, one in Barcelona and the other in Shanghai.

The event could take place this year, but with extreme health measurements. The participants, press and attendants needs to be checked. Which means that it’ll be a big obstacle for the participants.

The city of Barcelona is trying to protect its economy and actually hold the event. We’ve seen the CES event and many other events at the beginning of the year, but all were virtual events.

The last CES’ event wasn’t didn’t give the best impression. But there were announcements, nonetheless.

I expect the same thing to happen with the MWC event. Hopefully, the world gets rid of the pandemic soon and life goes back to normal. Nothing company acquires Essential.

MWC Event in Barcelona 2019 By OTTO

Carl Pei in a tweet confirmed the news, He said that his company acquired Essential.

Essential released two devices before, but they didn’t succeed. The company owns lots of phone patents.

Nothing acquired the company so that they can get these patents and make phones based on them. We’re excited for what’s coming. Let’s not forget that Carl offered great value and addition to OnePlus.

Let’s hope that he’ll offer some new and excellent.

🤡 I hope so…hhhh hhhh

🕷 TikTok is facing lots of problems in Europe, especially that they’re being investigated now for security reasons for old and young users.

The reason is because there’s content on the app that might encourage kids to do unwanted things. We know the device supports parental control. But who uses these settings?

One of the settings is called Family Pairing. No use uses these settings. When was the last time you heard about them?

There are features, but no one uses them.The EU has the right to investigate, especially after the sucide incident of a little Italian girl after participating in a challenge on the app. It is really dangerous.

🤡 God protect all of us!

🕷 To clarify again, let me tell you the age in which social media platforms should be used. The users of most of the social media apps should be above 17, especially Twitter.

Yes, users of Twitter should be above 17 years old. In some countries, it should be above 18 years old.

The required age of the rest of social media app is 13 years. Considering that you also should use parental control. Until your kids reach 18 years old. These are the rules, but who commits to them?

🤡 Thank God, i have no children hhh hhhh hhh

🕷hhh Nooo Joker, the kids is life’s sweets, but they must be watched,

In the third week of Clubhouse’s spread in the world, it brings lots of discussions on social media platforms. This has also refreshed Twitter’s popularity as well.

Clubhouse doesn’t allow for private chats with users. But some users ask for information exchange.

Twitter and Instagram can be linked to Clubhouse. But Twitter is better for sharing information. It’s because of its privacy and it is very popular here in must countries now.

We also noticed lots of discussions about Clubhouse in Twitter. But wait a minute, Twitter has a similar feature.

IronMan shared a tweet about the Spaces feature participating in it with a UK journalist. I’ve tried it and it was really great. The participants can interact with the speakers. This is not supported in Clubhouse.

The idea is that platforms should compete with each other. Clubhouse is getting more popularity.

Let’s wait for Mars when the app will be officially available on Android OS.

Hopefully, Clubhouse community will be even more better then. And hopefully, these long sessions will be valuable and rich with information.

There are lots of platforms now, but I still prefer my web hhh

Samsung excels again with their Book Pro and Pro 360 laptops. These laptops will come with OLED screens.

Samsung is rapidly adopting new technologies.They’re also focused on the screens they announced in the latest CES event.

They’re also focused on their smartphone department. But we don’t see enough marketing from them, despite that they’re years ahead in competition. WiFi 6 content is being made. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comment section.

Hopefully, we’ll include them in the upcoming reviews. I’ll give you example, experiments and explanations of this technology and how to benefit from it.

Android 12 could support a better gaming mode. It’ll also support quick access to settings. Quick conversation toggles, Quick replay toggles.

These features are coming with Android 12. It’s expected that there will be a huge enhancement to how the OS deals with games. The gaming mode won’t depend on companies’ UIs. Instead, it’ll be baked in the system. Which is an excellent thing.

It’s expected that there will be an Apple event in Mars, where they’ll announce different devices.

Unfortunately, AirPods Max Lite won’t be one of them. There also won’t be new Macs with the new Apple silicon. But there will be 3 different devices.

First one os the AirTags, which is similar to Samsung’s SmartTags. The second is the iPad Pro 12.9 with Mini-LED screen, and the the third is the AirPods Pro 2.

And with it, there will be the standing AirPods 3. This means better popularity for these products.

Let me now discuss the last news in this episode about the iPhone 13.

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🕷 Ohhh yes Joker! There’s a huge possibility that the upcoming device will support two new features.

The first one is the screen’s refresh rate. Unfortunately, iPhone 12 only supports 60Hz. But Apple lately registered a new patent for it. Apple says that this technology will allow for 240Hz refresh rate.

Is that possible?

🤡 Why not Spider-Man?

🕷 But that happens, knowing that the patent was recently registered, for me I think it won’t come with the iPhone 13. Rather, the upcoming iPhone could come with 120Hz.

Hopefully, next year, we’ll see the adoptive refresh rate. And hopefully, it’ll support 120Hz. The second thing is the notch could be totally gone.

I am excited for a newer design for the iPhone.

Look Joker, Since iPhone X, iPhones come with the same front design despite that changes in the screens. But the design of the front is kind of the same in all the versions.

🤡 Change is great Spider-Man, Why not with the new iPhones?

🕷I don’t know, I am to announce three new services coming to Middle east, These services are Samsung Pay, Huawei Pay and Fitbit Pay.

These services are coming soon. There will be diversity since the only wearable that supports paying services is the Apple Watch.

I can use other wearables for health purposes from Samsung, Huawei and Fitbit, but do you have any other solutions for payment options?

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