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09.02.2021 at 01:00 pm

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Huawei will follow Samsung’s approach with foldable screens. Xiaomi announces a new screen that we’ve kind of seen before from other companies. And Hasselblad is OnePlus’ new partner. And I’ll let you know who Hasselblad are in this news article.

Hello guys, hello Joker? This is your friend OTTO Magazin, with a new Science and Technology article, your Coffee and Let me start with Telegram, where it became number 1 of downloaded apps in January 2021.

Lots of users have moved to it, especially from WhatsApp, giving Telegram a lot of popularity. According to Telegram’s CEO, the app has got 100 million new users in January alone. We’re not sure whether these new users will continue using the app or not.

Still, the number of new downloads and users in January is too much. We’re not sure how the numbers will become by the end of this year. Despite the huge media momentum for the Signal app, it didn’t get as much new users as Telegram. But there’s something that actually makes me wonder.

The reason behind users leaving WhatsApp is privacy. Telegram chats are not encrypted by default. To get encrypted chats, users will have to open a private chat. Only then, chats will be encrypted. Which is the default settings in WhatsApp and Signal. The chats are always encrypted with these apps.

Users fled WhatsApp to Telegram, which doesn’t support encrypted
messages by default not does it support encrypted cloud services.

Google is working on a new privacy policy similar to that found in Apple’s App Store. It is a new step for transparency and app tracking.

The feature’s name will be Anti-Tracking System. This feature will protect users from being tracked across apps. This way, it’ll be easier for users to stop apps’ tracking.

The OS itself will stop apps from tracking you. Privacy is very important. It’s clear that apps stores ar focusing on it in 2021. Let’s see what happens next. Xiaomi releases a concept device with a quad-curved screen. It’s called waterfall screen. The screen has curved edges up to 88 degrees from all sides. Each side will have a screen.

Some of these side screens will show notification, and other will show be an extension to the main screen. Xiaomi is trying to develop screen, since the whole tech world is trying to invest in this department. They release concept devices, but it’s not yet confirmed whether a device will come with this technology.

In addition, the concept device is portless. It’ll depend on wireless charging, which is technology approved on most of the new smartphones in the world.

Let’s wait and see whether companies as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi will release a portless device. Samsung will release two foldable devices: The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 this year.

They’re expected to be released in July of this year. They’re supposed to come with enhancements and hopefully, better prices.

In addition, there might be Lite versions of these devises. But why will Samsung release them in July? We have no idea. But one of the reasons could be because of the pandemic and lack of optimism.

The lack of optimism is because of the pandemic and its affects on countries such as lockdowns.

In some countries, life is back as before, even schools have opened again. There’s a huge effect on Industry, trade and technology. Technology is not immune to the world’s condition. All of these fields are connected together. Instead of partnering with Leica, OnePlus decided to partner with Hasselblad.

Hasselblad was founded in 1940. The upcoming OnePlus smartphones will come with camera co-engineered with Hasselblad. OnePlus won’t partner with Leica. Some websites confined that OnePlus will partner with Leica before. This wasn’t expected, since Huawei’s partner is Leica. Huawei doesn’t like to share partners with anyone else.

They allowed the partnership between Honor and Leica before, because Honor was part of the company. Even Porsche wouldn’t partner with any other company except for Huawei.

Except for laptops. Have you readet the Acer laptop review available on the magazine?

Huawei prefers exclusivity. They want their partners to only cooperate with them. What do you think?

By the way, Hasselblad has a noble history.

The first camera to be taken to the moon was a Hasselblad camera. Some readers will say that no one went to the moon. Mankind have not been given of knowledge except a little.

Let’s immerse ourselves in science. We shouldn’t reject theories while we’re actually doing nothing. Let’s depend on science.

Why is that the west is more open to science that others?

Why do people reject these theories? And at the same time, we use Google Maps on our devices.

EMUI 11.1 update could be the gate to Huawei’s HarmonyOS. There are mixed news about Huawei’s upcoming P50 device. It’s expected to be released in Mars. A version of this device will fully run HarmonyOS. But we’re not sure whether this version will only be for the Chinese market or available worldwide. But the EMUI 11.1 update is coming.

And the new P50 is expected to come with it out of the box. There are contradicting reports, but everything will go back to normal when Huawei starts making events. But there will be an event even before the P50 event.

This event will be for the Mate X2, which is the third foldable device from Huawei. But this time, it’ll come with an inward folding screen. Unlike the Mate X and Mate Xs which were announced in 2019 and 2020 and came with outward folding screens.

Huawei will follow Samsung’s approach with there upcoming device with trusty inward fold screens. The screen will be protected because of its position.

The device is expected to come with a Kirin CPU. The battery is expected to be 4400mAh. It could come with 5 cameras and under-display front facing camera. the price is so expensif, And since we’ve reached these prices, let me now continue the news with even more expensive devices:

Apple is expected to announce a VR/AR headset. Let me differentiate between VR and AR.VR is a technology that puts you in virtual world. AR is the ability to add new things to the real world. You can added shapes and information to what you see in the real world.

There’s VR and AR. Both of these technologies could be available with the upcoming glasses from Apple. Its price is expected to be 3000 USD and it’ll be directed for developers.

There’s also another very expensive product from Apple relating to electric cars. There are a number of news about it. In previous episodes, I talked about Apple/Hyundai cooperation. But then Apple chose KIA to cooperate with.

Now, the talks between these companies has stopped. Apple wants totally secrecy with their upcoming project. Anyway, in 4 or 5 moths, there will be a WWDC event from Apple.

Through this event, we’ll know more about their upcoming products and business. We’ll know more about their operating system, new devices and new Macs that’ll come with advanced M CPUs. The new CPU from Apple could be named M2.

The last news is about the iPhone SE, which could be released this year. This is what the leaks suggest. But new leaks suggest that the Plus version won’t arrive until 2022.

Apple has changed its policy of their devices this year. Is the new update, where an Apple Watch unlock iPhones, and the pandemic are the reasons why Apple changed its policy?

Is their plan now is to make more products instead of innovating?

We have no idea. But their list of devices isn’t complete yet.

The products that haven’t been released yet is a new AirPods Max Lite. A new generation of AirPods Pro and AirPods. And new MacBooks with 15 and 16 screens with the new Apple Silicon CPU. And for sure new iMacs and Mac Pro devices, which will get very powerful CPUs from Apple.

In addition, new Apple Watch with more sensors and a different design this year. Also, new iPhones and iPads. The iPad series isn’t compete yet. Apple is expected to announce lots of devices this year.

Just like last year. And it’s also expected that they’ll market these new devices very well. This is the end of this news article guys. The new article was quick this time. Hopefully, you find it entertaining. See you soon on the next reviews.

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