🤡 The new Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch❗Cons and Pros 🤪🤯

Review 282: 04.01.2022 at 00:00 am

🤡 Let’s now discuss the smartwatch, it is the new Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch. Tag Heuer is a famous luxury watchmaker company.

This Connected smartwatch runs Android Wear OS, which supports Android and iOS devices. It has pros and cons and I’ll discuss them later in this review, but for now let’s discuss the watch itself.

The watch comes with the same luxury Tag Heuer design, but more modern. There are different bands supported for this watch, and you can get them from their official website. 🤓🥳


The screen Circular 1.39″ OLED with 326ppi density and 454p resolution. The size of the watch is 45mm, and it is made from ceramic and steel. It supports touch control along with the crown and side buttons.

The watch comes with a Tag Heuer app to let you calculate speed, acceleration, heart rate and calories. It calculates different exercises using the different sensors in it.

Usually with other smartwatches, the trainings start from running or walking, but here it starts from Golf. 🏌‍♂️🏌‍♀️

The watch runs Wear OS 2.3, and it is upgradable. The OS comes with a Tag Heuer UI on top of it, and it offers a nice touch, but has the same functionality like other smartwatches with the same OS. It supports water resistant up to 50m.

But I haven’t tried to be rough with it to test its durability because it is an expensive product.

The battery fully charges in 1.5 hours and last for a full day with one hour of exercise. The price of it is 2117 USD 🤫🤭.

The bands costs from 160 to 250 USD depending on the kind and color. And similar to Mickey Mouse watch face on the Apple Watch, this watch comes with Mario watch face.

These watch faces can be installed using the dedicated app. The watch faces on the app are really great. The watch faces are fully customizable. The watch is very luxurious. But it lacks some of the major features like Google Pay. I would’ve added a STC Pay card to it, but it is not currently available.

Let’s now discuss the pros and cons of this watch:

It is luxurious and smart watch. It is eye-catching. Tag Heuer released limited Connected smartwatches. The watch supports different exercises, notifications, watch faces and different languages. But I wished the battery would last longer.

Tech-wise, it doesn’t offer more than other smartwatches, but Tag Heuer has a big price tag. I had a great unboxing experience with this watch.

The box is big and luxurious and includes an ownership certificate, case, cleaning cloth, charger and cable. The charing cable is USB-C, and you have to be delicate and precise with it so that the watch can charge.

The box is luxurious, so you must keep it. Tag Heuer products are a huge long-lasting investment. 😎

You have to keep the watch charged to protect the battery. 🔋🔌🤡

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