🤡 The new PlayStation 5 model is lighter in weight ❗❗😱

Review 215: 30.08.2021 at 10:00 pm

🤡 Hi guys, Earlier this month, a new PlayStation 5 model with a new stand design and mystery weight decrease began appearing in Australia, Japan, and areas of the United States.

Austin Evans, a YouTuber, was able to obtain a modified PlayStation 5 model.

Early analysis of the new model revealed that Sony had changed several internal components, with criticism of the decision to significantly reduce the size of the platform’s cooling system.

The company has altered the radiator that helps cool the platform, according to the disassembly video of the latest model. Aside from minor adjustments to the wireless network antennae. That could match plans for the new wireless module mentioned in a Sony document earlier this year.

The new heatsink is substantially smaller than the original, and it compensates for the weight loss of 300 grams. A heat sink is a component that helps the processor, graphics card, and chipset work more effectively and safely by transferring heat away from them.

Without effective cooling, hardware can wear out over time and performance can be affected. And it’s not clear why Sony replaced the heatsink so early in the platform’s life cycle.

While working, the original platform generates a lot of heat. The extensible NVMe SSD requires an additional heat sink for additional cooling.

While a smaller heat sink does not always imply that the new model emits more heat than the previous model, it does indicate that the new model produces more heat. However, the video indicates that as a result, the platform has become hotter, with temperatures rising by 3 to 5 degrees from the back.

This could be due to a manufacturing variation, and it could signify that the new model is more efficient at dissipating heat rather than using hotter components. As a result, more extensive testing is required to evaluate whether the new heat sink has improved performance.

The weight of the new PlayStation 5 model is reduced.
This heatsink is used by Sony to keep the PS5 cool. The platform has a heat pipe with airflow meant to mimic the performance of a steam room.

Inside the PS5, the radiator, solid copper plate, and aluminum diffusers take up a lot of room. It makes a major contribution to its entire size.

It is interesting to see Sony reduce the size of this segment. It is hoped that this is the first sign that the company is working towards producing a smaller model of the PS5. Which is considered the largest gaming device in modern history.

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The video explains that the changes make the PS5 worse, due to overheating. Whereas the original models use the CFI-1XXX numbering schema, the revised model uses the new CFI-11XX schema.

The upgraded PS5 model contains a new screw to link the platform to its mount, which can now be adjusted manually instead of requiring a screwdriver.

The review comes as Sony revealed it was no longer selling the $499 version of the PS5 at a loss, and after reports last year suggested the company was struggling to keep PS5 costs down thanks to an expensive cooling solution.

In addition, the video has decoded a PS5 digital version. As a result, we don’t know if Sony has also modified the cooling unit in the optical drive version.

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