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🕷 So easy Joker, This device along with the bigger one right there fixes the problem of storing files and files. It also fixes a lot of the problems users might face with their devices and smartphones.

Joker, Let me introduce you to these devices. Most of the photo and file storing problems can be solved.

There are services like iCloud, Google Drive. What if you want to watch a video but you can’t do it?

Let me now talk about these NAS devices. These are hard disks from Synology. They’re called NAS – Network Attached Storage. But what if you don’t have a Network? No, all of you actually have a network.

Your home router that uses DSL, Fiber or even a SIM card is considered a network. If you connect your router to one of these NAS devices, you can then store your files, photos on it and your phone won’t run out of storage. It’ll also fix lots of other problems.

So for now, we agree that everyone of you has a network at home. With these devices, you can access your files easily. And they come with a huge built-in storage.

They come with 8TB or 16TB of storage, or even more than that if you prefer. Whenever you’re at home, you can access your files.

And you can still easily access them if you’re outside using an internet connection. You can easily manage the content stored on them.

Also, others at home can also store their files on a single NAS device. And files stored on it won’t be shared with other users. It is very secure. If services such as iCloud and Google Photos face problems, then you won’t be able to check your files until these problems are fixed.

But with this device, your files are stored locally. You can access them even without an internet connection.

First, let me explain a few things and then I’ll explain how individuals and corporations can benefit from these devices. And which one they should choose.

Install these devices isn’t hard to do. You’ll only have to set it up once. You can connect the storage to the router using a network cable using one of the 4 ports available on the router.

You then can connect the cable to the NAS device. You can then finalize the set up from the app or from the local domain of the storage. You only have to do this once.

And anyone who wishes to use it, can log in using the username and password and that’s it. It is very simple to do. It is easy to do, and if you face problems you can call the customer services.

Realistically speaking, it is very useful. Because with these devices, you won’t have any problems with storages anymore. You’ll also save a lot of money. Let me now explain the details.

In this review, I’ll discuss two new devices from Synology. The first one is a small device directed for homes and content creators. The second one is more powerful. It is called NAS – Network Attached Storage. It is suitable for small businesses and companies. It is even great for medium-sized businesses, where they can benefit from a huge external storage unit.

Using it, they can store and backup their files. It is very useful for business as it offers lots of capabilities, and I’ll discuss it later in this review Joker.

Let me now explain an important point. The storage inside needs to be divided. Each device comes with different HDD storages.

These are hard disks. This one, for example is 8TB.

You can use 2 hard disks, which will give you 16TB of storage. You can store your files on one of the hard disks, and the other one is used to backup these files for more security. With this step, you can divide the storage and enjoy more security. It is a great option for corporations as they can store their files on the 8TB storage and backed up on the second HDD drive.

Dividing the storage is called RAID. Redundant Array of Independent Disks.There are different levels for this RAID technology. The most common are the RAID 1 and RAID 5.

For example, RAID 1 merges two hard disks together. If you store your files on the first hard disk, it’ll be backed up on the second hard disk. If something happens to the first hard disk, the data will be safe and backed up on the second hard disk.

This means your data won’t be lost. RAID 5 enables you to merge more than 3 hard disks together with high read/write performance with high security if one of the hard disks fails to work. With these NAS devices, you can create a home/work cloud storage to store your files.

Then you can store your files form your phone or computer on it. Or any device that can connect to it. With this, you won’t have to buy cloud storage services whether it is from Google Drive or iCloud.

Synology are experienced in this field. I personally use different products from them here in Tech Pills.

Synology were able to develop their own RAID system. They developed a system called RAID SHR. It is an automatic system to manage the system and storage.

The SHR system will enable users to actively manage RAID. Using it, users can expand/decrease the storage size.

You can add more storage to your unit up to 16TB. SHR will be able to manage storages even if the storage size is different.

Usually, with NAS devices, the hard disks inside must be the same size.But Synology’s SHR works with different hard disks storages, which is excellent.

Let me now discuss the Synology’s DiskStation DS1621+ device. One of the main features of this device is that it supports 6 hard disk slots. These hard disks are easy to install.

The device supports storage up to 108TB. It also supports 2x SSD M.2 slots. It’ll double as a temporary Cache storage. It’ll lower the buffering and will help increase read/write speed of the hard disks inside the NAS device.

Users can enjoy the huge storage inside along with the compatible SSD storages. Having an SSD Cache storage is excellent.

The device comes with an AMD Ryzen V1500B CPU with 4 cores and 2.2Ghz frequency, The CPU will offer a smooth experience with this device. The device also comes with a 4GB of DDR4 RAM that can be expanded up to 32GB. There’s 2x USB 3.2 ports on the back and another USB 3.2 port on the front.

These ports will help you store files on the device. If you have an external hard drive, you can connect it to the NAS device and backup the content of it. This device will help you store all of your files on one device.

The device also comes with 2x eSATA ports and 4x 1GbE LAN ports. You can also install an external LAN card with speeds up to 10Gbps.

The external 10Gbps LAN card will speed up the read/write process. You can also use the NAS device to edit videos. With the external 10Gbps LAN card, the NAS device can double as the storage from which you edit your videos.

Using the advanced settings, you can set it up to work perfectly. The device supports up to 6 hard disks from Synology. These hard disks are the Synology HAT 5300.

These hard disks are designed for heavy duty work and to work 24/7. These hard disks are tested by Synology under heavy pressure/load.

They’re very stable. I’ve used 6 hard disks of these, each one is 8TB. The total storage is 48TB. I am also using 2x M.2 NVMe SSD units, each \none is 400GB from Synology.

These storages are used to decrease the buffering, which I explained previously. These units are also tested to work in all conditions 24/7.

Having a 48GB additional storage here in Tech Pills is really excellent. This fixes lots of problems for us, where we can use them to store our files, videos and so on.

My team also uses it. The SSD storages will maximize the Cache even under heavy loads. Using your browser, you can go to find.synology.com website.

And you can start setting up your NAS device. You can also use the app. But the device should be connected to the network first. This device runs DiskStation Manager OS V6. But we’re using the V7 Beta, and we’ve noticed a lot of enhancements compared to the V6 OS. But I would advise you to use the stable V6 until the official V7 is officially released to avoid and possible problems. The OS is simple and easy to use.

Using it, you’ll be able to know the status of your NAS device. It’ll show you whether one of the disks has a problem. The OS comes with a store called Package Center.

Using the store, you can install apps such as Plex, Synology Photo and other apps. There are apps for your home’s CCTV system or a home cloud service.

There are also apps to to backup your files, filter them, There are lots of useful apps that will help you manage your storage and files. The OS also lets you download external apps manually installing them on the OS. The OS supports File Station, where you can manage and organzie your files and backup files on your computer/device.

The OS also comes with a Control Panel to let you manage the permissions users can have. It also lets you connect the NAS device to an external server when you can access it when it is connected to the network.

This means that the NAS device can be turned into a server. This server will offer simple services. Check the specs of the hard disks before you decide to turn the device into a server. But you can make a home Plex server that can be shared with other users.

The OS supports an app called Synology Photos. You can backup your photos to the device periodically with it. Whenever you take a photo, the app will be recognize that it is a new photo and will backup it up on the NAS device. With the advanced settings, you can backup the photos with full resolution and keep a low resolution copy of it on your device.

This can be done using the Synology Photos app. But you’ll have to install the app on your iOS or Android device first. And using the app, you can connect your phone to the NAS device.

The price of the DiskStation DS1621+ is 799 USD. The 400GB SSD drive is 149 USD. The 8TB HAT 5300 hard disks cost 200 USD. Here’s a list of other currencies.


Easy to install, and lets you create an create a cloud service that can be accessed easily. It’ll help depend less on Google Drive and iCloud services.

Also, the OS offers lots of services.


I wished the 10Gbps card was integrated in the device itself. You’ll have to separately buy it. And hopefully the OS v7 to be released soon.

Let me now discuss the DiskStation DS220+. The device is smaller than the previous one, and it is lightweight. It is directed for home use.

The device comes with 2x hard disk slots with up to 108TB storage. But you’ll need hard disks that support this storage. But for me, I think two 8TB hard disks is ideal for home use.

The device comes with an Intel Celeron J4025 with 2 cores and 2.9GHz frequency. But why these devices come with CPUs inside? Because they’re needed to manage files and users. This requires a CPU inside these devices.

The device comes with a 2GB DDR4 RAM. It comes with a LAN 1GbE and 2x USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports. The device runs DiskStation Manager OS, which I already discussed it in this review.

The OS also supports Audio Station app, which lets you manage your audio files and braodcast them to Chromecast. There’s also app called Moments, which organizes your photos using AI.

There’a also the Video Station app, which organizes your videos and broadcast them to your phone, computer or to other multimedia apps. There’s also the Plex app. What is the purpose behind the Plex app? I personally benefit from it a lot. It is basically similar to Netflix but for home use.,It is a service similar to Netlfix where you can subscribe to it.

You can copy your TV shows, videos and so on, and it’ll be similar to a Netflix, but for home use.,This app will add additional data to the shows and movies such as actors, cover photos and so on.

Plex is a great addition to those who enjoy watching movies/tv shows without an internet connection. The DS220+ costs 299 USD.


it has a beautiful design, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It can be placed next to the router. It is easy to set up if your follow the instructions.

It supports a huge storage size. It offers for example 8TB of storage, which is better and cheaper than the 1TB of iCloud storage. But it doesn’t support an NVMe M.2 storage to help with the Cache and buffering. It doesn’t support a 10Gbps external LAN card. It is great for home use.

These NAS devices can be connected to your networks to help store you files, whether at home or in a workplace. The idea behind it is that your files will be locally stored not on an online servers that belong to other companies.

This is one of the many great features with these NAS devices. okay Joker?

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