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🕷 Hello Harely, how are you, yes, Ohh yes, These are a number of devices from Saramonic to help you get the best audio recording.

Let me start with the first device. This device will help those who have a camera with an external XLR port. It also helps those who depend on a Mic port. This is the Kit 8, and it is a bag that contains full set of easy to use professional recorders.

The bag contains a receiver and two transmitters. The receivers also come with mics. The bag contains a number of cables such as the XLR cable, which transits audio very well. I’ll use terms such as XLR, Transmitter and Receiver in this review Harely ok.

The transmitter is to send the audio, and the receiver is to receive it. You’ll always need both devices to send audio wirelessly. The XLR port is a very important port for audio.

Sometimes, this port requires phantom power or 48V. It is available with cameras and professional audio recorders. Based on my experience, any XLR port that requires 48V will record high quality audio. But you’ll need a few adjustments.

Always check whether the mic is working and picks audio or not. The higher the sensitivity of the mic, the more audio it’ll pick up, even the sound of wind. The less the sensitivity of the mic, the more the speaker needs to raise their voice. Always check the settings of the receiver and transmitter, and whether the audio wave is set right or not.

When sending audio using the wave 6 for example, you’ll need to have to receive it on the 6 wave, too. It is that clear? Let me now continue with the Kit 8.

The mic is easy to use and connect. All you need to do is to connect the transmitter to the camera.

Also, adjust the same wave on the receiver. Now, you can hide the transmitter in your pocket and hide the mic under your close and you can start recording.

Also, direct the mic towards the source of the audio.

Unfortunately, some people direct the mic in a wrong direction. This is now how the audio waves work. The mic’s sensors require that audio to fall on it.

This is just a simple example. Make sure that the batteries of the receiver and transmitter are charged.

The batteries must be AA size. One of the main features of these devices is that they come with 96 audio channels. The frequency range is from 514MHz to 596MHz. But why is there a lot of waves?

When the device is in range of other devices (doesn’t have to be mics), it could interfere with the audio quality. In this case, you can change the frequencies of the receiver and transmitter. Each mic would be set for a dedicated frequency. The other frequency wave should at least be 20Mhz far from the other so that everything can work perfectly.

For example, if a device is set to the 514Mhz frequency, the other device should be set to 534Mhz frequency.

This way, both devices won’t interfere with each others. I suffered from this problem when I used to cover events. Every time I wanted to record audio, the audio quality would be good.

The reason for that is because someone near me used the same frequency as I did. Change the wave and everything will work perfectly again., The Kit 8 comes with 12ms response time.

The radius between both devices could reach up to 60m if there’s no obstacles between both devices. The small screen on the receiver and transmitter show a lot of information. The settings include adjusting the audio wave between the Transmitter A and Transmitter B devices.

Because in Kit 8, there’s 2 transmitters with mics that can send audio to single receiver. Each one of these transmitter work on a deviated audio wave. If so, there won’t be any interference between them.

After experimenting with it, the mic offers good performance and record excellent audio. But we needed to test-record more than once before we made sure of the quality of the outcome.

Sometimes, the audio is very high, other times, the audio wouldn’t be correctly adjusted. Make sure to test the audio more than once before you start recording. You always hear the term ‘Sound Test’.

These tests are done to determine the quality of the audio.

Usually, it is done more than once or twice before a recording session. But if you record at home, then there’s no need to make a test more than once. This is my experience with the Kit 8. With these professional devices, there’s always a Mute button.

The host and interviewee can mute their audio. When you press the mute button, no one will be able to hear your audio.

The content creator can mute all mics and enable only one. This is for users who don’t have a dedicated mixer. This is an audio sample recorded using the Kit 8 devices. It costs 594 USD and 490 Euros.

You can check the prices on AABWorld website. The website includes other great solutions, too.


The audio quality is excellent. It supports different accessories that might help you get things done in many aspects. But I wished there was a USB-C port to charge the batteries faster. But this might not be a problem for you.

As you can still swap and change batteries. I’ve done lots of tests before using lots of devices.

Let me now discuss Kit 13:

🕷 It is similar to the Kit 8 I just reviewed. But it is used with smartphones.

Do you want to record audio using your smartphone not your camera?

Kit 13 could be the best option for you. It is similar to the first Kit, but it is used with smartphones. Kit 13 is more directed to be used with smartphones. It is an excellent solution for recording vlogs or making interviews using your smartphone.

The kit is basically a receiver fixed on a stick that can also be used as a tripod. You can then install your smartphone on and connect it to the receiver. It also comes with the same transmitters that come with the Kit 8.

Pro tip 🕷 : if all the devices are from the same company, then they can be used with each others.

Considering that the wave must be the same on both the receiver and the transmitter. But you can’t set the receiver the receive from two audio channels at the same time. There has to be a receiver for each audio wave.

Like Kit 8, there’s a transmitter A and transmitter B, and they should be separate. This kit comes with lots of cable that support different smartphones.

The cables come with either a Micro USB to Lightning or USB-C ports. You can also install mics on the transmitters. There’s also a Mini XLR cabe, and a USB-A to USB-C charging cable.

The receiver comes with an input port for audio and headphones.

And there’s a Micro USB port to connect to the smartphone. The USB-C is to charge the batteries. On the right side, there are 3 audio ports.

They are: input port, output port and a Mini XLR port. The kit is easy to use. Connect the phone to the receiver, adjust the wave on both devices and fixate the mic. The start recoding the video from your device.

There’s a number of supported smartphones. Check the website to know these devices. You can also ask them questions and their experts will answer them.

The audio recording experience was good. You can use the phone’s screen to view yourself while recording.

This is suitable for many cases. It is also suitable to make interviews with others.

You can stay away from the phone while recording and the mic will continue to record your voice. The audio will be great if you’re away from the phone. This is a great feature, especially in events and recording content and content creators.

This is the audio quality of the mic. You can also install different accessories such as LED lights and others.

The audio quality with these tools are great for quick interviews using your phone. It’s also suitable to record content and vlogs.

The price of the kit is 660 UDS nad 544 euros. You can also check the prices on AABWorld website.

What I like about it is the audio quality and ease of use. And of course the stick since it makes making interviews easier, since you’ll be only carrying the stick with the phone fixed on it.

There’s a USB-C port to charge the batteries, but the phone connects using the Micro USB port. It’s up to you to choose which device to get.

Let me now discuss the other Saramonic device that is the SmartMixer:

It’s a recording kit with small professional mics that can be installed on your phone. It’s very similar to the Kit 13 I just reviewed. But it is more simpler. It’s basically a mixer that has two mics and can be connected to a phone. It works on both Android and iOS devices.

You can start recording as soon as the kit is installed. The mixer comes with 2x 3.5mm cables. One to be used with Android devices and the other with iOS devices. It also comes with an XLR to Mini XLR cable. It is simple to use.

Install your phone on the stick, connect it to the mixer using the 3.5 cable.

Install your phone on the stick, connect it to the mixer using the 3.5 cable. If your device doesn’t support a 3.5mm jack, then you’ll need an adapter. The mics can directed to any direction.

You can direct them in opposite directions. It’s not expensive. It costs 150 USD. You can check the prices on the AABWorld website.

With this device, you can record the audio of two people. You can direct the mics however you prefer.

You can direct the mics however you prefer. I am also using the Lightning to 3.5mm adapter that used to come with older iPhones. Now bought separately. As I mentioned before, it comes with 2x 3.5mm cable, one of for iPhones and the other for Android device.

Using the right cable makes things easier. Now, I am recording Mohammed. These are the mics installed on the phone. You can control the audio and added other mics, too. You can also use the built-in mics. There’s also a screen that can be turned on or off.

iPhone 12 Pro Max can also be installed. But I didn’t use the phone’s cover because without it, the phone was fixed properly.

This could be an excellent solutions for recording vlogs. Check your needs based on the content you record.

Having an audio control unit is also important.

Using it, you can check the quality of the audio. If you face any problems with the mics and winds, you can use a Cat Muff.

With the Cat Muff, you’ll be able to block the wind’s audio.I used similar accessories most of the times while covering event. There are different sizes of Cat Muffs.

Let me now discuss the Blink 500 Kit:

It’s an excellent and easy to use solution from Saramonic. It works with Android and iPhone devices. It is honestly and excellent solution.

In this kit, there is a Blink 500 TX, B1, B2, B3, B4 and B5 devices. Evaluate your needs before choosing one.

To clarify, each receiver needs to be connected with only one transmitter. You can also install an external mic with each receiver.

The TX is a transmitter that works using the 2.4Ghz frequency. It comes with a built-in mic. There’s also an external mic.

The Blink TX is an additional device to be used with other devices. It works a lots of other devices. Any device from the Blink 500 category can work with any other device from the same category.

The Android and iPhone ports are different. The B3 and B4 devices are for iPhones. You can use two receivers and a transmitter connected to your phone. Or you could use one transmitter and one receiver. The same thing applies to Android devices with USB-C port using the B5 device.

The B1 device can be used with any device that uses a mic port. You can connect it to a camera or a laptop or a recording device. You can use however you prefer

This is the audio quality of the Blink 500 device. It is relatively big, which is the only thing that’s bothersome. Other than that, everything works normally.

You can also use a Live Wire mic. You can check the prices on the AABWorld website. We made this content after we tested all of these devices. These devices are from Saramonic.

There are three things you should do before you start recording audio. Evaluate your content: is it interviews or vlogs?

Or is it done outdoors and you need a Cat Buff for it?

After that, you should be able to know what mic suits you the best.Investing in a mic is very important. Get a device that helps you with all of your needs. It’s not logical to buy a mic dedicate for iPhones, but you use a camera frequently. Buy a device that lasts for longer and helps you with everything.

Test the audio multiple times until you’re 100% convinced with it. The solution is not just buying devices.

Evaluate everything before you make a decision.

Let me explain something to you about how we record audio here in the studio.

We use this mic that is called Hyper Condenser Microphone. It picks up my audio despite all the noises around me. It doesn’t pick the eco sound around me.

So, what I basically need is a Hyper Condenser mic. It only picks up the audio that comes from me. It uses phantom power 48V.

Different solutions gives you a better experience. With this mic, I don’t need to wear a Live Wire mic. It’s better than having to ask someone to wear a mic.

Some people don’t like wearing mics during interviews.

In this case, it’s better to use a boom mic and direct it towards them. This mic doesn’t appear in the frame and picks up audio quickly.

In this case, you won’t have to ask people to wear mics. I actually tried to interview people and they refused to wear a mic.

🕷 This is the end of this review Harely, This has been my review of these products. Hopefully they’ll be helpful for you. I might as well make content about camera gear. Why not!

Would you like me to make a video about camera receivers and transmitters that use HDMI ports?

This is also a great solution and I use them a lot.

Let me know okay?🕷

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