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😈 Hello again Joker, Let me answer your questions with pleasure, your coffee and i’m listeng to you:

🤡 You are our hero, look, I bought an iPhone 12, The battery at first way great. But after a month, I feel like the battery is not as good. I wish I could know why and how to take advantages of it ❓

I faced the same problem with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I bought the device, and have been using it regularly. Everything was okay. But after a while, I noticed that the battery wasn’t performing good.

I then started using the battery covered, which I reviewed on OTTO Magazin, If the battery health percentage is below 90% after 3 months, then you should talk with Apple Support. Contact them. The devices are expensive because of the great customer support from Apple.

Content them and tell them your problem, and they’ll tell you whether they’re a problem with your battery or not. But how would they know if there’s a problem with the battery? All the internal parts in the iPhone are coded.

Samsung, Honor and Apple follow this method. If your iPhone has a battery problem, then call them. There might be a problem with some of these devices and it hasn’t been announced. If you report the problem, then they might tell you that your device is eligible for battery replacement.

They’ll tell you to follow up with the nearest Apple center to change the battery with a newer one to give the device full capacity.

This is part of your right as a customer Joker. it is part of your investment to get consultancy. They know about your device more than anyone else. If the company checks the IMEI number, they’ll be able to know more details about your device that you’re not aware of.

Companies know more about the hardware more than any other one.

🤡 Can I add my gmail account to the official mail client app on a Huawei device that doesn’t support Google services❓

If you use POP3, you’ll be able to add your gmail account. If you want to know the POP3 method or any other method, go to your gmail settings, and you’ll find a thorough explanation on how to add your email to any client.

You can do it with a POP3 or any other concept.

🤡 Oh, thank you, but is the Root harmful for the Huawei Y9 Prim ?

I don’t advise to use Root on your devices. We’ve done this with the Mate 30, but it comes with risks. I don’t advise using it unless you’re a pro and want to do more with your device.

🤡 If 5G is widely used, will it mean that fiber optics won’t be used anymore? Will the 5G have the same problems as the 4G?

All networks are supposed to be different.

🤡 Is it logical to use Torrent and P2P on 4G and 5G?

It is not logical at all. But there are cases where they don’t have any other option, so they’ll have to use it. Is it logical to use 5G for online gaming? Of course as it comes with low latency.

Every content has its own status. I think that optical fibers will be less expensive that 5G. I also think that DSL will be cheaper than 4G, 5G and Fibers. You can compare the prices of these services and get the one that suits you the best.

🤡 You know i’ll be fashion and cooking blogger, With your years of experience, what do I need to create content? Do you advise that I start with cheap camera and mic?

I advised lots of people to start with simple devices, like their phones and a mic. You need a phone that shoots FHD@30fps and above.

There are lots of free video editing softwares whether on Windows, Android or Mac. You will also need a microphone.

You can get a wired mic where you can attach it to your phone. These kinds of mics costs 20 USD and above. The better the mic, the better the audio quality will be.

Joker, Don’t make a huge investment at the beginning. Content creating these days is a little tricky.

You’ll need to build up your charisma on the screen, and then start to work on the quality of the content itself.

Sometimes, content creators create a great quality video, but their charisma and speech is not that great.

You will need to train charisma and content quality to be great.

You’ll need a tripod for your device, a wired microphone, and phone that shoots FHD. Adjust your charisma and content until you find the right spot, since then, start working on improving the quality.

🤡 I need a bluetooth headphone with a price less than 100 USD to watch movies and listen to music?

So you need a wireless headphone that supports bluetooth. How many bluetooth headphones there are?

I think Beats Solo support bluetooth. The Beats Solo is a great option.

Any bluetooth headphone is good. If you want to use to watch movies, then buy an over-the-ear headphone with 2 cups.

Go for any headphone you like, but check your needs first. There are lots of options.

🤡 Some people tell me not to buy an iPhone 6 or 2 years old devices as they’re refurbished..Please let us know if this is true or not?

Apple still produces iPhone of older generations. Some of these devices are directly sold by Apple and others are not directly sold by them.

Let’s go back to iPhone 5s. You will still find 100% new 5s devices with sealed boxes. But they are available in tiny amount as they are not very popular these days. But does Apple still manufacture 6s devices?

iPhone 7? 8, X, Xs and 11 iPhones are still produced. Apple wants to have a full catalogue of devices with different prices.

If you want to buy a refurbished device, you will know it is refurbished.

The box will a refurbished word on it.

The other markets are not the same. But websites with great reputation are forced by law to state if these devices are refurbished or not. I can guarantee if you if iPhone 6 will be refurbished or not. There are lots of used devices. But not all of them are refurbished.

Joker, If you want to make sure if your device is refurbished or not, check the serial number, call Apple and ask them if this device is new or not.

They will tell you if this device has been activated before or not. Apple knows better than us.

🤡 What’s the difference between the A and S series from Samsung? I feel like the A series is more modern as they’ve just released new devices no?

Joker, hhhh This question is very complicated. The S series is a premium. The A series is from at the mid-range category.

This is the series Samsung produces. S, A, and J, but they decided to added new series called M between the A and J series, These are the series Samsung produces.

The 2018, 2019 and 2020 series apply to the M and J series. These series are defined by the year where they were issued. It is similar to Huawei and their Y Series. They are defined by the year they were released in, whether 2019 or 2020 or 2021.

This is how Samsung series are arranged. The year in which they were released affects their prices. I can’t choose between Mate 30 Pro and Note 10 Plus.

The first difference is that one of them officially supports Google services and the other doesn’t. The differences in the performance of the camera, battery and CPU between them are very minimal.

One of them was released 3 months ago, and the other was released a month ago without Google services support. I can’t tell you what to choose until after I make a full comparison between them.

🤡 Whenever I connect bluetooth headphones to my car, the audio is delayed. What is this problem?

The problem is latency with bluetooth devices. The differences between bluetooth performance on devices and cars are different. You’ll need to buy a dedicated bluetooth enhancer to give you the best latency, quality and speed.

This device also depends on the version of bluetooth on your device. There is a difference when you connect via bluetooth to your TV and to your car. You’ll need to buy a dedicated bluetooth device for your car.

If your device is premium, then the bluetooth in it must work properly. But for your car, you’ll need a device called bluetooth receiver. You can connect it with the aux port. This will lessen the latency of bluetooth in your car.

You can check the latency whenever you receive a phone call while your device is connected to the car’s bluetooth.

🤡 I want to buy a phone and I don’t care about the camera quality?

You only stated about the camera, not about other aspects like the battery. Samsung sells a device with a 6000mAh battery. If you care about the battery, then this device is great for you.

If you care about the CPU performance, then there are devices from Xiaomi, Realme and Huawei.

Joker, You’ll need to check your basic needs. Do you need it for photography? Gaming? Battery? 2 SIM cards support? SD card support?

These are what makes your decision easier.

🤡 Would the power bank destroy the device? What should I go with, a power bank or a battery cover?

Both devices have good and bad impacts. But as long as you’re using original power banks and cables, then you’ll be okay. If your device costs more than 1000 USD, then you should invest in buying a quality power bank with quality charging cable.

I notice lots of people with iPhone X and iPhone 11 pro Max with a power bank with USB-C port, but they don’t use it despite the fact that it charges with 18w. They’re not using the proper cable, which means they’ll have to plug their device most of the time.,But if they use a USB-C to lighting, then the device will charge quickly in less in 1 hour.

🤡 What’s better: Huawei or Xiaomi sport bands? Are they same or are there differences?

Joker, this article for just phones, but i love you man, i’ll anwser, Both of them are different when it comes to their style, design, price and specs.

First, you should check what your phone is. If you don’t care about it, then you should know that some apps won’t work properly.

Xiaomi sport bands work with all devices. They work with step counting and few notifications.

Huawei sport bands offer more specs, but your device has to be Huawei.

🤡 Good man hhh hhhh, How can I know if my Galaxy original or a copy?

Copy the serial number and send it to Samsung customer support and they will tell you if it is original or not.

Usually, Note devices, S devices and iPhone devices are hard to be copied. It could be refurbished, but it is really hard to copy it. Even in China, we didn’t find copy devices. You can’t copy these devices as you will be punished by law.

This is the end of this article. We’ll keep answering your questions.

See you soon Joker on the next reviews… ⏳

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