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🕷 These are the Joker’s always weird questions!😅Look Joker, One of the things all eclectic car manufacturers try to solve is balance between range and technologies, Current electric cars have limited technologies, Car manufactures abandon some of the technologies in their cars, But Mercedes Benz have brought something different with the EQS car.

Mercedes Benz didn’t abandon any technologies, luxuries or capabilities with this car. Instead, they’ve brought all the technologies in the electric car field to this car.

This electric car bring things that are not available with other electric cars. And on top of that, the car has a massive battery to offer longer range.

Let me give you a view of the car from the inside and then I’ll show it from the outside:

If you lightly press on the brakes, the door will automatically close.

This car welcomes you Joker, It makes you feel that this is a Mercedes Benz car. It supports Electric Intelligence. It supports lots of modes along with Machine Learning. This car learns from you and suggest things for you. The car will offer a high level of luxury.

I really enjoyed driving it. I am very happy with the amount of technology supported in this car. The car will help you while driving. Inside the car, there are 3 massive screens. The screen in the middle is the biggest, and it can be used by the car driver and the front passenger.

The screen in front of the car driver shows all the needed details and information. The steering wheel has a number of buttons, too. The third screen is for the front passenger. The seat senses if someone is sitting on it and will turn on the screen. There’s also a Heads Up Display to show info on the front glass. The information it shows and the use of AR is amazing.

The navigation system shows you when to turn left or right using AR arrows that appear on the front glass. The Mercedes Benz OS offers lots of choices for the driver and manages the energy and battery. It comes with lots of LED lights, and it looks amazing, especially at night time.

The OS offers the car drivers suggestions while driving. I was at first tired and stressed And after a few minutes, the car suggested to turn on Energizing Comfort mode.

The seat then adjusted itself and started massaging me. It is a great thing when cars are this smart. When I was young, I heard people have cars since 60s and 70s and kept them as these cars had sentimental values for them. This same thing applies here.

When I got bored, I started speaking with the car. I asked her questions like who is better, Mercedes or Audi, or the Personal Assistant Siri. It is amazing. You’ll enjoy maximum level of luxury You’ll also form a relationship with this car.

The car learns from you while you’re using it. The car supports all the features like, AC, heating, massage. It also supports different modes and LED colors that can be controlled using voice commands Side mirrors can be adjusted with touch input. Seats also can be controlled with touch input. There are amazing modes supported in this car.

🕷 Personally, I aspire to have a car like this. What’s more technologically advanced than this car? Driving this car in Switzerland gives you a different impression.

But there are pros and cons about this car. In the perfect Swiss weather, the car will be very efficient. But the weather temps in some countries like the KSA are high. I’d like to test this car in KSA or Dubai to check if it still offers the same range with the battery or not. 😈🔋

This car doesn’t have a fuel engine. It is an electric car. The indoor of this car is very beautiful. The magical LED lights that can be seen in dark places is amazing. Driving the car at night is very different.

You’ll notice how beautiful the car is. The supported modes make driving this car very elegant. With my experience with Mercedes based on the meetings I’ve had with them Mercedes have a different approach. They don’t want your smartphone to be part of the ecosystem of the car.

They want you to enjoy the ecosystem of the car, because, for them, it offers the maximum experience. When fully charged, the battery will last for 780KM. This is a huge distance considering all the tech supported in the car.

The battery can be charged in less than one hour using the 200KW charger. It charges to 80% in 30 minutes. And the the rest will take nearly 15 to 20 minutes. These 200KW chargers can’t be installed at home. But they’ll be available in the streets with advanced infrastructure.

There’s something important here. If you have a 5KW or 7.5KW home charger, the car will nearly take a full day to fully charge. Using the 20KM charger, the battery will charge in 6 to 7 hours. I’ll show you a template to let you know how much time does the battery take to charge with different charges.

There’s also spare charger in the rear bag. And another charger that can be installed at homes. This kind of charger can be installed directly from the main electricity source to get more power.

Let me now discuss the the car from the outside:

But for me, the indoor of the car is more important. The engineer behind designing this car said that designing this car was one of the easiest tasks they’ve done. It is a dream for any designer to design a car with an arrow-shape. It also looks like half water drop.

This design offers more aerodynamics to the car. Aerodynamics minimizes the friction between the car, wheels, and air. It also comes with a futuristic design. In the past years, Mercedes released their first concept car, which was very similar to the design of this car.

No one expected that the final product will look very similar to the concept. Which is great.

The car is packed with technologies from all sides. It doesn’t come a combustion engine. You won’t have to open the front hood anymore. This car offers lots of comfort to the passengers in it. It is a futuristic car. The final product looks very similar to the concept, which was released a few years ago.

The logo and the front of the car makes you feel how beautiful the car is. I am now sure how Mercedes was able to balance it. I am not sure how they were successful in using LEDs, radars and other technologies in this car. The level of luxury with this electric car is unmatched.

Luxury can be seen from the external and internal design of the car. This is not where you charge the car. This is where you add water for the windshield wipers. It is very simple idea that will be of great help. Once you’re close the car, the car will welcome you and push the handle of the door out. The door will then fully open.

The same thing applies to the rear doors. Once you press on the handle, it’ll be pushed out. If there’s an obstacle in front of the car, it won’t open. Let’s now discuss the rear bag. The rear bag is massive, despite the design of the car.

This is how big the rear bag is:

There’s a button that you can press to lay down the row seats, and the bag will then be store 1000L. There’s also an extra charger in case of emergency. It is a slow charger, but it’ll be helpful in emergencies.

This space will guarantee to store all of your stuff. While enjoying the interior of the car. You’ve seen the car from the front.

How about the rear seats? hhh hhh hhhh

Passengers sitting on the rear seats will also enjoy the car. But for me, the car driver will enjoy the most, It is a wonderful and comfortable car for driving.

The driver will enjoy all the technologies supported in it. And then the front passenger followed by the rear passengers. There’s a wireless charging base on the rear along with a removable tablet. There’s also cup holders. There’s also 2x Mini HDMI ports, where you can use them to connect different devices, like the Nintendo, for example.

There’s also 2x USB-C ports to charge different devices. The ports supported in this car are hard to find in any other electric car. Mercedes decided to add them to this car. Which is great. In addition, rear passengers can control the AC and sound system. Also, the ventilations and the separated LED lights. Once you press on the light button, your side will turn on. You’ll also have your own sunroof. This is high luxury. Let me now discuss the front passenger seat.

The passenger will have their personal assistant, different than the one for the driver. There are apps that offer luxury to the passenger. There are also audio commands to control infotainment among other things. The front passenger can also connect bluetooth headphones to listen to different content than the driver. Passengers can enjoy the different types of ports. It is a simple feature, but these ports makes the car better. There are 2 wireless charging bases and 4x USB-C ports. These ports would come in handy if my wife and I are in a trip.

Each passenger has their own port. There’s also NFC support to connect different devices to the car. There are different apps supported on the screens. The Mercedes OS will be helpful. From the screen, you can review all the modes supported for the seats. There is also an energizing mode, Passengers will have great control.

Let me summarize my experience with this car JOKER:

Yes, tel me more bro hhhh hhhh hhhh

Look, The tech supported in this car need at least a 1 or 2 hours long review to demonstrate it. You can’t blame something watching a long review about this car if they decide to buy it. They might watch it to find out more about electric cars. Or because they love Mercedes Benz and want to see their latest technologies with the EQS car, Or they want to buy an electric car and wondering if this car is the right option for them.

For me, I think this is a luxurious electric car. I’ve never seen more tech in car like the EQS before. I don’t think they’ll be another car with this much technologies in it. Logically, Mercedes bring technologies before other companies. And later, we start to see other manufacturers use these technologies.

Mercedes were late to announce their electric car, but when they did, they exceeded all other companies. This is what Mercedes Benz do. They were able to bring luxury to electric cars. They didn’t abandon any technology with this car. It is powerful car. I am excited for the full review of this car to talk about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. I’m also excited to review the OS and ML.

The car is supposed to learn from you in the first 3 to 4 days. Hopefully, you liked this review guys, From Switzerland.

🕷 See you soon guys on the next reviews…👋

Joker, you know now the response about your question.😴🇩🇪

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